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  1. Awesome! Just what I was looking for! Sashimi-grade ahi! w00t!
  2. I use a HeadRoom Micro Stack to power my full-sized cans at my desktop. I use a RSA Hornet to power full-sized cans when I am not by my Micro Stack. I also use the Hornet with my Shure E4c, but not often, since they are easy to drive by my iPhone 3G or 2nd Gen Nano (there is some improvement, but nothing to jump up and down for). What I'd like to get is something smaller than the Hornet. I would like for it to be from a vendor that is not known for long delays, poor communication, not keeping promises, etc. It can be from anywhere, as long as shipping to the U.S. is OK, but I'd prefer something shipped FROM the USA (does not need to be MADE in USA). Vendor should have a solid reputation for producing nice, reliable amps and other products. As far as preferred sound, the amps I have are, if anything a bit warm (though not negatively so). The amps do well with my K601 and other fullsized phones (although I'd like to see what a less-warm-amp would do with the DT770/80). For this ultra-portable amp, I don't mind if the amp isn't known for being warm, but I don't want it to be too dry and lacking impact. Neutrality, although hard to find, would be cherished. Thanks for your feedback. Oh, and price <=$300 US would be nice, too.
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    Wanna see how headphones are made ?

    That was nice. Thanks for posting the YouTube.