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  1. Thanks you guys. I was out of town for my birthday, and I come home to this
  2. Found a guide of some guy who recabled a k701, complete with lots of pictures. Worth a look, if nothing else: click
  3. wheee Core i7 620LM Win 7 pro 2gb PC3-8500 DDR3 250gb 5400rpm 8-cell battery Also picked up a 64gb ssd and 2x4gb ddr3 for said laptop.
  4. It's the 806 (aka the AFCK)in D2. Damn good knife, but definitely not worth the ~$250 they seem to go for these days. Nice bike ! How does it ride ?
  5. Image shamelessly stolen from the internet.
  6. I haven't changed out the tubes on mine the entire time it was working, and to this day those tubes still work. The amp, on the other hand..
  7. oh, weird, thought it was the latest episode. Turns out it aired back in November. Whoops.
  8. The latest episode of "How it's made" features headphones. They show how the K702 is made, but it'd be pretty much the same for most headphones. I uploaded just that part of the episode. It's available at http://buttsarenottoys.com/headphones.wmv
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