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  1. Is Sabre DACs generally aggressive? I hade the 83se for a while and really liked it for it´s non aggressive nature. I don´t consider DAC19 aggressive at all. Ref9 with DSP 5 has a bit more attack. I have a to small and crappy room for my 5.1 speaker system so that was really helpful. I haven´t encountered any other DAC that was as soft and smooth like the Sabre32 in the 83se. I sold it to see if I could make due with a 990$ Sony BDP-S370 to eventually fund a 95 not due to being displeased by it. The only thing that bothered me was the DVD upscaling. But I suppose there is no bluray player that get up to PC standard in this regard? anti noise filters and such was unusable on the oppo as well as the 370 due to smearing the image to much for example. Do the 95 fair better here? One thing that worries is it´s not fairing to well in some swedish audiophile magazine that is very anal and measure the ins and out of everything. A lot of bugs mentioned. Handling the different channels incorrectly and other features not working yet? Didn´t hae much issues with the 83se but then I just used it´s primary functions.
  2. How is the case work on the 93? It was not that impressive on the 83se for a 900$ bluray players so I hope it
  3. oqvist

    Audeze LCD-2

    Yes that was what I meant. English is not my primary language.
  4. oqvist

    Audeze LCD-2

    Also ordered the moon audio cable. I don
  5. Wonder if Qdeo is better then Anchor bay? As for the interface I hope there is less lag then on the 83se.
  6. Wow FLAC and Wav support. Does it accept ntfs file systems or still limited to FAT32? eSATA I would need a new mainboard to accept I suppose?
  7. oqvist

    Audeze LCD-2

    I also have had greater success with solid state then tubes for the LCD-2. Goldpoint Headphone Pro being my pick but it
  8. oqvist

    Audeze LCD-2

    They are extremely hard to pick apart. That is what makes them so good
  9. What do they go for now? For example mine I got for 819 GBP which was the cheapest price you could get an 83se outside of the US. Was initially at least 150$ less I have been told. That incorporated the region free hack and some bonus bluray discs though. I will keep an eye out for the 95 specs and hopefully I will have the choice of selling the 83se at no loss or keep it I would like an oppo that support lossless formats like FLAC or at least WAV like the coming Denon DBP-D2011UD player. Looks really promising and very competively priced. Doesn
  10. Half a year max after the 93 is my guesstimate. Sounded like there won
  11. They are hot surely. I have read about some oppo 95 as well. Source internet . wow sold out on crtprojectors.co.uk as well! hot hot hot!
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