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  1. You strike me as a man with considerable musical integrity, so I think you owe yourself to give her a second chance. Comparing her to Rebecca Black is just evidence of ignorance. Inga Copeland, Twigs and 18+, only more dada and outsider, that's the more proper associations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rmwUnFV9nM (Granted, I may be at an unfair advantage here, as her name was completely unknown to me before this album popped up in 2012, I had no preconceptions)
  2. Likely much the same module that is in 0.2 and iTunes then. Humm.
  3. I have an older version ( that I use for files iTunes won't have. Compact, efficient, a good feature set and a pretty interface. One thing I miss though, is a more workable equalizer (10-band graphic). Has that been amended?
  4. Well that's no fun. Did a quick search, and this suggests "hide-mirror" might be at least a partial solution. Tried it? Out of curiosity, what's Maverics actually like, apart from looking pretty and being responsive? The sales blurb seem impressive, but then again they usually do.
  5. Bit out of the blue here, but since no-one else has suggested it. Have you tried any "defaults" commands? Like: defaults write com.apple.dock no-glass -boolean TRUE; killall Dock This is basically a backdoor into the .plist options Grawk mentioned. I'm still on SL myself, so no guarantees that it will work, but if you don't like the result, just change the boolean variable and run the command again.
  6. It's Doric. "I don't always buy shoes in Aberdeen, but when I do, I know what foot fits with which." Or something like that. The joke being of course the multiple meanings of "fit".
  7. It's the 2005 movie version of Douglas Adams' Heart of Gold.
  8. Now that you say it, it makes perfect sense. There is a lot in common between Drexciya and f.ex. Abstract Thought, but very little between AT and Doppler.
  9. Drexciya, now that's not a name that pops up all that often. What about Dopplereffekt? Discogs lists Donald as a member, but is it reasonable to assume that Stinson had a hand in that as well?
  10. I know, but there are limits to how inane a joke can be, before it just becomes inane.
  11. Yea, those women are stupid, huh? And while we're at it. Reproduction, who's stupid idea was that anyway?
  12. They seem to have become even more adamant and reclusive following Palestines bid for statehood, the arab uprising (they lost a trusted supporter with Mubarak, and the general fluidity of the region seems to intimidate them) and the whole issue with Syria and Iran. Israels response consist of building fences, ending contact with UNESCO, and demanding USA to take action against Iran. The US responds by vetoing against the Palestinian bid, and cut funding of UNESCO. Sure, it can't be easy being Israel, but then again they don't seem trying to improve the matters either.
  13. Yup, that's from the Israeli attack on the UN school in Beit Lahia. http://www.guardian....thepalestinians
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