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  1. Test Tone @ Home live right now:
  2. Wow, this live version is a lot darker ...and BETTER than the album version.
  3. Oh snap, new KSIA.
  4. Test Tone @ Home is live on the internets right now!
  5. 88 years is a pretty damn good run. Adam West was one of those dues who became cooler the older he got.
  6. Test Tone @ Home is live on the internets right now!
  7. Long time listeners to Test Tone will know this one.
  8. Half an hour of video nerdity. Gives me vivid flashbacks of working in a college media center, almost 20 years ago.
  9. Test Tone @ Home live right now:
  10. Um. The dude in this commercial has a net worth zooming in on $5B. Why is he shilling sous vide products?
  11. I've probably posted this before. Bo Diddley was a god. So was Norma-Jean Wofford.