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  1. I watched this nearly 2 hour documentary on Putin;s "Dacha" today: It is a lengthy watch, but morbidly fascinating. Also it's available in Russian if one speaks the language.
  2. Got reports that the Showreel from last night's show has issues. I could not replicate them. Also, Mixlr (bless their hears) is rolling out a new "Channels" feature. I have to sign up for it to continue. So far the UI looks awful. In any case, last night's show is up on Mixcloud:
  3. Test Tone @ Home live right now: https://mixlr.com/illuminator/
  4. The "funny" thing is that the number of Putin underling who have ran afoul of gravity recently is sufficiently high that I had to double chekc which one you were talking about.
  5. Test Tone @ Home live right now: https://mixlr.com/illuminator/
  6. Let's talk about zoomers and mid 90s "intelligent" drum n bass (a term reviled even at the time). I saw this recently in a TF2 thread: I said "you wot m8?" and asked for an explanation. Peshay was "LTJ Bukem, Jr." throughout the 90s. I was never a huge fan of his mixes (too heavy on the female vocals) but he definitely had his moments. Mid 90s DNB is among my favorite bits of electronic music, ever. The answer I got was that a YT video with that title blew up because of a viral meme (and many meme iterations) using the 1996 DNB track "Only You" by Intense. The original meme: TF2 version 1: TF2 version 2: The full Peshay mix from 1996, uploaded in 2018: 2M views, most of which were in the last few months. The Information Age is one weird roller coaster ride. Also this phenomenon ties into my personal belief that humanity peaked in 1996. The fact that I was young, permanently stoned and utterly immersed in drum n bass, trip hop, German hard trance and early goa trance has nothing to do with it. I swear.
  7. Thread necro again. The second, slightly less smol Windows box I bought from MyEmployeesDontsGetBathroomBreaks.com arrived today. It's the newest model so of course it's running Windows 11. UGH. The good news: ShutUp10 beats many of the worst aspects of the OS into submission. The bad news: every other irritation about that that ShutUp10 can't fix. I've had W10 for about 4 months now. I don't rely on it for much except for gaming and the tasks that require Windows. With that said, I've grown to mostly get along with the OS. Windows 11 is like a drunken knight from chess. Three steps backwards and two steps wait where are you going? I repeat what I said in my previous post. I could write a book about Tim Apple's Infinite Bad Decisions, but one evening wih the new Redmond OS and I'm again vewing the Mac Tax as the price of salvation. At least the 8 core 5900HX CPU is quite peppy. Everything is so responsive as it does ...something I don't like.
  8. Test Tone @ Home live right now: https://mixlr.com/illuminator/
  9. 2K's 'quality of life' change for BioShock is that Linux users can't play it anymore. That includes the Steam Deck. Prior to this update, Bioshock Infinite was very playable on the SD. This British fella sums the situation up quite well:
  10. Queen under medical supervision at Balmoral. It's looking pretty clearly like this is the end for Queen Elizabeth. The rest of the royal family is traveling to Scotland to see her. The UK press appears to be more or less saying she's gone without saying it. Operation London Bridge in full effect.
  11. Russia buying millions of rockets and shells from North Korea, US intelligence says. 🤡
  12. Ugh. No thanks, Native Instruments. SaaS is cancer.
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