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  1. Sauce: https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9b677-mcintosh-xrt-2k-gloss-black-lacquer-ultra-high-end-speakers-mint-sealed-full-range?creative=305983658573&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9IX4BRCcARIsAOD2OB0c_oRXuRcviQTIiaa55Xy7OG2iwjnoQ-FeZ4butNGKhbtiZ4Z4K9AaAtNUEALw_wcB&keyword=
  2. Test Tone @ Home live right now: http://mixlr.com/illuminator/chat
  3. Chiayi, Taiwan. 21/06/2020. Unknown Ecuadorans. Police detain armed militia members after protestor is shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Nose Bros. Rick Astley's 1st tour in 89, backstage in Vegas. Ol' Woz is looking pretty youthful these days. Graveyard (1700s) with portal tomb (4000 fricken BC), Co. Waterford, Ireland. Nardi Giannini ND750 Bisiluro 1955.
  4. I found a ca. 2012 download folder. IIRC, this setup belonged to a HCer.
  5. Two more photos of the above: Unrelated cable management:
  6. Sophia Electric EL34-ST on a Leben CS600.
  7. Test Tone @ Home live right now: http://mixlr.com/illuminator/chat
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