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  1. I forget who said it, but someone in here mentioned they drive by the SmugMug HQ (the people who own Flickr) and that the bulding is a dump. Went on Google Maps and, uh, can confirm: https://goo.gl/maps/sYgVyvq8SHxQTSFH7
  2. The James Brand x VMP Knife: The Abbey. A bargain at $80!
  3. Someone Shot The Johnny Cash Water Tower In Kingsland, Arkansas, And Now It’s Taking A Leak.
  4. @Torpedo If you were listening to the show where the power went out, that was a tribute to Klaush Schulze that ended prematurely thanks to National Grid. Test Tone @ Home live right now: https://mixlr.com/illuminator/
  5. Pussy Riot band member Maria Alyokhina escapes Russia dressed as food courier after criticising Putin. 🤣
  6. Apple discontinues iPod, 20 years after it was released.
  7. Russia is set to lose its status as a top global oil power under an EU embargo. 3 experts break it down: 'It could surely cripple the Russian oil and gas industry'
  8. Last night's show is up on MixCloud: Haven't said THAT in a while.
  9. Test Tone @ Home live right now: https://mixlr.com/illuminator/
  10. Putin to officially declare war on Ukraine, Western officials say. Well gee whiz.
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