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  1. 7 hours ago, ti5002000 said:

    Hi guys 

    Does someone have boards that don't need and can sell it to me? 

    They can be only the pcb and also can be already populated. 

    Thanks for the help 

    I think I have a couple boards I could sell you.  Send me a PM.

  2. Even though they wouldn't come cheap, I bet your heatsinks would be a popular item. I'd add some of the commonly used film caps too, like the 0.1uF/1000V and 0.22uF/1000V. The later are a little harder to get a hold of. Maybe even some of the larger 680uF/450V aluminum caps. They aren't super cheap on Mouser/Digikey, and I'm sure you could get a much better price in bulk.

    Great idea Justin, and much appreciated by us DIYers!

  3. I believe he is now out of them for sale, with a few left for his own use. Besides, this looks like a mega amp with exceedingly high level of performance which deserves the "best" attenuators. Not saying that the Alpha is not good but this just deserves the top notch.

    I'd be fine with the board getting a bit longer to fit an RK50 or DACT (I'll probably use the latter if its an option).

    Love the name and I like where this build is heading.

  4. The advantages are more gain and one less capacitor. Trust me, you want the feedback, otherwise it sounds

    like crap. This is the one that will probably make it to production.


    Its 10.8 x 9.2 inches

    7 x 6.3v filament supplies.

    Crazy idea but with all that extra space to the sides of the input stage, it would be really sweet to somehow throw in the KG attenuator. That way the amp box could be one of the small compact Hifi2000 1U case like these.

  5. My experience has been that the correct hole diameter is completely dependent on the pin. I have 3-4 different types of pins. Some fit perfectly in the jacks, and some are super tight. You may already be thinking this, but I would make sure you purchase a ton of the same type of pin and tweak the hole size as necessary to get your preferred fit. I like my jacks to be snug but I don't like to fight the jack when inserting the headphone connector.

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