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  1. Been using my Above the Tie DE razors and Gillette Fusion for around 7 years, but now feel it’s time for a change. That change is to an SE razor using Artist Club blades, and the one I’ve chosen is the Blackland Vector, along with its stand. Should be receiving them within the next few days.
  2. Have one of those spin bikes which I go on pretty regularly. What I like about it, is it has magnetic resonance and a fixed gear, so I can make the pedalling easy or hard, but it has to be done continuously. Wasn’t keen on the original saddle so got that Selle SMP carbon, and although it’s rock hard, it’s surprisingly comfortable, in fact very. I train to those DVD’s, and also GCN workouts.
  3. wentworth-pewter.com With or without the handle the cost was £38 + £4.95 P & P, although it’s made in Sheffield which is around 35 miles from where I live, so P & P will probably be more for overseas. As well as whisky, I also like to drink stout at home, so decided to get that goblet in the photo from the same place.
  4. Received that pewter half pint tankard I ordered to use for drinking whisky, but without the handle, and I’m very happy with it. For size comparison here’s a photo of it with one of the stainless steel glasses I use for drinking whisky.
  5. I’ve had three Glencairn whisky glasses with the last one I got being crystal, and all three ended up with a crack on the lip, ( I know I needed to be more careful ) so I decided to get two of those stainless steel glasses in the photos. Now while I’m happy with them, I wanted one with a similar shape to the Glencairn glasses, so I’ve just placed an order for that in the photo. Yes it’s a half pint tankard made out of pewter, but I quite like the shape and was able to order one without the handle, so it looks more like a whisky glass. I did like those Glencairn glasses I had, but at least with the two stainless steel I have, and the pewter I’ve ordered I won’t have to worry about breaking them.
  6. I agree Sam, in fact the more I look the more I dislike it. The only thing I do like is it’s in stainless steel, but that’s about it.
  7. About the ALS Odysseus, I don’t normally like bracelets because although I get a perfect fit when my wrist is warm, when it’s not the fit is loose which I don’t like, the bracelet length on the Odysseus though is adjustable on the wrist. I think the look of the Odysseus is ok, but I’d prefer it with a large seconds handle.
  8. Any thoughts here on the new ALS Odysseus sports watch.
  9. I think both Reverso 1931 ( black dial ) and Saxonia ( white gold ) are very nice looking watches, but for me the look and comfort of the Saxonia slightly betters the Reverso, however for versatility the Reverso easily wins, imo.
  10. I’d like to thank Jacob for sending me his JLC Alligator strap he had for his Reverso, but didn’t use.
  11. My order for the Reverso 1931 was delivered today, and I love it. Not only is it very nice looking, imo, it’s also extremely comfortable, and although it’s 8 years old it looks brand new. The only slight niggle I have, is with it being used the previous owner(s) had the flip side engraved seen in the photo which I’m not that keen of, other than that I couldn’t be happier. For now I’m going to enjoy the JLC as is, plus I don’t have to look at the flip side, but I’m going to enquire via the place where I bought it, on whether that could be done in the photo below which allows the movement to be seen. Another thing I like about this Reverso, is it looks very different to the Saxonia, apart from it having a black alligator strap and similar coloured metal. Just 4 more photos. ?
  12. For the watch, but I’ve seen a few arguments in the amateur game, and on one occasion this guy head butted someone on the nose.
  13. Forgot to mention, most here probably don’t know who this is, but Ronnie O’sullIvan is regarded as the best snooker player ever, and he wears a Reverso while playing that game, and has done so for sometime. Yes he’s right-handed and wears the JLC on his left, but he also plays a lot of shots left-handed.
  14. I no longer have that Grand Seiko Sam, I used it in part exchange for that Rolex, I’ll be wearing that Reverso 1931 playing those two games. I was told by the place I’m getting that JLC it’d be ok to do so, plus that Reverso 1931 was originally a sports watch used while playing Polo in India.
  15. I have to admit Sam I’ve changed from/to a few different watches over the last few years, but once I have that Reverso I won’t be selling it or the Saxonia for any other watches. When needed I’ll be having both serviced, and probably new Alligator straps, but I’m keeping them both.?
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