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  1. Watches

    Thanks for your Rolex suggestion, but I prefer the look of that Oyster Perpetual. Regarding that APRO, scratches wouldn't bother me that much, as long as they didn't become too noticeable, the thing that does bother me though is I've heard servicing is quite high, so I may pass on getting that AP, plus it would take me sometime saving for one anyway. I am happy with my JLC Master Ultra thin 34mm ( manual wind ), and I wear that while playing the games mentioned after being told it would be OK to do so, which it seems to be. I guess if my JLC manual wind is ok to wear playing the games I do, there should be no reason why that ALS Saxonia 37mm ( also manual wind ) couldn't be worn, although I'd sooner have one in stainless steel which unfortunately ALS don't do.
  2. Watches

    Although my preference is a dress watch as opposed to a sports, I do want a watch I can wear while playing snooker, pool, darts, and with me being left-handed which is where I wear a watch, there'd be a certain amount of shock movement, so I'm not sure if an A Lange & Sohne 37mm ( manual wind ) in white gold ( which is the watch I was saving for ) would be suitable to wear while playing those game, I'd also prefer a watch in stainless steel rather than white gold or any other precious metal, and apparently ALS don't do any in SS. Now I had a suggestion here on HC to consider a Rolex, and I do like the look of an Oyster Perpetual 36mm SS ( Automatic ) with a blue dial seen in the first photo, however, after seeing that in the other 3 photos I much prefer the look of that to the Rolex, which most if not all here on HC will know is an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15450 SS 37mm ( Automatic ) with blue dial. In the UK an AP RO 15450 is considerably more expensive than that Rolex, so would take me quite a bit longer saving for, but that's something I'd be prepared to do, however I'd like to hear thoughts about that AP RO 15450 from anyone here on HC that would like to offer theirs, bearing in mind I would be wanting to wear that AP while playing those games mentioned.
  3. The Headcase Stax thread

    @ SpeleoFool. Mjolnir - Audio
  4. The Headcase Stax thread

    Yeah John, after fully watching that video, I think that guy is best suited on that other site.
  5. The Headcase Stax thread

    Well wink is right, how to waste 13.5 minutes of your precious time, and I just did.
  6. Watches

    Decided to get that JLC Master Ultra thin seen in two of the photos, and I've given that Reverso I had to my Brother. That Master is only 34mm, but doesn't look bad on my wrist, so I'm happy with it until I've the money saved for an A Lange & Sohne Saxonia 37mm seen in the other photo.
  7. Watches

    I was only thinking of getting a Rolex to wear while playing snooker, pool and also darts, and a JLC for any other time ( pardon the pun ), but because I prefer Manual wind and thin case watches I'll just go for that kind. Now I've mentioned my dream watch being a JLC Master Ultra thin Jubilee, but another that would be a dream to have is an A. Lange & Sohne Saxonia.
  8. Watches

    Before getting that metal bracelet for the JLC Master Ultra thin I had, I was thinking of getting one of those Rolex in the photo as a second watch, but from now on I'll only have a watch that has a leather/crocodile skin strap.
  9. Head-Case Darts

    25g. The good thing about those titanium stems, is there are two sections, so if the top of a stem gets damaged by a dart or anything else, it can be replaced with another which screws into the other section. Bet your wife will be throwing darts more than you when you have that board. 😀 Ah, just noticed these tops are aluminium.
  10. Head-Case Darts

    Received those Harrows Retina flights, and also short titanium stems which are now on my Unicorn darts. They probably won't make me play better, but think they make my darts look cool. 🙂
  11. Watches

    The Rolex Explorer ll is a nice looking watch Rossliew, but there's something about JLC's that just appeal to me. 🙂
  12. Watches

    I might just do that 🤔, joking aside I'd never sell my BHSE. As well as the Jubilee, I also like the Master Ultra thin 41, but it's an Automatic and I prefer Manual wind, having said that, I do play snooker and 8 ball pool regularly, and I'm left handed, so wearing that Automatic while playing those two game would be winding it up, don't know if it'd do any damage to the watch doing that though, but I can make enquiries. 🙂
  13. Watches

    Because that JLC Master Jubilee at £11,650 is going to take me sometime saving for, I've decided not to give my brother that Reverso until I have that Jubilee, I just wish that Jubilee was available in a stainless steel case, which would then probably be priced at 5 or £6000. For me the thinner the watch the better, and the Master Jubilee at 4.5mm is quite thin.
  14. Watches

    While I'm liking that Reverso Grande Ultra thin, I've come to the conclusion I prefer the JLC Master Ultra thin, and if the one I had, had had a black leather strap, I'd have never swapped it for that Reverso, my biggest regret though was getting that JLC SS bracelet for that Master, I should've got a JLC black leather strap with a deployant clasp. Now my dream watch is a JLC Master Ultra thin Jubilee, whereas my youngest brother very much likes that type of Reverso I now have, and I did promise to get him that model of Reverso, so I've decided to give him that Reverso and start saving for a JLC Jubilee, I'm also now not going to bother getting a Reverso Tribute 1931. Two photos of my dream watch.
  15. Watches

    Thanks Torpedo. It is a very nice watch and I'm pleased I got it, but if I hadn't got that metal bracelet for that Master Ultra thin, I'd have kept that watch. Although I've now got that Reverso Grande Ultra thin, I still plan on getting a Reverso Tribute 1931🙂