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  1. She has a phone. I was under the impression that a camcorder would be much better especially if you want to zoom.
  2. That does look pretty nice but might be slightly out of my price range.
  3. My niece wants a video camera for her birthday. What should I get her? She already takes a lot of videos with her phone (has been for a couple of years) but wants something a little more professional. She originally asked for a camera but is mostly interested in videos. She's turning 15 but is pretty careful with her stuff. I assume a dedicated video camera will be much better than a DSLR? What about this?
  4. Cool! I hadn't thought of this. I can't use my JH13s without taking off the case so this will be really useful.
  5. The battery on my 5 was also on its last life so I got the SE and it is a nice phone. I like the size. The sound quality on the SE is decent but I haven't compared it to the Touch or 7.
  6. No, it was not.
  7. Not interested in getting another laptop. I'll try hooking up the Macbook I have (which is the current model) to an external monitor for now and waiting for the iMac Pro.
  8. Ok, I guess I assumed that it would come out at the same time as the new "non-pro" iMacs and people are saying October for that. What kind of timeline have you heard? One where I can get it in my office before June 31? My computer is so slow right now that I am using my Macbook almost all the time in the my office. I suppose I could just hook that up to an external monitor. I don't want to lose the computer money though.
  9. Yes, in October.
  10. I really need a new office computer, my Mac Pro from 2009 is so slow and it is slowing down my productivity. I have money from the University towards a computer but need to use it by June 31, 2017. I was hoping that Apple would update the iMacs and then I would get one. But it looks like they won't be out until October and I can't wait that long. What should I do (besides buying a Windows machine). Thinking of this setup:
  11. Would love to play the new Zelda but have no desire for a portable system.
  12. The reciever I have (SR6005) supports this.
  13. I tried but it didn't quite work. Maybe I need a new HDMI cable from the tv to receiver. Would that create a lag in the audio? That is true. I guess I need to look more into getting sound out of the TV to the receiver.
  14. I read that the PS4 Pro does streaming in 4K through Netflix, etc (although the selection is limited).
  15. So I have this nice new LG OLED TV but my receiver can't pass 4K video through it since it is too old. So I need something that will be HDCP 2.2 compatible I believe. I have a Marantz SR6005. I've been really happy with the Marantz receivers so far and would like to stay with them unless there is something significantly better that won't break the bank. Trying to decide between SR5011, SR6011, and SR7011. Any thoughts? This will be for a 3 (maybe 3.1 at some point) setup. Setup: PS4 Pro/Apple TV/Oppo BDP-105D -> receiver (would use DAC in receiver for everything buy music and would use the Oppo for that) -> TV and Monitor Audio silver series center and tower speakers (RS6) I'm not sure what the 6011 and 7011 would give me over the 5011.