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  1. I think I will do that for the living room so other people know how to use it.
  2. Dang, I've only built three (and gave one to a friend). I still need one for the living room.
  3. shellylh

    ATC speakers

    Started looking at the Nord amps but it's a bit hard to figure out the differences between all their amps. I've never heard of Nord. How long have they been around?
  4. shellylh

    ATC speakers

    Which all in one do you have. The new NAD M33 looks great but not sure I want an all in one (I have the M32 and kinda wish I would have got an M22 or M12+M22 at the time instead). I wonder how the Hypex Ncore modules on the M22 v2 Stick up to the Purify modules on the new M33. I wonder when the Purify modules will show up in the M22 v3 if they do?
  5. shellylh

    ATC speakers

    Thanks, I will do that. I guess I should consider the NAD M22 v2! There is also the Benchmark AHB2 and Mytek amp if I am looking at Class D.
  6. shellylh

    ATC speakers

    The ATC like lots of power so I think the A23+ wouldn't be a great fit. The ATC P2 is dual mono amp which I like but it is $1000 more than the A21+. I am not sure I like the idea of bridging the amps. You get more wattage but won't there still be an issue with current. Also, if the speakers dip below 8ohms, does it become a problem? The nice thing about 2x A23+ is it would be cheaper than and I could biwire the speakers (but then I am only getting 200W). Or I could stick with the NAD M32 integrated amp I have right now (which is 150W per channel I think) and I can biwire. Short story, I think I am still leaning to A21+ or ATC P2 or sticking with the NAD M32.
  7. shellylh

    ATC speakers

    Thinking about getting the ATC P2 Pro amp for the Passive ATCs. Thoughts? Any other amps I should consider? I did consider a Paramount A21+ as well.
  8. Hope you have a great birthday!
  9. Let me know if you are interested in buying the Utopia. I have a pair I might let go ($$$ for new speaker amp) since I use the HD800 and SR-009 most of the time.
  10. Diving into the 90’s music collection.
  11. Use a lift. We have a couple in our garage for Yumi’s sea kayak and Porta-Bote.
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