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  1. We actually have three in the Houston metropolitan area but they’re out in the burbs so I don’t go there often.
  2. It was so great meeting up with y’all!!! And the Pliny was an awesome bonus! Hi Mike!!!
  3. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Planned to go skiing with Yumi but the snow is too slushy so we’re binging Shining Girl instead. Sophie ate too much ham…
  4. OK, I have been invited to give a talk at Rutgers-Newark on Monday and it seemed that Monday, Feb 28th might be a good day. So it looks like I will be heading to CanJam NY the weekend before! Please join me Travel Team 22!!!
  5. shellylh


    Ordered one of these cases. Plan to put it in the overhead bin or in one of the plane’s “closets.” I think it should be ok based on what I’ve read (and I boarding group 1). Gator Electric Guitar Case (GW-JAG) https://a.co/d/7LO0E41
  6. shellylh


    OK, maybe shipping makes more sense.
  7. shellylh


    By the way, if anyone has ever flown with a bass or guitar, please let me know how it was. I really don't want to ship it but also don't want to get to Denver and find out I can't take it on my connecting flight (I have elite status so I can get on early). Metallic Tangerine (or orange)
  8. shellylh


    I'll see your bass, Brent, and raise you. Taking my old bass to use for practice in Durango (so my "band" members don't hate me). This ones a beauty. G&L Fullerton Fallout (short scale)
  9. You should trust Steve - he’s knows all about lubrication. 😂
  10. shellylh


    Nice!!! Get a Fender Rumble. The practice 50 is on sale for Black Friday.
  11. Hey Butch: are those your sandals. 😂
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