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  1. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had a great day building the Lego Roller Coaster set and had a fabulous dinner at a new favorite restaurant, MAD (for Madrid)! https://www.madhouston.com Everything was amazing!
  2. Thanks, Steve. I’ll put it on the list.
  3. Happy birthday, Fitz!
  4. Glad you are enjoying them!
  5. shellylh

    The Wire

    It took me a while to get into The Wire when I first started watching since they do develop the characters slowly. But then I was hooked. One of the best tv series ever! Now I just need to get Yumi to watch it. Omar!!!
  6. Happy birthday, Mike!!! Enjoy!
  7. I wonder how it compares to the closed version of the Aeon Flow - the only pair of closed headphone (non-IEM) that I have found to be worth keeping. I would love to have some nice sounding closed headphones without cords!
  8. Looking around it seems like the other consumer 360 cameras can't compete with the 1" lens in the Ricoh Z1 so I ordered one from BH and we'll see how well it works.
  9. I am looking into getting a 360 degree camera for VR tours on campus (for hiring and recruiting grad students in the spring) and also just to play with for fun. I've been looking into the Ricoh cameras. Other suggestions are the Gopro Max but I already have a GoPro Hero 9. https://theta360.com/en/ Anyone tried any of these cameras?
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