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  1. shellylh

    ATC speakers

    OK, the passive demo speakers are on their way so it's too late to change right now. Will see how they sound when I get them
  2. shellylh

    ATC speakers

    Hmm, would love me some SCM50/100/150 actives but I am not sure I can really sneak that in the house without being asked how much they cost!!!
  3. shellylh

    ATC speakers

    Would love some larger ones but $$$ and I want to keep on Yumi’s good side.
  4. shellylh

    ATC speakers

    Sweet, thanks Jim! I didn't see the demo. I did also notice that they have a used version of the actives for $4390 (which seems like a pretty good deal for amp+speakers). I still like the idea of passives. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SCM20ASL--atc-scm20asl-pro-mk2-6.5-inch-powered-studio-monitors?cond=SCM20ASLU2 OK, I might have just ordered the demo passives.
  5. shellylh

    ATC speakers

    Seriously interested in getting pair of ATC SCM20PSL (passive) loudspeakers to replace the Ascend Sierra 2 or KEF LS50. Right now I am using a NAD M32 integrated amp ( up to 180W into 8ohms I think) but since I have plenty of DAC/pres, I could sell that and get a different power amp --- maybe ATC P1/P2 or some other. Any reason I am not going to like it? I like the idea of having detailed and linear speakers. I thought about going for the active 20s but don't want to deal with having heavy speakers on stands unless it would really sound a lot better. Thoughts? http://atcloudspeakers.co.uk/professional/loudspeakers/scm20psl-pro/ https://vintageking.com/atc-loudspeakers-scm20psl-mk2-pair
  6. The extra M51 is here if you are interested! The Brooklyn Dac+ is pretty awesome (don’t have or need the bridge) but I can’t say which I like better.
  7. Setup a Raspberry Pi + Ropieee network audio bridge for my music room setup. Super easy to put together and works great. Thanks for the tip Marc!
  8. Planning to take the extra M51 to my office but it's been a while since I've been there.
  9. I've been doing the same thing Jim! I picked up one from Pioneer that opens up so that disk don't get stuck inside. Works well but man is ripping CDs slow. I've set up a Roon server on my imac since it is on all the time and got a 2 bay RAID 1 harddrive that is networked and is in the closet. Roon is fucking awesome! Love been able to steam music anywhere in the house I want! Planning to replace my Airport Express (ethernet to optical) with the Rasberry Pi + Ropiee (eithernet to USB) that Marc suggested so I can get hires in the music room. Today, I moved around my headphone setups for kicks (one at my desk and one in the music room). Decided that the GS-X mk2 needed to be near its cousin BHSE. Plus, it is a good way to procrastinate grading.
  10. Mastercraft X26 Wakesurfing boat please and then invite me up and then sell it to me for half price when you get tired of it. https://www.mastercraft.com/boat/detail/x26
  11. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, I’ve successfully made it half way to 90! Spent the day at home not grading exams!!! Actually got time to set up the Roon music server and 6Gb RAID networked storage so that was fun. Yumi and I watched Becoming (about Michelle Obama), ate fajitas, and drank margaritas. So a pretty awesome day!
  12. Thanks! I’ll look into this. I like having one I can manage on my phone so I might go with the Flame Boss.
  13. Nate: I’ve had a Weber Smokey Mountain and they work great if you want to constantly pay attention to them to make sure the temp stays at the right temp, etc. Plus I always found myself cleaning it. If you want charcoal, go with a kamado Grill. My neighbor has a Kamado Joe and it works great. It’s a lot easier to open than the Big Green Egg because of its air lift hinge. They are heavy! That said, I have a Traeger and love the pellet system. I should upgrade the PID. Suggestions from Al or Naaman?
  14. Nevermind, I was confused by Marc's post but get it now.
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