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  1. Happy Birthday raffy!

    Happy birthday Raffy!
  2. What are you Grilling now?

    Thanks! The infrared burner seems really cool!
  3. What are you Grilling now?

    The thing that seems useful about the Napoleon or Saber is the fact that they have infrared burners which should be able to make a better seal.
  4. What are you Grilling now?

    They don't have the S-310 at the place where I am buying so I'll probably get a Napoleon or Saber. Any recommendations there?
  5. What are you Grilling now?

    Ok, I think I am going to get a gas grill for now and separate smoker later. We have a natural gas outlet in the backyard which is nice. Going to stick with stainless steel. Will look at, at least the S-310. I am going to check this place out tomorrow since they are highly recommended. http://www.texasstarfoods.com/gas-grills.html They seem to only have the higher end Webers. They also have Saber and Napoleon? Anyone know anything about those?
  6. CD storage

    Haha, well this doesn't mean it will never happen, just might take a long long time and I need to store the CDs until I am done.
  7. CD storage

    Thanks Brent.
  8. CD storage

    ^And when it breaks and the CDs are stuck inside???
  9. CD storage

    Started ripping them all to a drive but never finished. So, no that is not going to happen. The only reason I am not just chucking them and using Tidal/lossless is because sometimes I just want to put a disk and listen to music. How would one store them without jewel cases so that I can keep them alphabetized and be able easily browse through them? I did binders/pages/sleeves at some point and hated it. Plus, t was impossible to keep organized.
  10. CD storage

    I need something besides IKEA bookshelves to keep my CDs in. Do any of you have anything that has a high WAF? Can be mounted to the wall or stand alone. I think I'll probably keep about 600 CDs. The other option is to chuck them all.
  11. What are you Grilling now?

    Thanks! The Memphis May be out of my price range. I’ll look into the MAK.
  12. What are you Grilling now?

    It's summer time and I have a house so it's time to invest in a grill. My girlfriend is Korean and likes to grill ribs a lot so that is a priority. Would also like to be able to smoke brisket/ribs and sear a steak. Traeger or MAK?
  13. Thanks guys. I will check the conductivity and then use them.
  14. There is an option to have the cable terminated as 4pin XLR or 1/4”. I chose the XLR but why do that if not balanced?
  15. I just got my MrSpeakers Aeon headphones yesterday. I ordered them with an XLR termination on the cable terminated assuming this meant I could use them with the balanced/XLR output on the GS-X. Then I opened the box and saw it said the headphone was a “single-ended planar magnetic headphone.” I’m confused. Is it fine to use with a balanced output? Is there any benefit? I can order the cable with a SE termination which would be better for portable use anyway.