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  1. Not at all but I rarely plug anything into a USB port on my laptop. The battery life isn't quite as good as an ipad but it is solid and doesn't take that long to charge. I can certainly go a whole day without charging but haven't really paid attention. The new Macbooks are supposed to have a battery that last 35% longer. Also, when I got mine, I got the slightly faster m5 version for what its worth. There is also a multiport adapter you can get but I haven't felt the need to get one.
  2. Missed Al's post. If you want to do typing, get the 12" Macbook. Super light and small with a real keyboard plus fast enough for anything I need to do on the road! I use it all the time at work and in coffee shops and never need anything faster. The keyboard takes time getting used to but I actually prefer it now. Ordered a new iMac 27", 4.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7, 32GB RAM, Radeon Pro 580 with 8GB of VRAM, and 512GB SSD (for those times when I need something a bit faster than the Macbook). Also, got the new ipad pro in the mail today. Excited to open it up.
  3. Looking to get a single portable induction cooktop since I am tired of cooking on the crappy electric stove in my apartment. I have several cast iron pans that I use so there should be no problem switch. Anyone have any suggestions? Do a quick look, there seems to be the HC version (at $1,800) but maybe I don't need quite that much precision. It is very tempting though! There is also one for $60 that they recommend here:
  4. Just ordered the new 10" ipad pro, looks sweet! I have the 12" ipad pro and always want it to be a little smaller. Happy they finally have the new iMacs out. I'll be ordered one soon.
  5. Sorry Todd.
  6. Happy birthday Brent!!!
  7. It was amazing last night and this morning for breakfast! It's good to have friends that like to bake! Thanks for all the on time, late, and on time on average birthday wishes! Went to a post celebratory dinner at a new restaurant (Riel) and saw Arthur Miller's "A View from the Bridge" tonight. Now I have to get back to work unfortunately. At least I have some bubbly to keep me company.
  8. Thanks guys! Had a great night with some nice wine and homemade lemon birthday cheesecake (and friends)!
  9. That T2 looks sweet!
  10. Indeed!
  11. The only reason I didn't make it to BBQ with Nate. Pre-birthday celebration at The Pass. Fantastic!
  12. Wish I could've gone with you!
  13. I would definitely try to find a used NAD M51.
  14. She has a phone. I was under the impression that a camcorder would be much better especially if you want to zoom.
  15. That does look pretty nice but might be slightly out of my price range.