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  1. Wow, their stuff looks amazing! Can’t wait to check them out the next time I’m in Germany (they also seem to have a dealer outside of Austin).
  2. Happy birthday Naaman!!!
  3. Good choice! I’ve never found a keyboard case I liked so I can’t help you there. Decided to just deal with the weight and got a 16” MBP when I need to type.
  4. Happy belated birthday Jeff!!!
  5. Got to see Sarah McLachlan for the first time tonight. Such a great concert.
  6. shellylh

    Kitty Talk

    Aww, cute! Here are my kitties. They are about 6 months old - we got them in November. They are super loving.
  7. Has anyone heard both the Aeon and Ether flow (closed back)? I have a pair of Aeon closed backs that I enjoy when I need to have closed headphones. I am thinking of trying the Ether flow since hoping it might be a bit more open sounding and neutral.
  8. Made a brisket today and just put it in the cooler. Will be having brisket breakfast tacos tomorrow morning and making brisket tamales with them tomorrow!
  9. Glad you are doing better Jose. That is pretty scary.
  10. shellylh

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Decade!!!
  11. Don’t think it’s super secret! I’ll ask Yumi for a copy,
  12. Yumi’s homemade pork posole. There might have been a few red chiles harmed in this production. That giant pot is only 1/4 if the original batch.
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