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  1. I don't know if you are joking... so "Mytek Brooklyn+"
  2. I’m very tempted to get this used Lumin T2 to replace the muted Brooklyn + Dac. Has anyone use the Music Room before? Good price? https://tmraudio.com/components/music-servers-streamers/lumin-t2-network-streamer-t-2-black-roon-ready-spotify-connect/
  3. Just make sure all the biscuits are destroyed.
  4. Can't wait! I am addicted to this show... damn HBO and their brilliant soundtracks.
  5. Started watching Foundation on Apple TV+ but got bored. Now I am watching season 2 of Work in Progress. I am really enjoying this show. https://www.sho.com/work-in-progress
  6. Happy birthday, Todd!!
  7. Oops, I meant without a trailer (now fixed my original post). We are planning to get a Thule Hullavator installed on the top of the van which takes off 40 pounds but it is still going to be a bitch to put up and down. We looked at verticle racks but it would be too tall.
  8. Sweet Hobie! We are planning to get a tandem Hobie pedal kayak but haven't found a way to haul it without a trailer. Jealous of the trip, Dan! For those of you not on FB, Yumi and I packrafted for 3 days/2 nights on the San Miguel and Dolores rivers (about 27 miles). I was a bit nervous the first day (it was my first time packrafting) but it was awesome! Will post pics later.
  9. Binged watschend Mare of Eastland this weekend. Really good.
  10. This is probably a very dumb question but why don’t they make headphones that connect via WiFi on a local network? Basically duct tape a battery powered raspberry pi with ropieexl and small dac to the headphone but make it look like a nice fancy Apple product. Is there too small of a population?
  11. I can’t really imagine using the APM plugged in. The whole reason I bought them was to have an easy to use, comfortable, closed, and good sounding Bluetooth headphone to use when I’m not plugged I to a big rig. They play that role perfectly.
  12. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had a great day building the Lego Roller Coaster set and had a fabulous dinner at a new favorite restaurant, MAD (for Madrid)! https://www.madhouston.com Everything was amazing!
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