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  1. Got to see Rachel Maddow tonight (in Houston)! Glad we got added to the tour! It was amazing! #Imanerd #rachelgroupie
  2. Saw Sarah McLachlan and Feist last night at Red Rocks. Amazing!
  3. Been sick for the last week with a cold. Feeling better and treating myself to In-N-Out.
  4. Happy birthday, Brent! Love you and happy to have you in my life (even though you are a mensaman).
  5. Happy birthday, Rob!
  6. Oops, I meant safety meeting!
  7. 🤣 Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I slept in til noon with Bailey the pup, had some beer, and then italian dinner with Yumi and then took a safety break. Oh, I and didn't do any work! So, all in all, a good day.
  8. In the same boat as Carl. Haven’t been spending enough time here - miss y’all. Classes are over though and my life is calming down so I’ll be around more. In the meantime I’m trying to fly to Colorado but evidently our new plane (the one we supposed to be on had some mechanical issues) had too much fuel and they had to defuel, getting rid of 5600 gallons of fuel!? WTF? Anyways, just spend the last three hours on the plane waiting to de-fuel. We’re finally taking off. Thanks United.
  9. Happy belated birthday, Colin!!!!
  10. Happy belated birthday, Steve! Sorry, I haven't been around much.
  11. Happy belated birthday, Ric!
  12. shellylh


    I can see it on my phone. Yikes.
  13. shellylh


    Hoping for the best. Things look quite scary.
  14. We got a puppy!!! Bailey is so sweet and gives little kisses. IMG_6388.mov
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