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  1. Happy Birthday Dan!!!!
  2. Happy Birthday Ed!
  3. Just got back from seeing Sara Watkins in concert. It was wonderful.
  4. They taste like it too.
  5. Shake Shack for the first and maybe last time. I cannot imagine why one would eat here. Would so much rather have In-N-Out! That said, the PB shake was decent. The burger was meh. The fries were gross.
  6. I love that I love sushi and love that you can get good sushi (and brussel sprout salad) at the grocery store! Trying to eat healthier so I got rid of the rice.
  7. Loser Dinny.
  8. Hi guys (waving)!!!!
  9. I suppose.
  10. Ugh, my friend can't take my tv until April 1st. Guess I can put it in my junk room for a couple of months.
  11. Cool! Thanks guys. I'll probably get the B6, I would find a curved tv annoying I think. Now I just need to convince my friends wife to let him have my old tv (she doesn't like any tvs in the house). First world problems.
  12. LG, really? I have always thought of them as a cheaply made product. In the past I've always bought Samsung or Panasonic (of course the last one I bought was in 2009 I think)? Is LG better now?
  13. Thinking of getting a new tv... 60"+. Ideas?
  14. Sonic You - Goo
  15. Looks great!