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  1. Thanks for the many thread and birthday wishes!!! Not doing much here today, just a little Ozark and then I’m headed to dinner at MAD (a fun and yummy Spanish restaurant - MAD is the airport code the Madrid).
  2. Will be sure to put on some plaid and birks today! So many to choose from. Since it’s summer. It’s time to rip off the sleeves though and show off my white pasty arms.
  3. Thanks for the Ozark reminder!
  4. Can’t agree. Walking around at the end of April today in the low 40s just kinda sucked (not in TX of course). Spring should be warm.
  5. We’ve been feeding our local opossums for about a year (and watch them on the security camera). Yumi really wants to get one but I’m pretty sure our male cat Tuve will kill then.
  6. Severance. So amazing. Totally addicted.
  7. I am not sure that the situation in Russia will cause more major cyber crime in the US but I guess there is a good chance that it will or already has. So to my network security friends here: what should (and can) do to protect ourselves (besides having secure passwords, 2 factor authentication, and updating our operating systems)? Obviously, there are bigger issue to worry about but I can’t do anything to stop attacks on the oil pipeline, banks, electrical plants, etc.
  8. Happy birthday, Naaman!
  9. Ran my first (mostly in person) conference since COVID this weekend. It was nice to see people in person!
  10. Happy belated birthday, Grrraaamm.
  11. shellylh


    Does anyone know of a good place to learn the bass guitar (like Justin guitar)? Doesn't have to be free.
  12. Merry Christmas, Al and all the other HCers!
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