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  1. bhd812

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  2. Sept 1st Apple is having a press meeting for their iPod line like every year, not sure who here didn't know so I posting it incase. Heavy rumors about the iPod touch, nano, and Apple tv. I'm hoping they update the classic with a larger drive but who knows...they might kill the classic this year.
  3. bhd812

    slow forum

  4. damn good luck with it, i was going to suggest going the i7 930 route as i love mine but the i5 760 is a damn great cpu itself! if you are buying windows always buy the oem version (89$ for home x64). Windows is a breeze to install. after you put it all together and plug everything in just turn on the computer and insert the windows disc..all Should be good from there. make sure you pick up a static mat before you start putting the pc together. i only remember needing a good philips screw driver (though this case seems to use lots of thumb screws). might want to install a cheap 120 fan on the front and mount your hdd right in back of it to keep the hdd cool, should cost you nomore then $8 for a decent fan. hdd's get pretty hot so its never a bad idea to have a fan infront of them, plus the cool air from the front fan will help keep the internels cool also.
  5. bhd812

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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7AoDh2kVLQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3CWNLhW140&feature=related
  6. bhd812

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    ever like an older song that, that..well that just does not really fit into your regular lifestyle or playlist..a song when someone finds out you like it they look at you like "you know this?" this is beyond one of my personal fav's of all time..like i seriously love it! its just fun.. i also always loved this one From Tony O and Dawn..
  7. wait it out, unless you need it now. the next gen is always sure to be better for the same price, if you decide to go 3rd gen then you save more money then buying now! the last rumor i heard was the iPhones Retina diplay with dual cameras and faster chip inside.
  8. there is an update for ALL iOS devices available today, fixs a security flaw regarding PDFs...
  9. No R Kelly in my closet but I have hid Tupac for awhile in there, Closet ThugLife Bitches...and what?
  10. WEll almost two years and an a minor little update... so after the flood i was cleaning out my closet and found the Broken GO8 in the closet (put it there to make room for the move long ago and forgot about it). after looking to fix it myself for a few weeks i decided to pop it open and see whats up in there. turns out the cd was just wobbling around so i opened the drive up and next you know.... THE GO8 WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its like an old love coming back in my life! i been listening to my speakers with her for the last 3 hours strait! i have not listened to my gear like this in years..i weep the times from ago but its back..my baby is back! she works and sounds a bit cold..i bit of break in is needed since the player has not been used in two years. the sound is so Meridian, the Meridian i missed! hell i have been listening to mp3's for the last two years with the dac1 so its so nice to have the player back. the drive inside it is a dsl-720a with IDE connection, just incase someone needs to know one day. maybe the flood was not such a bad thing, i really been enjoying the speakers and now my baby..then again maybe i should of grown a pair years back and just open the prick up back in 08, but theres nothing i can do about it now besides....listen to her musical heart beat and never take her for granted again..sonicly speaking
  11. bhd812

    slow forum

    you two are way over thinking the video. it's clear to me the ice cream truck driver seen the chance to get some points....dancing shithead is at least +15 points right there. what makes it so funny is out of all motor vehicles on the road he got hit by an ice cream truck, that's just awesome! lots of nasty language but its a classic YouTube - Eddie Murphy , ice cream truck
  12. yes the stores do have microcells or repeaters, of course they do...it would be like them using dial-up for their wifi internet if they didnt have repeaters installed. good way to test it is to see what you get around the mall/location and then walk closer to the store itself. in Orland Square mall you get three bars tops but mostly 2 bars, when you are infront of the store youll get a full five bars.
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