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  1. Okay, there is something to those electrostats. Didn't get it with the SR-202's, but Novas from SRM-1/2 float my boat. u9T841e.jpg

  2. In the absence of dedicated digital source the Heart of Darkness manifests itself into reality. Never use ultra fast opamps in unlimited bandwidth applications. Never.

  3. That LFF might be onto something with that Paradox. A Swiss army knife of a headphone.

  4. Audio tweak of the year- getting a quieter PC cooler!

    1. acidbasement


      I think I'm going to build a straw-bale enclosure around mine.

  5. Solace was just a Parasound away.

  6. Them numerologist fools are 800 years too late.

  7. Heard the Buffalo. Pico seems silly now. Gas.

  8. Is there much beyond the Pico/Dynalo/HD650 combo?

    1. wink



    2. RudeWolf


      Already working on that.

  9. Them ellyt caps don't blow THAT bad...

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