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    Ethics, philosophy of science, music, communication, landscape photography.
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  1. I'm starved for good space operas, so obviously I enjoyed the first season and second seems even better. Btw, did anyone notice that dialog tracks for S01 were mixed super horribly?
  2. I'd only splurge for an ATC amp if it's a built in for active speakers. They're not bad, but not a good value. If you can, put less money in amplification and more in the speakers themselves.
  3. I'd use this - You get superior DSP control, extra inputs and remote volume/input/filter control. Supposedly the DAC should be input agnostic due to FIFO reclocking.
  4. That's just grand. You ninja those right before me and now they collect volcanic dust... Well, get 7-9V of AC or DC, fashion a spdif input and you should be able to have music.
  5. What's the latest news regarding a Denafrips DAC being spotted in Iceland? P.S. Looks like 2017 will be the year of the R2R dac. I sort of feel torn between a RME ADI-2 Pro and one of these Asian miracles.
  6. Attention, Mouser buyers! If you're struggling with regulator heatsinks, you can use this with some elbow grease - Namely, you'll need to cut off the mounting pins. It should be doable and will let you avoid dealing with an extra part provider.
  7. Just got mine, thanks! Need to order the rest of the parts for my Dynamini.
  8. Btw, what's the general consensus on Glycine? I've seen it pop up on Massdrop and some designs are interesting, but border on tad too garish for me. This seems like the right kind of black.
  9. I'm pretty sure you'd use analog in this case only to connect a phono preamp. Otherwise it's a DAC/AMP unit. As for DSP, I'm probably biased, but I've never encountered any headphone which lost more than it gained by properly applying measurement based tonal correction. With stuff like this available I see no point in using regular USB->I2S converters. Bake in a profile for headphones and a different one for your speakers/room. Switch with remote.
  10. It's another format cashgrab. The only reason it's known is due to some highly connected ex-Dolby peeps behind it. Streamers are desperate for a differentiation factor, so they grab every straw they get. Credit: I work for a company which might be able to deliver the superweapon the streamers need. And it doesn't involve selling all your gear/music. Thus we're sort of competing with MQA, even though our methods can be compatible.
  11. Hot damn! Must be the best finish I've seen on a PCB for long time! The precision reg isn't hard to solder per se. You just need paste and a hot air station for the power pad.
  12. For 95% of the folks the answer is - hand it over to someone with an oven. It's doable by hand, especially with a hot air station for the power pad and then dragging along the side pins. Most likely I'll be buying a pair of AMB regs.
  13. A small thanks for @sbelyo and the rest of the gang. A Mouser project for available parts - It includes the smt regulators, you might want to use AMB labs modules, so revise accordingly.
  14. Mouser parts here -