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    Ethics, philosophy of science, music, communication, landscape photography.
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  1. Well, there's always RME Babyface Pro. I'd pay top dollar for that, if I'd need one. My company uses the old Babyface and it's pretty darn good.
  2. I wouldn't like to pay more than 200 for a USB powered DAC. The downfall of these devices usually is dependability on USB power, therefore performance will vary depending on USB quality.
  3. Well, I work at an audio company and often I too get approached by people wanting to review our stuff. Usually I do some background checks so I can estimate the impact of a review, but seeing "Not to brag too much but I think I have a gifted writing style and able to transmit what I hear into a well written review" would tick me off instantly. Dude has like 5 reviews at HF and only one is what I'd consider popular.
  4. Since when has this been an obstacle to producing good audio literature?
  5. Thanks for the info! I have considered glueing small carpentry nails to each of the transistors. Epoxy or super glue might hold them well enough.
  6. Hey guys! What's the currently approved best solution to cool mini Dynalo transistors? @johnwmclean , did you have much luck with thermal tape?
  7. That's phase, man. Impedance is the other graph which hovers around 47 Ohms, tho that doesn't change anything. After much pondering I find that my main beef with Utopias is that they don't have anything they're the best at. Orthodynamics will best them at bass, HD800 has better soundstage... and so on. The only exception might be build quality, but that's a moot-ish point.
  8. Elear Utopia Had the Utopia for a few days on RME ADI-2 Pro. Both headphones share the same Focal house sound with upper mid scoop and in headphone terms slight treble hype. Elear is in a good price bracket, but Utopia sits 2 grand too high imho. Stock Utopia had too little bass for my tastes with overall brighter tuning, technicalities wise it's better than Elear. The upper mid scoop on both cans keep them from reaching greatness, because many instruments end up sounding wrong. What's interesting the scoop isn't annoying. Overall Utopia might be just about the only flagship dynamic headphone without crucial drawbacks. Like the HD800 for example. As it is it's overpriced unless the looks give you a mad boner, which would be understandable. Elear is priced better and sits a bit below HD800. It has a more user friendly tuning, but soundstage is way smaller. Choose your poison between bass and soundstage. Uncalibrated I'd prolly go for the Elear.
  9. Shouldn't be bad input devices, if you're getting noise variation with potentiometer. Even more - 50Hz should be a grounding problem, check the grounding scheme of your amp.
  10. Yea, at least that stuff ain't obsolete!
  11. Looks great! How much was it grand total?
  12. One French mag sent in a pair of Elears for measurement the other week. Wasn't too shabby, dug pretty low for a dynamic open back, the treble peak wasn't too painful. The garden hose cable was annoying and I didn't like too much the upper mid suckout. With the overall treble happiness of higher end headphones I was pretty content with these. Build quality was superb unlike the Spirit Pros, which crack and creak.
  13. I'm starved for good space operas, so obviously I enjoyed the first season and second seems even better. Btw, did anyone notice that dialog tracks for S01 were mixed super horribly?