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    Ethics, philosophy of science, music, communication, landscape photography.
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  1. A technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic stupidity, you guys.
  2. I'm adding a protector to mine, will run it from one of the GRLV's. The shutdown on mine sends a 2VDC transient out, so I'd better be safe, never know when power can go out and you won't be able to unplug the phones.
  3. Just go for tube ubal/bal->bal and 4xCFA2's like a real man.
  4. Well, I'm no EE, but generally feedback is what lets amps oscillate. Hence why KG said he doesn't know how to make a ZF amp do it. What makes you think that the amp is oscillating?
  5. Super-Symmetry and Zero-Feedback. The input section of this board can do both topologies.
  6. I think so. It's one of the reasons I don't like them.
  7. Neumann NDH 20 when stationary and Sony WH1000-XM3 when commuting.
  8. This stuff happened in my hometown, Riga! The depths of hell opened up to swallow a bimmer.
  9. Hi RudeWolf,

    I am asking 32€ for a Pair 2SJ109BL and 2SK389BL + shipping and if you use Paypal additional 4%.Is the price ridiculous )  These are the genuine Toshiba Dual J-Fets and maybe more than 20 years in my home.



  10. The soldering IS the fuse!
  11. I adjusted the trimpot to nullify DC on input board outputs, before the servo opamps got installed. For the ceramic cap I used this - https://eu.mouser.com/ProductDetail/81-RDEC71E476MWK1H3B
  12. Hunting for power switches is a nightmare, unless you're willing to go with a bulgin vandal-proof type of thing. I'm mounting my power switch on the bottom plate near the faceplate, so you can reach under the amp and easily push the toggler switch. This is also pretty okay - https://eu.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Amphenol-Audio/ACJM-MHOP?qs=t8VhaDIDl4uYvnn1Z02tXA%3D%3D But generally the choice isn't too big.
  13. It lives! One of the better solid state amps I've heard. Now to drill some panels!
  14. RudeWolf

    Kitty Talk

    My Hera with about a year in between. From: To: She likes well biased amps!
  15. I'd say that affordable delta-sigma DACs have become way less annoying. And the advent of R2R for less-than-MSB prices at least for me make hunting for rare old multibit chips largely redundant.
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