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    Ethics, philosophy of science, music, communication, landscape photography.
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  • Location
    Riga, Latvia
  • Interests
    Ethics, philosophy of science, music, communication, landscape photography.
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    Marketing manager
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    Photography, mountain biking, deliberate music listening.
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    RME ADI-2 Pro AE, Schiit Yggdrasil A2
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  1. This is why I listen to music. https://ooochenilleooo.bandcamp.com/album/samen
  2. RudeWolf


    Yeah, they probably are. Need to see how those pads measure against the stock ones. The fact that it's one of the rare hi end headphones without a wonky tonal response just makes the whole pad affair worse. And apparently the MG version uses a different mounting mechanism...
  3. It's actually way easier with big power amps. There you need to use a soft-start and dinky momentary switches become viable.
  4. Thanks! Looks pretty good. Metalworking and switch woes are the worst part of all of my builds. Even if I get luck with the looks of a switch, no datasheet will ever tell me how's the feel.
  5. RudeWolf


    I'm kinda leery of buying Focal cans because pads are either unavailable or freakishly expensive. Which I hate, because the headphones are very good.
  6. I'm not too big on anti-vandal switches. Always wanted to find that elusive black anodized + orange LED latching, but they're always out of stock. Recently used this switch in a build to great effect. Offset prints for the effin lose.
  7. Yggy absolutely must be used from the BAL connection, the SE is "just there" as a crutch. Supposedly the analog board upgrade made the sound less warm and more precise. My experience with a 9018 Buffalo is that it needed a ton of tweaking to sound right. The FIFO board basically was what made it listenable.
  8. I felt the Schiit Yggdrasil A2 for the price was a better buy. For Terminator money something from Rockna or May Audio might be even better.
  9. Now, don't tell me that I'll be able to mount them flat on a 2U sink!
  10. I liked Denfrips Ares and Terminator. Soekris dac1541 at your price range might work as well.
  11. I get unmatched 2x(2sk389/2sj109) from the EU for that money. I guess it's matching vs thermal bonding here.
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