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    I'm a dad, musician, biologist/geomaticist and cattle farmer. I have a day job too.
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    Erickson, Manitoba, Canada
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    Crafting and enjoying music, wood heat.
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    Farmer, bureaucrat, musician.
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    Playing drums, sawing logs (literally), epilepsy.
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    HD600, Yamaha HP-2, and HP-3 isolation frankenorthos, Portapro, KSC75, sold DT990 (05)
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    Millett MAX, uDac 1.
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    Sony D-5A, Theta Cobalt 307 DAC, Rega P3 with Nagaoka MP-11 cart, Rega Fono, uDac
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    DW and Canwood drums, Stihl chainsaw, various cheap and middling microphones, Behringer Eurorack 2642, M-Audio Delta 1010.

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  1. I built a wheelie desk for my synths etc. Should I paint it synthwave pink/blue/yellow or leave it raw? It's not supposed to look nice.
  2. Is anyone going to check out this tour? I have a mighty need but I'm not sure if a trip south is in the cards for me.
  3. Neat! I've heard of them of course, but they've never been on my radar. I didn't catch them on 70K.
  4. I tend not to wear them out and about in my small town, because People Would Talk, but for running around the house, they don't fall down or get in the way, and movement is unimpeded. Plus you can get fun colours and patterns. Highly recommended
  5. Thanks everyone! I had a quiet day, capped off with supper at my parents' place. Might jump in the hot tub in a bit. I wrote this tune yesterday and the footage of me dancing in tights while it plays is my birthday gift to all of you.
  6. Holy moly! Let me know if you ever need a house-sitter.
  7. A friend and I did a little synth and dance collaboration. All sounds coming out of the Synthstrom Deluge.
  8. @VPI Maybe some heavy-handed EQ of the treble and upper mids?
  9. It's been awhile, for sure. I've got some recording to do soon, so I'll get back to it.
  10. I got a new thing and I'm in love. It's a Digitone Keys by Elektron.
  11. Another rough-ass demo of a song I plan to record properly soon.
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