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    I'm a dad, musician, biologist/geomaticist and cattle farmer. I have a day job too.
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    Crafting and enjoying music, wood heat.
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    DW and Canwood drums, Stihl chainsaw, various cheap and middling microphones, Behringer Eurorack 2642, M-Audio Delta 1010.

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  1. https://www.proaudiostar.com/arturia-matrixbrute-analog-synthesizer.html Pretty nice price on a matrixbrute if anyone is gassing for it.
  2. That's nuts. The Keystep is already a bargain, and still in production. I don't imagine anyone besides Uli ever looked at it and said "the world needs a cheaper knockoff of this" I hope they sell zero units, but I know they'll probably sell tons.
  3. Holy shit. Those bastards. I didn't know about that. I was thinking I might get a Crave at some point, but nope. Not now.
  4. Hell of a sale on these at thomann.de right now, @Dusty Chalk Edit, shipping to Canada is kinda pricey, so maybe it's not a great deal. But still. Purple.
  5. Hydrasynth has it, but maybe only as a synth, not controller.
  6. Doesn't the Arturia keylab mkii have poly at? They even make a nice looking 88-key version with screw-in wooden legs.
  7. Oh dang, I love how that sounds.
  8. I should do that too. Gonna be a long lockdown.
  9. Love that modular noise, Kattefjaes! I think I'm going to record real drums on that song I did. I'm not a huge fan of sequenced drums anyway, unless the programmer really knows what they're doing (spoiler, I don't), though I do like those big verby sounds that I get from the drum module.
  10. Yeah, I'm going to dial back the crash cymbals and the DFAM a bit when I make the final version. Thanks!
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