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    I'm a dad, musician, biologist/geomaticist and cattle farmer. I have a day job too.
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    Erickson, Manitoba, Canada
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    Crafting and enjoying music, wood heat.
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    Farmer, bureaucrat, musician.
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    Playing drums, sawing logs (literally), epilepsy.
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    HD600, Yamaha HP-2, and HP-3 isolation frankenorthos, Portapro, KSC75, sold DT990 (05)
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    Millett MAX, uDac 1.
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    Sony D-5A, Theta Cobalt 307 DAC, Rega P3 with Nagaoka MP-11 cart, Rega Fono, uDac
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    DW and Canwood drums, Stihl chainsaw, various cheap and middling microphones, Behringer Eurorack 2642, M-Audio Delta 1010.
  1. Happy Birthday Grawk!

    Have a great birthday!
  2. Happy Birthday Absorbine_Sr.!

    Happy birthday Mike!
  3. Happy Birthday Grahame

    Happy birthday, bacon man!
  4. Fuck in snow

    Wow. In general when it's that cold here, we take comfort in the relative lack of wind. Low temps and high winds are a brutal combination.
  5. Fuck in snow

    If you're nostalgic, real estate is cheap in the frozen wasteland where I live.
  6. Fuck in snow

    Not too much snow on the ground yet, but it's pretty painful to spend time outdoors right now.
  7. Happy Birthday Ric (blessingx)!

    Happy birthday, Ric!
  8. Happy Holidays!

    Happy boxing day sale day!
  9. Happy Birthday Ken (guzziguy)!

    Happy birthday, Ken!
  10. Paint It Black...

    This kinda defies categorization, but I like it. Melodic death metal meets delta blues and some other stuff along the way?
  11. Paint It Black...

    Amaranthe ticks the Taylor Swift and gothic boxes I think, not so much the atmospheric.
  12. Paint It Black...

    I've recently discovered a couple of good ones in a genre that I didn't know existed: Myrkur - if Loreena McKennitt played black metal, it would sound like this. Summoning - ambient black-folk metal. Damn, so good.
  13. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Yikes. Stay safe, Ken.
  14. Happy Birthday bosebuttons!

    Happy birthday!
  15. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Teef are usually okay in derby. The most common injury is fracture of tibia and fibula.