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    I'm a dad, musician, biologist/geomaticist and cattle farmer. I have a day job too.
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    Erickson, Manitoba, Canada
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    Crafting and enjoying music, wood heat.
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    Farmer, bureaucrat, musician.
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    Playing drums, sawing logs (literally), epilepsy.
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    HD600, Yamaha HP-2, and HP-3 isolation frankenorthos, Portapro, KSC75, sold DT990 (05)
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    Millett MAX, uDac 1.
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    Sony D-5A, Theta Cobalt 307 DAC, Rega P3 with Nagaoka MP-11 cart, Rega Fono, uDac
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    DW and Canwood drums, Stihl chainsaw, various cheap and middling microphones, Behringer Eurorack 2642, M-Audio Delta 1010.

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  1. Hell yeah you should. The JP8080 looks like a lot of fun.
  2. I admit to having lust for the Model D, Poly D, and TD-3.
  3. Yeah, that's always been their reputation, though it's improved in recent years. I bought one of their mixers around 17 years ago and it still works great. I have powered studio monitors of theirs from the same era and they're also decent, though I had to replace a cap that blew up at one point.
  4. I'm torn on this one. I hate what a douche-canoe Uli is being and I probably won't buy anything of his though.
  5. I think I'm gonna stare at the void awhile longer and save some more Wilfreds. I keep flip-flopping on what kind of thing I even want. Elektron's samplers intrigue me, so do their FM synths, and Arturia have nice drum machines and the Microfreak. Or for the price of one of those, I could get a couple Volcas and an NTS-1. Then there's the Poly-D. Probably best to sit on my money and play the synths I already have for awhile.
  6. I feel like buying something so that I can stop contemplating the void for awhile. But I don't have much money. Cheap monosynth (I've already got one but more is better up to a point), or Zoom Q2n-4K camera so that I can record my jams moar better?
  7. A very rough jam of a new thing I'm working on.
  8. Ha, thanks Peter! My main vocal technique is to add reverb and delay to conceal (some of) the mistakes. 🤣
  9. Thanks! Yeah, if I end up trying to nail a really good version of it, I'll make individual stems of all the instruments and put them in Reaper or something. And maybe find someone who is better at singing 😛
  10. I made a song entirely on the Deluge. I'm obviously not a singer, and not a great lyricist either, but I'm having fun. I'll probably retake the vocals at some point. https://drive.google.com/file/d/11h95Zpz80QJ_frDnWJKjeiUfJ3UaK4Vf/view?usp=drivesdk
  11. I bought a couple of the Glencairn Canadian whisky glasses, and I really like them. They've become my preferred glass for neat whisky, highballs, and beer. Next to original Glencairn for scale.
  12. Very cool, Craig. One of my kids was talking about him a few days ago. "Avoid dying." Love that.
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