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    I'm a dad, musician, biologist/geomaticist and cattle farmer. I have a day job too.
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    Erickson, Manitoba, Canada
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    Crafting and enjoying music, wood heat.
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    Farmer, bureaucrat, musician.
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    Playing drums, sawing logs (literally), epilepsy.
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    HD600, Yamaha HP-2, and HP-3 isolation frankenorthos, Portapro, KSC75, sold DT990 (05)
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    Millett MAX, uDac 1.
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    Sony D-5A, Theta Cobalt 307 DAC, Rega P3 with Nagaoka MP-11 cart, Rega Fono, uDac
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    DW and Canwood drums, Stihl chainsaw, various cheap and middling microphones, Behringer Eurorack 2642, M-Audio Delta 1010.

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  1. acidbasement

    The Live Music Thread

    This is happening on Saturday! I'm really excited. It's the biggest show we've ever booked in terms of financial risk. As ticket sales sit now, we're set to lose money, but I only turn 40 once, soooo...
  2. acidbasement

    The Live Music Thread

    We had decided not to go on 70,000 Tons of Metal in 2019. Booking started this morning. Oops, we're doing it again.
  3. acidbasement

    The Live Music Thread

    I'll keep you posted. Seems pretty unlikely that I'll make it, for a few reasons. But it's a long weekend in Canada, and the train makes transportation easy.
  4. acidbasement

    The Live Music Thread

    Hey @Aura, pipe dream at this point, but if I come to Chicago on October 6 (it's a Saturday), do you want to check out Ne Obliviscaris and Wintersun with me?
  5. acidbasement

    Paint It Black...

    I'm sure there's more to the story, but damn, they should have waited till after the festival to drag them back to the home.
  6. acidbasement

    Paint It Black...

    First time listening to this album all the way through. It's really good. Can't wait to see them in 6.5 weeks.
  7. acidbasement

    Happy Birthday tkam!

    Happy birthday!
  8. acidbasement

    Happy Birthday Augsburger!

    Happy birthday!
  9. acidbasement

    Happy Birthday Justin!

    Hey Justin, I'm late. I hope you had a great day yesterday, and that it carries into today!
  10. acidbasement

    Happy Birthday Kerry!

    Have a great day!
  11. acidbasement

    Cool Kickstarter/Indiegogo Campaigns

    My friend Carly Dow's sophomore album pre-order just got fully funded on kickstarter. If you like rootsy singer-songwriters with smoky voices, check it out:
  12. acidbasement

    Happy Birthday sechtdamon!

    Happy birthday!
  13. acidbasement

    Happy Birthday Brent!

    HMFBD Brent!
  14. acidbasement

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    Preceded by the new Amorphis, which is amazing!
  15. acidbasement

    Goodbye Tyll. Happy Travels

    Happy trails, Tyll! I hope to see you again one of these days!