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  1. RudeWolf

    What are you EATING right now?

    Are those sausages? A bold strategy.
  2. RudeWolf

    The Multi Amp aka Dynalo Mk2

    You have to try really hard to get the Dynalo to oscillate. P.S. Just started putting mine together. How exactly better is the JFET input?
  3. RudeWolf


    Soviets had nailed this look back in the forties.
  4. RudeWolf

    The Multi Amp aka Dynalo Mk2

    Well, solder stays solid and transistors themselves are rated for temps like these. I just don't like the idea of thermal expansion putting mechanical strain on stuff. Of course adjacent parts can age faster due to thermal radiation.
  5. RudeWolf

    The Multi Amp aka Dynalo Mk2

    Really need to get on building this. As for knob fu, here's my favourite - https://www.ebay.com/itm/1x-hifi-36-20mm-Aluminum-6mm-Shaft-Volume-Control-KNOB-Potentiometer/291712398772?var=590738155026&hash=item43eb69f5b4:g:jyUAAOSw2ENW69SM
  6. RudeWolf

    Denafrips DACs

    If you can make do with just the DAC, then this is a nice choice, if a tad ugly - http://www.rme-audio.de/en/products/adi_2_fs.php Comes around 30% cheaper that the ADI-2 DAC, but the DAC and headamp circuit is the same. I really enjoy the fact that the ADI-2 Pro is a 4 channel DAC, so I can run my subs digitally crossed over and room corrected.
  7. RudeWolf

    The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

    I don't see Eau de Cologne.
  8. RudeWolf

    Denafrips DACs

    Anyways, here's my 2 eurocents. It's really all about the features and wether you care to benefit from them. It comes with a 100 page manual and it's worth to actually go through it. Almost every aspect of it makes the purist stuff from most audiophile mfg's look stone age. You get one of the best digital volume controls out there, 5 band stereo PEQ, unique loudness compensation, dicking around with DAC filters, all kinds of X-feed and much more. It measures impeccably. I'm half sure that my Pro can give lab grade measurement stuff from AP a run for their money. As for the sound, I enjoy it. If you're used to THD, then it might feel too naked. I've heard people say that. Simple music like strings with solo vocals can sound richer on dirtier sources, the problem is that this richness gets in way of spectrally busier records like metal and such. And I personally like to feel that what I'm hearing is the truth, even if there's no direct way to know that.
  9. RudeWolf

    Denafrips DACs

    I've owned the ADI-2 Pro AE since it's inception (got the 3rd unit off the line) and for almost a year used an ADI-2 DAC in the office. Also I've been discussing both of them with their designer Matthias Carstens. What can I do for you?
  10. RudeWolf

    Macbook Pro vs. Air vs. ...?

    First tell us what she uses her computer for. All of the previous recommendations are sound. Unfortunately there is no perfect Windows laptop and they still haven’t figured out how to at least match the Apple trackpad. From Macbook Pro land some screaming deals can be had for Late 2015 models which are reasonably thin, just look out for battery cycles. Then there’s the iPad. I used to have an MBP from where I used to work, but ended up buying the Texas iPad Pro. No, it’s not a full fledged laptop, but the new iOS can come close. It really depends on wether what you do can be done on an app. MS Office has great app support, so does Google. Things like Excel are a bit gimped, but for basic stuff it’s great.
  11. RudeWolf


    Me too!
  12. RudeWolf

    RIP some fuck or another

    RIP Sigfried Linkwitz.
  13. RudeWolf

    (closed) Dynalo Mini enclosure group buy

    Paid. Thanks!
  14. RudeWolf


    I consider many Sinn watches as the quintessential tool watches.
  15. RudeWolf


    Always wanted a rather black watch. Got myself one of these -
  16. RudeWolf

    (closed) Dynalo Mini enclosure group buy

    Just realised how out of date my Mouser project is. I'll see what substitutions can I make for the out of print/missing parts.
  17. RudeWolf

    2018 PCB Group Buy with TKD pots

    Got everything!
  18. RudeWolf


    Shit, Jacob looks like my doppelganger!
  19. RudeWolf

    Pass Labs discussion

    I find the price to be a bit high for a SMPS powered 7Wpc amp which goes over 1% THD at 2W. It's a decent training kit for a first project or just finding out how amps function theory wise.
  20. RudeWolf

    SRL300 Limited

    Utopia is grossly overpriced for what it is sound wise. If you like stats and can get them for significantly cheaper, then go for it!
  21. RudeWolf

    Speaker Porn

    Generally yeah. But you need to keep in mind magnet material - ferrite will always be bigger and heavier.
  22. RudeWolf

    (closed) Dynalo Mini enclosure group buy

    I'm with @Kerry on this one - can't see much sense in PCB screws, if it's well fastened to the back panel. Great work overall!
  23. So, how's the sound?
  24. RudeWolf

    (closed) Dynalo Mini enclosure group buy

    Paid. Thanks!
  25. RudeWolf

    Not Tuned, Characterless, Boring To listen Speaker System

    How low do you want the system to go? It's surprisingly easy to find studio mains 2nd hand, because many large studios are closing down these days. Also what's room's gonna be like? There's no system brilliant enough to not be rendered mediocre by crappy room acoustics. As for DAC's, I'd very much recommend the new RME ADI-2 Pro DAC. RME makes rock solid gear and ADI-2 Pro both versions finally add crazy good sound to that. And 5 band parametric EQ to fight room problems.