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  1. Unfortunately not. My back has been giving me so much trouble in the last 1 year that I have not been able to do much at all. My L2 is screwed and I am swimming daily to strengthen my muscles. I have done everything except for the wordings, ventilation and wirings. When I get better, I will get the Megatron done, post pictures and write a few words of the sound. I am happy that you guy are getting things together and I must say that the bench mark of the finished products has been moving up and really impressive. I have heard Rstar's Megatron and the sound was nothing short of impressive. I think that it is a cut above the KGSShv and I am too wondering, like you, why not more people are building the Megatron. The big picture of the sound from this amp and its decay of the music in particular is nothing less than impressive. Mind you, this is using normal wima caps and not the one with V-caps used my Spritzer. I cannot imagine what it will be like.
  2. Nice work Enrique. PSU pictures my friend! You know you must show us your full work .
  3. I had a similar problem, but with my kgsshv psu resulting from 8n80c bought from a local store. After replacing them with the mouser ones, and replacing the zener strings but leaving the resistors alone, the problem was solved.
  4. Nice work George and Kerry. Looking forward to seeing the completed amps.
  5. Nice and the case is good value too. Do they charge for cutting extra holes?
  6. Isn't it 2 caps for each fat supply, making it 4 for left and right; plus another 8 for the 900 supplies making it a total of 12? I stand correct.
  7. Kevin, what transformer specs are we looking at here. I know that because of the high voltage and safety concerns it is recommended to have this is one box, but is it at all possible to have it in 2 boxes if we can find suitable umbilical cords and connectors to handle the concerns. I am asking this because of the weight and also future ease of repairs if anything needs attention.
  8. This looks really tempting to build. Will this amp measure up in performance against the T2, BHSE, KGSS carbon or the Megatron?
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