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  1. Ain't that easy...keep in mind the speaker amp being designed for 4-8 ohms or so while headphones being likely higher...plus not to mention power and such involved. K1000/K340 work, you can use transformer with Stax, maybe few other options...but you are not going to do alot of running here (luckily most of your options are good).
  2. Well, you know, if the amp rolls off or has terrible resolution, the headie won't be able to override that...but ya, no stellar amp will give the headphone what it does not have to start with.
  3. That will be a good way to smooth things out in the top range, but the extension in the lows does not get resolved. =(
  4. Agreed...was that an implied dis there to Rudi's amps, Italian and all? xD I'm 21 but I can't stand the whole 'big balls' = 'big toys' idea. A man needs to have some balls, but the balls can be expressed by making wiser choices than everyone else =).
  5. For that much money I'll buy HD800 and build balanced m^3, and still have money left for a good source. =) My main source of attraction to Alessandros is that they sound good without much pushing electrons through them.
  6. Omega 2 sounds great to me (on some very specific amplifiers), I just don't have the $5000 I would need to put in source/amp behind it =). I'll have to think about the whole MS1k mod though, sounds interesting...but the "the slightly increased highs" part scares me, there is not alot of space for more treble in Alessandro line-up it seems.
  7. Hmm...my only grudge against MS1 is bass depth =(. PRaT is already freaky (at least with the yellow pads, no clue what flats do).
  8. It does fairly well with hard-to-drive headphones, but don't expect to be even close to say Gilmore Lite.
  9. I've searched both forums for decent information in that regard and got nothing. Can someone comment on their extension of the low range, in particular how rolled off they are at 30 and 20 hz? How much improvement is there over MS-1? (I have an MS-1 here).
  10. I'll get things moving next week - I just finished my last final. =) As it currently stands, february is probably a good estimate when you'll get it.
  11. MaloS

    Edition 8

    That almosts works, but I sold Edition 9 over a year ago =).
  12. MaloS

    Edition 8

    It's closed and it does not use chicken rash instead of screws unlike one other closed headphone...so why not?
  13. I'll see what I can do, I have a multimeter lying around.
  14. Wait until M^3 or Millet Hybrid comes up used.
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