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  1. Leave not the laptop logged in. Smart arse hipster teen.
  2. Erdinger Dunkel very nice stuff and in a proper sized bottle. Not too sure the Belgian selection there. Favourites from that gods-own beer haven are pretty common to find - Chimay blue, Duvel, Westmalle. Be glad you are there because here in Singapore, dunkel is about $12.50 (SGD) in the "pub", Duvel is $18, Chimay Blue is $23. OUCH! Gone are the days of emptying a crate of blues in a short timeframe!
  3. So it works quite nicely - simply snipped off the 1/8" plug from the stock cable and wired a couple of tails. Off my 16 Ohm taps there is a really small amount of play as i guess you would expect, but the sound is very nice indeed. I will be waiting until i have the MM to test how the sound differs, but it is surprisingly good right off the bat.
  4. I am going to try my senn's wired up today - cautiously! So may be in the market for new gear shortly!
  5. Thanks for that. I found some good info on building a unit to match the impedance of cans to speaker amp terminals. 1000's are out of reach, 340's may be a goer.
  6. Beginning to burn in some zu wax cables on the 2 channel setup.
  7. Hmmm- reckon i still need the cans so if i can buy a set that are ready to wire in all the better. I think with that connector in the FS id' need to wire up an attenuator to use just any old cans, right?
  8. I was not aware the 340's could be wired to the amp. I should have been clearer with the title and explanation of needing something to wire direct to the speaker terminals but thanks for the pointers - starting to dive a little deeper into the AKG options as i have had a pair so long ago i cant remember but loved the sound (too bad the head band broke) and I left them to rot in a corner..
  9. Hi, While i am spending pennies on my senn setup, i am considering looking at a set of cans that can leverage a nice 300B p/p amp i use on my speaker system. I think there are numerous options but wonder if anyone can offer first hand experience with cans and 300B amps? Thanks.
  10. We are the league - ANL UP for the last night of the CNY holidays!
  11. jtsin67

    slow forum

    I can see my kids trying this with a plate of muffins and our dog..
  12. home & health - CNY and stuck at home...
  13. I have a day dedicated to listening to music and will be doing both the pico with senns and ipod, as well as with my cd/dac source. The quick try earlier in the week was quite surprising but i noted the dial was up over the 1 o'clock position (there was a bit of background noise). I will see how i go today but i am now at the point where pulling the pico out of my portable setup and putting it into the 2 channel is just a pain. Roll on the MM!
  14. Potential offer on a Millet Max set, nice the forum works out so well ;-)
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