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  1. has anyone tried/heard one of the audio note dacs (2.x and up)? they're supposed to be amazing... and a 2.x signature just went for a pittance on agon... mjb
  2. what is the reasoning behind using a belt-driven cd transport which differentiates it from a direct/gear-driven transport? is it one of those "isolation" things? which i guess leads to the next question... i understand when it comes to tubes and cartridges, but how can minor/micro vibration have any affect on digital? thanks, mjb
  3. I'll stop by the boss's office and let him know I'll be leaving work now to go home and listen to my new speakers and take pictures for head-case ) For stands I'm using an embarrassing but effective combination of solid wood bar stools topped-off by Primacoustic recoil stabilizers (basically 10lbs of steel and foam compressed into a 2 inch pad that the speaker sits on)... I'll take some pictures tonight. mjb
  4. I hooked them up last night about midnight... and not wanting to be up all night, I only verified they made sound for like 2 seconds... listened to them for about an hour this morning. Overall an excellent speaker... certainly lives up to the many reviews I've read and I'm only driving it off this 70w Rotel class AB SS. Lots of detail and transparency, very "correct" sounding, in that the instruments sound like they're supposed to. The bass is tight and controlled, but there's obviously an octave or two missing. I need to spend more time with them before I can pick them apart and I nee
  5. no, the rotel is my stand-by... an appropriate amp purchase will come after the speakers are chosen/purchased... thanks for your concern though, that would be a shame wouldn't it?! thanks, mjb
  6. Yeah, that is a route to go... it's just that he'd give me full trade-in on a new pair I buy from him, not necessarily any pair... and while I like their speakers, I don't feel the sound justifies the high cost until you're up into their diamond tweeter line (803D is very good, the 802/1/0D are great)... but yeah, I might just bite the bullet and grab a new pair of 804S to listen to while I save another 10k ) Thanks all, mjb
  7. first of all... my question specifically pointed out the set of speakers i've heard that i like but can not afford right now and was asking the question of those who've heard those speakers and may be able to point me in the right direction for what to audition. In case you haven't noticed, there are a whole hell of a lot of really good speakers out there, far too many to audition... this was intended to narrow things down a bit for me. 3k on speakers IS different from 100 on headphones... unless you're made of money. i can afford to lose whatever i would lose on resale of 100 headpho
  8. yeah... maggies get all the love, but man, there are already so many speakers to choose from, a man must limit himself to keep his sanity...hrm i was thinking of taking advantage of their 90 day money back offer to try them out. i've just got a 70w rotel rb-1050 power amp.. think that'd at least do them justice to try them out on?
  9. i like paradigm... but not enough... but then i've only heard their monitor and studio series' i've not heard any quad or von schweikert... maybe i'll hit the road this weekend.. thanks, mjb
  10. so, if you had 3k to spend, which would you get? i've decided against going the hi-eff + set/jfet route... i'd like to stick with an AB amp >60w + tube pre. i know what i like when i hear it, but everything i like is too expensive ) fwiw, if money were no object, i'd get a pair of b&w 802d. if i go over budget and pickup a new pair of 804s's ($4500), my local dealer is willing to give me a generous trade-in (basically 99% of what i paid new) once i have enough for the 802d ($14000)... and i know that if i change my direction, i can get really good resale value on agon for any
  11. mjb


    What do you guys think about Zu's? Specifically the Druid mk IV? I'm thinking of picking-up a pair used for around $1600... I briefly heard them at a dealer and really liked what I heard, but they were being driven by a big solid state amp (even though they're very sensitive)... I plan on driving them with a 2 watt decware SET amp. Thanks, mjb
  12. their web page says the coax goes to 192k... but the toslink only does 48. mjb
  13. what about the trusty old apogee mini dac/mini me <-> some optical or coax interface <-> pc? not sure, but the firewire version of the mini's might go all the way up by itself.. mjb
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