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  1. Mattresses

    I think you get can sheep intestine as a latex alternative these days.
  2. HDTV Suggestions

    Yeah, had one of those HDThingies and it seems more like a Brent-level product. I would suggest the TiVO. It's like 5x more expensive though.
  3. HDTV Suggestions

    Agreed. Tried OTA HD out? It's surprisingly good and immediately you can tell the difference between that, ripped and cable provider content.
  4. HDTV Suggestions

    OTA 1080p content is vastly superior to anything the cable providers are serving up that I welcome 4K OTA. My TiVO setup is working out well as a media hub that combines streaming sources with OTA programming. There is some small annoyances with the pretty massive amount of bandwidth needed to shuffle that content around the house, combined with the TiVO Mini being a bit underpowered as a device...
  5. What are you smoking right now?

    2009 Partagas Lusitanias Against my better judgement in this humidity, but we will see how she burns
  6. The analog thread.

    It contains three remixes of two tracks, which are amusing and conveniently tough for my system to track, until I got things dialed in. Next:
  7. The analog thread.

  8. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Touche - naivete ftw
  9. The analog thread.

    Ok, now the fruits of labor
  10. The analog thread.

    Got some gadgets out My ottoman clearly needs leveling.
  11. What are you listening to Part the Third

    Went back to the bullet phase plugs, thereby removing these: Listening to this:
  12. Have you ever put butter on a pop tart?

    As long as I can prefer Red Vines over Twizzlers.
  13. Watches

    I would suggest PMing HeadphoneAddict and working out the details on how to handle this situation.
  14. Watches

    The exception being some of the HEQ Seikos, but yes - Reks speaks truth.
  15. Watches

    Yeah, it's an 8508 movement. Ok, I guess the question is US service center or request it go back to Switzerland.