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  1. What Are You Building Today

    CAP GARDEN!!!!
  2. What Are You Building Today

    Something like this, in various sizes. I have just bought them one-off in the exact sizes I need: https://www.mcmaster.com/#2919A34 I use them to sink socket head screws and in this case to ensure no contact between portions of the PCB (through hole plating) and the bracket. I think I am specifying no through-hole plating, but I guess the fab won’t honor it. What I want is odd - exposed copper pad on the bottom of the board (which I call out with a copper pour) and no through-hole plating with no copper on the top of the board. (So a pad with only copper on the bottom). For my production run it will be a requirement that likely I will have to ask specifically about.
  3. What Are You Building Today

    Yeah, working non the other side this weekend. I have a good set of counterbore bits now and can show off the results when I am done. That first MOSFET logo is one for KG and Craig - not one you see these days - Harris. The rest are indeed the Sony VFET, similar design to this one, which uses a small fortune of devices: http://www.firstwatt.com/pdf/art_sony_vfet_40yr.pdf
  4. Power switch recommendation

    I am about ready to tackle this one. Would you be up for collaborating on this?
  5. What Are You Building Today

    A heater of sorts
  6. The State of DACSES

    That you should give me your dScope.
  7. Coffee Drinkers?

    Can anyone recommend something similar to the new Starbucks Blonde espresso? Currently drinking Illy Monoarabia Ethiopia and nearly up for another can and looking for something else to try. Prepared using Aeropress.
  8. Ye Macce Threade

    So, this isn’t work for me. Booted with external power applied, then plugged the dongles into the monitor, then plugged the monitor into my MBP. I don’t get the FireWire light on the front of the MIO. If I then unplug from the monitor and directly into my MBP, I get the FireWire light and it comes up fine. Now, if I remove the MIO from my MBP and plug it back into the monitor, still no FW light on the MIO. Now I rebooted my Mac and tried again with the MIO plugged into the monitor and I get the “Cannot Use Thunderbolt Accessory” warning in my Mac. I don’t get the FW light on during this message either. External power was applied for the entire sequence above.
  9. Ye Macce Threade

    Now, the nuts part is my “official” LG Ultrafine has what I thought was a TB3 hub in the back - perhaps it’s USB-C because the Metric Halo won’t work when plugged into the monitor. Wtf?
  10. Ye Macce Threade

    Like this totally works. Cost an arm and a leg in dongles, but TB3-FW works. If you need to know and have a NDA with Intel, you can find this out. At some point I am sure it will get leaked public..
  11. krell ksa5 klone

    Cryo’ing should slow it down a bit.
  12. The Multi Amp aka Dynalo Mk2

    Yeah, those are they. Anyone else interested getting some of these to the US?
  13. What Are You Building Today

    Maybe try Jan Didden’s SilentSwitcher? The DIYA store sells them now.
  14. The Multi Amp aka Dynalo Mk2

    There are M3 versions of those heat sinks. I wish I had some more. Someone here found them for me, so maybe a search would turn them up. I would definitely get a few extra of them if someone would send them over to us here in the US.
  15. What Are You Building Today

    Triad, Hammond, Talema, Block and whatever else I had. Seems to work well. I might have a few transformers and boards left? I will look next week.