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  1. Sadly not pin compatible though
  2. [emoji20] that circuit doesn't work. The first switch debounce output (U2) is high and then transitions to low when the momentary switch is pressed. This means U1 clear is always being asserted. What is the easy way to invert this logic? I still need half that switch to be NO for the logic that happens on the other side of H1. I suppose it's possible a half NO and half NC momentary switch might exist, but seems unlikely in the switch form factor I am using and commited to. I need to find a way to jumper U2 pin 1 and 3 and then test the other part of the circuit. Testing tiny SMD components on a dense board is hard [emoji20]
  3. So, the numbers aren't too limited - in the grand scheme of things?
  4. That Omega Railmaster will find its way to me at some point. With Omegas not holding their value extremely well on the used market, yet the relatively small number of these - recommendations on strategy to acquire?
  5. It's just that those IR guns aren't that accurate even from a few inches away. They average the radius and that can skew the numbers. Anyways, I think something is amiss - but if you have checked it out, then just enjoy the sweet sweet music.
  6. Can you place the gun physically touching the screw on the Cree device and read the temperature?
  7. Cool. Then you need 4K support. Perhaps look at the NR series as well?
  8. Perhaps one of the IXYS SSRs?
  9. You need something that supports ARC (Audio Return Channel) over HDMI.
  10. Cool might mean it's not doing its job. How hot are the device fasteners after a few hours and the plastic package itself?
  11. You really need wider L-brackets, though. The stick-on heatsinks won't do anything until they come off and rattle around inside the case and short something
  12. 2014 Cohiba Siglio 4
  13. The pre-aged program by Cuba has been hit or miss and generally not received well by cigar nerds. Unless you believe that new boxes can be cherry-picked and compare with boxes left to rest for a while, the program is a good idea. I think this cigar suffers a bit from the rampant under-filling of cigars coming out of Cuba. Once the weather gets better, I will send you some interesting stuff. There are rumors of a gathering in Texas at some point as well. Funny - I have been wearing this watch non stop for more than a year now. I really enjoy it. That and I am too poor to consider anything new at the moment, including the blue-faced Milgauss which would be my likely choice.
  14. HdM Hermosos No.4 AƱejados (Pre-Aged Cuban)
  15. That old tech. Okay, let me think about it and will PM.