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  1. This. Sending level-headed, calm, vibes their way
  2. Woah, I am surprised to hear this from both of you! I am not sure what to say.
  3. My worry is that the Hobie is 93 lbs hull weight and 14.5 ft long. I like the idea of the wall rack but it might just be too hard to get on and off. More research I suppose is needed.
  4. I ended up picking a Laser and a Hobie. Mirage Oasis Tandem. I will be storing the sailboat on a Seitech dolly, but looking for a way to store the kayak. I am not sure whether to do a wall mount rack or something on the floor. I likely will end up with two more single kayaks - so some rack system would be nice. Any suggestions?
  5. You can get a stereo 50ASX2 for <$100 as well as the same case I used for around that. Should be good to go.
  6. Here's some measurements of my Linear Tube Audio - MicroZOTL mk2, with Linear Power Supply. I'm powering a pair of Lowther TP1 speakers. 100mW output is the loudest I listen at, usually much lower. 200mW would be @pabbi1 levels. Tube Complement 1: - Brown base Sylvania 5692 - Valvo (Philips) 6201 gold pin Tube Complement 2: - Red base RCA 5692 - Sylvania 12AT7 It looks like my tubes may be better matched than the rest of the circuit 1mW output at 8 ohms 10mW output at 8 ohms 100mW output at 8 ohms
  7. I assembled some 170Wx1 ICE amplifiers, that will power a pair of passive tapped horns for subwoofer duty Channel 2 (XLR input, 8 ohm load) Channel 2 (RCA Input, 8 ohm load) Channel 1 (XLR Input, 8 ohm load) Channel 1 (RCA Input, 8 ohm load)
  8. I decided on 3M DP100 epoxy.
  9. I am working on a project that has no built in strain relief. Is there some suggested way to perhaps use an adhesive on the PCB and soldered connections, but allow the larger jacket to still rotate, or should I just fill the housing with adhesive and immobilize the cable within the housing? is there a recommended adhesive to do this sort of thing?
  10. Despite this being a bit of a monster diameter (46mm) does this look too large on my wrist? I am undecided. It’s my second Ball and I really like the larger version as they don’t omit the “3” due to the date window...
  11. I agree - you will want more than one
  12. So, what are the odds - found someone in my neighborhood listing a twelve channel Dayton Audio amplifier that they aren’t sure if it works. I picked it up for $50. If it works, that would be wonderful. If not, we’ll, it sure is heavy. I am hoping to have a bit of fun with my audio testing gear tomorrow!
  13. Yeah that was what I was thinking as well! I am not sold on the amp solution here, but yeah I have passive speakers to feed with in-room passive / auto-former volume controls that I might as well keep. I have used a Lepai amp to feed some outdoor speakers via a auto-former control which makes me think these little chip amps won’t be enough... but maybe?
  14. Any recommendations on a multi-zone house setup? I feel like I just want a stack of Raspberry Pi and a Multichannel Amp... I suppose I could just use the on-board audio jack or maybe even a ultra cheap USB stick DAC (suggestions?) Thoughts?
  15. That was my lame attempt at a math joke
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