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  1. Power switch recommendation

    Ok, three on the way. Next up is the control board!
  2. What Are You Building Today

    Since when did people care about speaker building here? Heh. I want to get back and measure the speakers and can post info here - I did a similar speaker with Jordan JX92S a while back and these are similar idea but larger box. I can post both designs if folks care. I have a third design with Raidho ribbon but screwed up the boxes and haven’t gotten around to fashioning some nice pieces of wood to hide the mistake (I mixed up the top and bottom of the speaker when working on some stand attachment mechanism) I should do that sometime!
  3. Power switch recommendation

    Exactly. I worked carefully with the do not allow traces regions on the switchers and they will work just fine and it turns out to be a useful little board. I think I need to mirror V1 (MOV suggested for 220V operation), add an mains input label, and change the 5V output label to Vr (in case a 3.3V regulator or other fixed output regulator that works with low ESR caps, such as the LP2992, is used). A little bit more copper for the regulator would be nice as heat is dissipates through its pins. Also need to add polarity makers to the caps - I didn’t have this size in my library, oddly enough. I will make the changes this afternoon and order 3 and make them up. I need to double check that the 20A relay I am eyeing will fit on the same dimensioned board. The other parts are all SMD, including the micro controller so they will fit in a square inch top and bottom.
  4. Power switch recommendation

    ok, here's a generic auxiliary power supply. what does anyone think? any additional features you would like?
  5. What Are You Building Today

    It’s a ported box, a bit smaller than 0.75 cu ft. Dayton Audio with BG ribbon. I can post more info in a bit, heading out of the house.
  6. What Are You Building Today

    Also, both those drivers are magneticly shielded - so no fear putting sensitive things nearby [emoji4] First time really pushing the boundary of a woofer up to the higher end, had to control cone breakup in the crossover, but curious how it ends up. One huge benefit is a wide sweet spot and great imaging. It does simulate well, that’s all that counts, right?
  7. Part Sourcing Assistance/Advice Thread

    Elecrow and PCBWay.
  8. What Are You Building Today

  9. goldenreference low voltage power supply

    Kerry, what is feeding these during the testing (bench supply?) and what is the load? Would you be able to do some measurements with some decent ripple in the input (say 500mV) and a decent load (1A?)
  10. What Are You Building Today

    Kinda cute finding. The best matched JFETs from my pile, when stuck in the final circuit, result in -92dB THD and -84dB THD+N off my battery powered oscillator. That’s 0.0025% THD. The worst possible match (deliberately bad match) is -82.6dB or 0.0075%. Now, the offset trimmer value can be used to find the better performing circuit, as out of the 8 finished buffers, this trimmer value when DC offset is at zero, is directly proportional to the resulting THD value (this is because these JFETs aren’t really good complementary devices and so it all makes sense, just randomly noticed this when double checking some voltages)
  11. New Oppo player for late 2012

    The new Esoteric K-07x is worth considering. The “x” upgrade resulted in a completely different sounding “house” sound, no longer sterile and clinical. It’s possible to adapt the JDM version by replacing the transformer, if you are handy at the DIY.
  12. What Are You Building Today

    More buffers - 10 transistors per board! [mention=431]Pars[/mention], interested in my two purple prototypes? Rails are 5v-50v and implements a kind of sliding bias (bias increases when load increases) centered around 10mA. They are DC coupled and low distortion. I will run all the new ones through the distortion jig in the morning and see how close they are.
  13. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Is the opto CTR important at all? I have some CNY17 in a few grades on hand. I use these to bias some output devices in power amp design. Ok, you have convinced me. I will get it queued up in the project list [emoji4]
  14. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Interesting, I added a simple trimmer here instead. Would these modifications work with the default batterys? I would think so. I am tempted to try these changes out [emoji4] What working voltage is needed for the 10uF cap and the one in the same position for the previous schematic (feedback/integrator cap)?