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  1. I am working on a project that has no built in strain relief. Is there some suggested way to perhaps use an adhesive on the PCB and soldered connections, but allow the larger jacket to still rotate, or should I just fill the housing with adhesive and immobilize the cable within the housing? is there a recommended adhesive to do this sort of thing?
  2. Despite this being a bit of a monster diameter (46mm) does this look too large on my wrist? I am undecided. It’s my second Ball and I really like the larger version as they don’t omit the “3” due to the date window...
  3. I agree - you will want more than one
  4. So, what are the odds - found someone in my neighborhood listing a twelve channel Dayton Audio amplifier that they aren’t sure if it works. I picked it up for $50. If it works, that would be wonderful. If not, we’ll, it sure is heavy. I am hoping to have a bit of fun with my audio testing gear tomorrow!
  5. Yeah that was what I was thinking as well! I am not sold on the amp solution here, but yeah I have passive speakers to feed with in-room passive / auto-former volume controls that I might as well keep. I have used a Lepai amp to feed some outdoor speakers via a auto-former control which makes me think these little chip amps won’t be enough... but maybe?
  6. Any recommendations on a multi-zone house setup? I feel like I just want a stack of Raspberry Pi and a Multichannel Amp... I suppose I could just use the on-board audio jack or maybe even a ultra cheap USB stick DAC (suggestions?) Thoughts?
  7. That was my lame attempt at a math joke
  8. I guess I need to show myself out.
  9. Approximately three, that is.
  10. The Outback looks kinda overkill. What the next step down would you say? I definitely like the stacking aspect, is that something that is usually standard? I would like to find a way to organize a few of these and a small removable sailboat (butterfly?) into a slip. So, larger is okay, I won’t be hauling them.
  11. Anyone listened to one of these? It ticks a few boxes for me and would be curious to find one on the used market to play with - let me know if you happen to run across a listing.
  12. Heh, ok. Well, if anyone has some useful non-motorized recommendations, please lmk
  13. Heh. I am hoping all this rain this week raises the lake a fair bit.
  14. I have some friends with these. All I know is it hurts less when you fall. I am more looking for something a bit less... sporty.
  15. I do the brine thing. I can find my notes if anyone cares. The biggest problem is not allocating enough time. I usually get the Costco two packs and really need to start early to get them both ready by dinner.
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