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  1. How directional are these? Specifically, if the solid sides “faced” the listener
  2. Something like this “N-Frame” https://www.hifizine.com/2012/12/subwoofer-origami/
  3. Yeah, I would run them in a modified H-Frame which will behave like a Slot Load (so open back part of the H and the front part would be angled down into a wedge). The AE drivers are made for OB and have the desirable properties you mention plus sensitivity that can easily match a full range driver... even available in 16 ohm impedance.
  4. [mention]naamanf [/mention] perhaps?
  5. Has anyone listened to a system with the Acoustic Elegance dipole woofers? I was looking for a high Qts OB driver and ran across them.
  6. So, basically vegan ambrosia maple? I dunno that seems a bit too far.
  7. Finished the front panels on my phono pre. Nevermind Stephen “Bishop”’s creepy photobomb ...
  8. They are called board-to-board connectors.
  9. All worked well. Sliced up the ply into 1” strips and then used the pocket jig to make a frame. I think 1” is too narrow so will probably do 1-1/2”.
  10. Tomorrow I am going to cut up some remaining Baltic Birch ply to make some frames for speaker grills. That will involve a bit of clamping and screwing here and there. So, stay tuned!
  11. It seems to work great! I am not a huge fan of using a long screw driver to attach the top - having pre-drilled pilot holes would be nice. Other than that; it’s bolted to the ground and super stable. I sanded and put a coat of finish on my phono preamp faces just now!
  12. Yeah, 54" model. I will have a few projects on it this week and will report back!
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