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  1. Sony just doesn’t want to pay their bill.
  2. I have a Hario Skerton I would let go if interested naaman.
  3. Well, I have a lot to report but first, how can I get Roon Bridge to run without a user logged into Mac OSX? that’s my last step to solve. Oh and the heat. It’s always the heat.
  4. Meh, the Windows 10 UAC2 driver isn't picking it up. Just get the yellow triangle under Device Manager. I just opened a Support Ticket.
  5. Did a lot of messing around and this seems isolated to Linux. I am thinking about trying Windows just for fun, but this is big bummer for me. I will file a ticket and see if they will work with me to fix the issue, but almost assuredly this is a driver issue.
  6. I'm just using a USB-C to USB-A cable, no converters. When I change it to 4 in, 4 out it goes crazy and sounds like wrong sampling rate is being used. 8 in, 8 out sounds the same as 12/12 (clicking). Is there a place to configure the max bits per sample (16-bit or 24-bit)?
  7. It's regular (frequent) but doesn't seem to follow a pattern. I always hear a click within 2 seconds, many times more often in that 2 second window. I don't get the same clicks with the Ethernet connection. I can swap back and forth with the same source and it's only on USB. I don't see them on the front panel. I could look at the PSU, how did you pry it open?
  8. I am definitely getting some clicking from the USB output, it doesn’t follow a pattern but I was thinking I might need to check on the clock settings?
  9. What do folks think about the Ode? A bit cheaper and seems to be a decent grinder on paper.
  10. That shows 12 input and 12 output channels. Taking a step back, I'm taking the output from the monitor output into a headphone amp, through TRS to XLR cable. What I'd like to do, is have the USB interface show up in CoreAudio and play via this device. I'm assuming I can still take output from the monitor. I haven't done anything to "route" anything to do with the USB. The Firewire light is on the front panel. I'm connecting the USB through a C-B adapter then B-C dongle. I don't see anything in the Hardware->USB tab on my Mac (10.15.3). edit: If I just use straight USB C, I can manage the device! Interesting. (I'm using the 4-pin XLR power adapter). I still don't get anything in CoreAudio, so I'm guessing a configuration error? edit: re-installed the firmware via Utilities->Install Current Firmware... and now it shows up! edit: also works from Linux edit: and microRendu edit: yay!
  11. Yeah, the link is back. I have things working via Ethernet. I'm not sure why I can't get CoreAudio to pop up with the USB interface. It's not even showing up in System Report. Do I need to install a driver?
  12. Breathed new life into @VPI and @morphsci old unit
  13. Cool. My kit just shipped. I probably will run via USB and see if I can get RPi4 to front-end it into Roon. They say they have experimental basic support with Linux, so fingers crossed?
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