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  1. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    For sale! https://m.imgur.com/a/Zxj3EWw Not for sale!
  2. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    Probably also have a set of Winmau Navigators for sale. Various stems sizes and flights that could be easily thrown in as well.
  3. luvdunhill


    I also have a 9F. Pretty wonderful watch, enjoy!
  4. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    Anyone interested in a set of Bottelsen Aces High? They are 90% tungsten steel tips at 24g. Can provide a mixture of stems (aluminum and nylon) and flights with them. Just need to downsize a bit.
  5. luvdunhill

    Why no KG class AB ?

    This might help: http://www.firstwatt.com/pdf/art_leave_classa.pdf
  6. luvdunhill

    Part Sourcing Assistance/Advice Thread

    Anyone ever run across solderable bus bars? Here is a picture of them being used in a Rowland amplifier. http://www.shine7.com/audio/jeff.htm
  7. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    Perhaps one of these Japanese machines? They are pretty cool.
  8. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    This thread die? I will trying an excite it a bit. What grips do folks use around here? Do you prefer more or less contact with the shaft, for example a pinkie on the tip? More of a front loaded grip, or more rear?
  9. luvdunhill

    Technical Assistance/Advice Thread

    The “pot grounds” as you call them, should be connected to the PSU ground. The two Dynahi chassis should be connected together. Then a ground loop breaker between PSU ground and the chassis. XLR pin 1 should be connected to the chassis. IEC Earth to the chassis via proper hardware.
  10. luvdunhill

    Linkwitz Labs LX Mini

    Yeah, it’s this one: http://www.firstwatt.com/pdf/art_lxmini%20crossover.pdf
  11. luvdunhill

    What Are You Building Today

    Yay, found the problem. Tomorrow will be listening day!
  12. luvdunhill

    What Are You Building Today

    Installed the front end buffer boards. I will have to adjust DC offset outside of the circuit as the trimmers aren’t oriented the right way to be able to get at in situ. Now to track down a ground loop :/ (or what I am perceiving as one, based on frequency response graph)
  13. luvdunhill

    What Are You Building Today

    A somewhat of a Franken-Pass.