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  1. Oh and the defender of the internet
  2. Cicada season is over, lizard season is in! Oh and this is always in season.
  3. Was tired of this not fitting in the molded factory Beretta case, so bought a Nigrini. I feel like a I need a few more cases now…
  4. Not yet- I did make a refit appointment though. Will report back on Sunday.
  5. Titus Andronicus - nice refreshing break from work politics
  6. Inverted bearing with a hole in it. I hope it fits
  7. Well, the left fit is amazing - the right one I need to decide if I do a refit (which is free from both my audiologist and westone). I am going to my best to test them out on Sunday at the range.
  8. I use multipart zips quite a bit actually. I would use 7zip via macports or brew.
  9. That’s why they call it woodworking
  10. Lage was just fantastic - i believe this was pretty much a unplanned jam session that shows off his talent https://youtu.be/Yrryw0HxV-A
  11. Just made it to the back of the line
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