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  1. It's more like - did we break you guys when we rolled out that last change?
  2. Nice! My team has been told that we are the biggest/most sophisticated power user of the Datadog platform
  3. Same as new Esoteric stuff
  4. I proxy to an AWS instance I pay for. Not worried about Google
  5. Yeah, same experience. At this point Google Fiber is about 5 blocks away. Just waiting for them to push a bit further South.
  6. I would think TEK could be a good choice if we could find a way to get the shipping cost reasonable.
  7. Link? Are you using both mods, or just the super duper resonator?
  8. I might be interested in a set of transformers - if anyone decides to put together a group buy for those.
  9. Aim to please. There is a lot of crap still coming out of Cuba. The large ring gauge movement is here to stay and long-skinnies aren't being rolled due to needing longer leaf. This year was the first time in a while Cuba had a double growing season. Hopefully in 2019 we will start to see the fruits of those labors.
  10. Previously
  11. Sad this marca (brand) is down to only one regularly produced size... La Gloria Cubana MdO 4
  12. Basically ARC and Audessy (or similar tech) does the timing stuff automatically. Just connect the mic and do the impulse check and it works perfectly.
  13. RA LE with various accoutrements Tough to break up the box
  14. You can do the same thing with ARC. One (HDMI) cable from TV to receiver and either do the input switching at the TV or receiver. Either remote can be used for volume.