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  1. Got my new power supply ready for my KG amp collection
  2. Nice! Do you keep it outside uncovered and have a good process to keep moisture and rust away?
  3. I think a AirPod stand would be a ballsy move.
  4. The counter got installed right before I left town! I had a few imperfections here and there that I know because I obsessed about sanding them down and trying again but I ended up leaving well enough alone. I will go back and fix the faucet handles… heh /lazy
  5. It’s pretty noticeable because the second violins don’t play in a way that projects sound into the hall. Go listen to your favorite stereo mix and it will be immediately noticeable as the cellos won’t be in the hard right channel. It creates more “space” for sure in some of the more complex string passages. its pretty traditional for Mahler. I agree. That’s why we just have to end the violence once and for all.
  6. Interesting, do you prefer the Mahler / Vienna orchestra layout with the split violins or the one here? (Do you remember which layout was used back in the day when you heard it)?
  7. No one tells the Tice they can’t lay pipe!
  8. I prefer scat to cat.. but both to cat scat.
  9. Did you at least ask Larry this time?
  10. Cool - actually it’s not walnut but made to look like it. I did some experimenting and found that a 50/50 water to acetone applied at the second to last standing step opened the pores and allowed the teak to take a tinted oil finish. I was thinking a varnish would be nice.
  11. Yeah that’s what I did. To be honest I was lazy.. I found a really nice place to get a nice slab cut ((https://berdollsawmill.com/slabs/) but I am running out of time on this project so I got scrappy.
  12. I am working on building a bathroom and played around a bit with finishing this floating shelf… probably obvious what kind of wood it is but I experimented with opening the grain and using a tinted danish oil.. will try a clear coat when I get the sink roughed in. Pictures are after finish and before.
  13. Would anyone be able to 3D print two custom sized washers/spacers in yellow for me?
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