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  1. luvdunhill

    What Are You Building Today

    Yay, found the problem. Tomorrow will be listening day!
  2. luvdunhill

    What Are You Building Today

    Installed the front end buffer boards. I will have to adjust DC offset outside of the circuit as the trimmers aren’t oriented the right way to be able to get at in situ. Now to track down a ground loop :/ (or what I am perceiving as one, based on frequency response graph)
  3. luvdunhill

    What Are You Building Today

    A somewhat of a Franken-Pass.
  4. luvdunhill

    What Are You Building Today

    I have used the Stax pinout, but since they use different pin geometries that probably isn’t a very rational decision
  5. luvdunhill


    Asking the lady on your arm?
  6. luvdunhill

    What Are You Building Today

    Added some fans to the outdoor rig https://imgur.com/a/xNXRTZB
  7. luvdunhill


    Here’s the strap I bought, it’s alright - not Omega strap quality - the holes look like they will easily fray (the Omega seem to be burned through), which if I could rectify would be good enough.
  8. luvdunhill


    I am really enjoying this one. It doesn’t feel too big. Only gripe is the date is a bit recessed, but probably due to the extra GMT complication?
  9. luvdunhill


    Was thinking about a Cincy Straps, Goldfinger-era Bond, with that bit of red. Thoughts?
  10. luvdunhill


    I purchased one of these today! Looking for a strap or two recommendations, something easier to adjust on the fly compared to a bracelet and makes the red pop on the face
  11. luvdunhill


    None at the moment. I will keep you in mind, though, thanks! I have one more place to check locally, then might find look in Denver, as that’s where I am headed next.
  12. luvdunhill


    Hi. Would anyone be able to perhaps help me track down a bottle a bottle of Foursquare 2005? http://thefatrumpirate.com/foursquare-rum-distillery-2005 I haven’t seen these on the shelf, but Spec’s has it listed as “Limited Availability” at their Houston store, for example. Thanks!