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  1. You could use a low profile socket head bolt / wafer head instead of a typical angled - I think FPE also has presets for a larger angle countersink (which exists for this reason) but make sure you can find the fastener before you order the panel l.
  2. M6 should be fine for that - I would reach for a 1/4” screw on instinct so that checks out.
  3. Do ya’ll think the Dremel (Moto) scroll saw would work okay on 1/4” thick aluminum? The manual says 20ga is recommended thickness… so I am guessing not… I am not sure what might be good for this - I need to cut a curved shape in the end of a piece of aluminum.
  4. The rest of the post wasn’t as enticing?
  5. After some lube experimentation (stock is some standard lithium grease), Billy the Kid! Ride em Cowboy!
  6. I seem to love the meta hobby work - probably a bit too much. I have learned that about myself over the years and it’s something I can’t seem to undo..
  7. Wait wat? maybe at least JCF Bach?
  8. Here are two other good local Austin options: https://wildgiftcoffee.com/ https://greatergoodsroasting.com/
  9. I wonder if you can still get the bottle deposit refund .. I have a bunch of them.
  10. I like it! Nice to see all the security features too.
  11. Pretty pricy! I use 3M Marine Paste wax - smells nice too!
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