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  1. Maybe they chose the best two sections out of four!
  2. No integrated ash tray? I presume that’s what the test item was?
  3. Nice! So, you mean you started with a F360 model and did everything within their ecosystem, or a combination of tools?
  4. Awesome! I have been working on building a trailer. Lots of fun, welding, grinding (but not so much fun painting - weather isn’t helping) and getting close to my deadline on Wed with the police to get an inspection and a VIN number for it. Then I need to get the mast cradle built. It’s going to look something like this but perhaps with a u-shaped liner out of hdpe plastic. Any other ideas?
  5. luvdunhill

    RMAF 2021

    When all you have is a RSA Predator?
  6. Some super cool engineering going on here https://youtu.be/HR5oCVDta-w?t=462
  7. Isn’t there an all black version?
  8. Yeah, starting to get a feel for how much storage I would reasonably need for 4K or if it’s even worth it. Just using the Cloud Key thingy with 1TB for now.
  9. I think it’s a nice clean install as well! This stuff is impressively hard. I think the countersink is the way to go..
  10. .. because someone literally stole a car out of my driveway. Unfortunately for them, it had a tracker on it and we recovered it (the thief wasn’t inside) and now it’s the scene of a investigation of some sorts at an impound yard.
  11. That detail was only in the part you had to read. I just looked at the pictures and gave my own opinion - is that what the kids do these days?
  12. Nice! Would some small adhesive Teflon tape or something on the bottom help the drawers slide in easier? It seems if you apply the pull or push force on the end of the drawer it might bind up?
  13. “The ass end of this boat is so big” 😅
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