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  1. Got the first coat of Osmo on these stairs - before, during and after…
  2. It goes in here - I just not sure what Lowthers to go with? anyone tried the Fugoo speakers? Something like that which ran off sdcard memory would be pretty sweet..
  3. Cleaned up the boat a bit and re-epoxied the mast (comp-tip). Sadly McMaster-Care might have messed up my order (a first!) and I am missing two stainless steel bolts.. Barkeepers Friend worked quite well on the trampolines. I used 3M Perfect-It for both the anti-slip and sides - the Medium cut didn’t mess with the decals. Waiting for my new TX numbers to arrive in the mail..
  4. I was always more of Jane Jetson type of guy.
  5. So far, I really prefer the Sunfire. I am also dealing with a small hum due to the Rel sub being on a different circuit that the HT (perhaps combined with a very long cable run which I am using Jensen transformers over “ethernet” cable - CI-RJ2R). I am going to try this Air thing out at the main TV (which uses the Sunfire) and if works well might try with the HT.
  6. Nice work Al! You almost could fit a ping-pong table in all that empty space!
  7. No time to finish the armboard, because it was the time for truth! Will it fit and can I get the arm aligned. Well I think so! The SME setup process is pretty complicated - lots of tiny judgments and adjustments needed but the engineering behind the arm is just wonderful! I am almost at the top of the height adjustment - so probably needed a little more height on the board. I would say it has about 1/8” left of adjustment room - I guess useful for those future 300g releases?
  8. It fits! Well at least the arm does it slides nicely in the slot. The trick is the table is made for a 10.5” arm and putting a 9” arm on it. That made for some tricky math. I do need to make a change to the right angle DIN connector to make it a more favorable mating angle.. then hope it clears the bottom of the plinth. 🤞 is there some software that you can scan a diagram and and make very precise measurements? I transcribed this with a pair of calipers and a angle finder thing. It would be nicer to do that in the future with a few point and click operations
  9. Built a bunch of new rigging for the Laser. Used lots of locking eye splices and designed it with shackles to cut down the rigging time. We had to cut the Cunningham after not being able to get a bowline knot out of the Dyeema when out in about 10 mph wind. Now that should be a lot easier. Just waiting on one more shackle and then hopefully we will be able to try it all out. You might look at Trailex (they build the Hobie branded trailers) as well as Genesis (but looks like only pick-up in Michigan) and Carnai. I think those are the usual choices other than custom. I imagine th
  10. Wow that’s great! We need a video of the paper making! Do you need both sides of the board to be parallel before you put it through the bandsaw?
  11. How much do you loose due to the blade to dust?
  12. I used that one on a turntable tachometer and it worked quite nicely. Are you just looking for a binary “yes” or “no”? In which case you might also want to use a comparator. I can post the schematic and board files for what I did, which also supports an optical sensor.
  13. She needs a bit of a bath, as got caught in a bit of a downpour and then took a bit of a tree with her on the way into the garage, but…
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