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  1. luvdunhill

    Tidal v. Qobuz?

    I will have three Intel NUCs for sale at some point if those are useful for [email protected] Just need to finish moving things off of them.
  2. luvdunhill

    Best Android TV Box No Amazon Fire products

    I did some research and can’t seem to prove that the App announced by TiVO in Jan actually exists - the one that would stream live. I can’t prove it exists on Android or Apple. It’s perhaps time to test out other options.
  3. luvdunhill

    Best Android TV Box No Amazon Fire products

    I am tempted. I think the TiVO app would swing me. Let me know what to buy
  4. luvdunhill

    Best Android TV Box No Amazon Fire products

    How full featured is the TiVO app? I also use the mini and would rather have a software solution.
  5. luvdunhill

    Metric Halo LIO-8

    @VPI I can’t imagine Jeff getting sloppy seconds. Any idea when you bought this Jeff or if you registered it (which takes work, so I assume not)?
  6. luvdunhill

    Metric Halo LIO-8

    Want. So, “Upgrades for 2d units purchased new after March 2014” seem to have a discounted price? @morphsci were you the original purchaser of the one I have?
  7. luvdunhill

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    Ethernet upgrade would be cool. Is it expensive?
  8. luvdunhill

    Get your game on!

    I am building a new PC - does that count?
  9. luvdunhill


    It’s an AW-251-BM-1T. It is indeed antimagnetic.
  10. luvdunhill


    New Casio on the wrist!
  11. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    Deals can be made. I have lots of things you can try out. Perhaps we do something in DEN?
  12. luvdunhill

    Head-Case Darts

    Current setups. Just got the ones on the right today and learning to grip without a reference on the barrel...
  13. luvdunhill


    I bought a Casio AW-571-BM-1T and waiting for it to ship from Japan
  14. luvdunhill

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    Did some shopping at the unfortunately named “Hard-Off” store and stumbled across a bit of a treasure trove about 45 minutes outside of Tokyo.
  15. luvdunhill

    The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

    Dusty, is this you?