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  1. Mucked out an older high capacity smoker today. Yes, that is the proper verb. I am hesitant to buy another Maverick temperature probe system, as all of them have died. Any other recommendations?
  2. Looks nice, but the depth is a bit non-standard. Does it stick out a bit from your cabinets in an annoying way?
  3. Is the Wolf an integrated cooktop and oven? Looking for something like this as I can't really do the counter work to move to "separates".
  4. Some drawers. I need to learn to use a router as the "pulls" came out inconsistent. I think a template and some skills could have made them better. Also rushed the finish which isn't visible here, but obvious if you look carefully in the right light.
  5. Good show, old chap!
  6. These work really well too, if you like using the Keystone jacks:
  7. Oysters and Fries. Seems legit.
  8. I would be willing to redo a board from scratch if you sent me a list of modifications (removing dual resistor pads, etc.) I should have time this summer and sounds like a fun project.
  9. How else can they profit from the raffle then?
  10. I need to get some servicing done myself. I mean, have someone else do the servicing. Yes, that too.
  11. Q: FUCP? What does that mean? A: Elementary, my dear Watson.
  12. Alone and Gluten-Free
  13. Still interested in transformers.
  14. I wouldn't use a hole saw. Maybe a sacrificial forstner bit - just don't let Steve know - and only on aluminum and even then it isn't safe. The punch can work to about 1/4" thick aluminum.
  15. Head-Case sized box of cigars