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  1. Balanced to unbalanced board

    I am using 2SJ106/2SK208, BCM61/BCM62, PHPT610030-series. The 2SJ106 is the SMT version of the 2SJ103. The 2SK208 is the SMT version of 2SK246.
  2. Balanced to unbalanced board

    I did fix the silk screen on the new ones
  3. Balanced to unbalanced board

    cspirou: I would add an input resistor to ground as well. You can match Q1 to Q3 and Q5 to Q7, but I don’t think matching is all that useful here. If you want to try another small SMD buffer, let me know. I have just ordered some boards now that I have verified their performance versus sims. I can include matched Toshiba JFETs and the other dual package BJTs are available at Mouser.
  4. Ye Macce Threade

    My Intel NUC also has USB-C video output, so all would be good if someone made a switcher
  5. Ye Macce Threade

    Recently bought an LG Ultrafine 4K Monitor which uses USB-C (one input and three output). I am curious if anyone makes a KVM with -C output (can’t find any) or what the options are to do input switching on this monitor?
  6. What Are You Building Today

    So, what do you guys think of my front panel layout? I would like to loose the indicator mark on the knob, but it functions in four positions alternating between the four options on/off for gain (high and low (MC/MM) and rumble filter (on/off). The LEDs are bi color green/red, green is on/MC and red is off/MM. The power LED is always green. Just using the same value resistor for both colors, they seem to be matched somewhat. The LEDs are from Bivar and the circuit uses one common-anode and one common-cathode. Just for Nate, I avoided blue
  7. Ipod Touch / Iphone

    I can’t unlock my phone without my prescription glasses. Not the answer you are looking for, but I would assume if you train two faces, with and without, it will work just fine.
  8. Ipod Touch / Iphone

    Happened to me as well. Took a week longer than the original delivery date but it arrived.
  9. Technical Assistance/Advice Thread

    $ python -m visa shell Welcome to the VISA shell. Type help or ? to list commands. (visa) list ( 0) GPIB0::16::INSTR ( 1) GPIB0::28::INSTR ( 2) GPIB0::1::INSTR ( 3) ASRL2::INSTR ( 4) ASRL1::INSTR (visa) open 0 GPIB0::16::INSTR has been opened. You can talk to the device using "write", "read" or "query. The default end of message is added to each message (open) query *IDN? Response: KEITHLEY INSTRUMENTS INC.,MODEL 2015,0788786,B09 /A02 (open) close The resource has been closed. (visa) open 2 GPIB0::1::INSTR has been opened. You can talk to the device using "write", "read" or "query. The default end of message is added to each message (open) query *IDN? Response: TEKTRONIX,TDS 3032C,0,CF:91.1CT FV:v4.25 TDS3GV:v1.00 TDS3FFT:v1.00 TDS3TRG:v1.00 (open) close The resource has been closed. (visa) Played around with PyVISA today...
  10. Technical Assistance/Advice Thread

    Man I hate casework. I cut this one just a little two close.
  11. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Listening is over rated. You need more test gear!!
  12. And now what did you do TODAY?

    HC Approved cables FTW!
  13. What are you smoking right now?

    It’s a good thing Al. Case in point: Old Cohiba band sans holograms - old and antiquated.
  14. Ipod Touch / Iphone

    No issues with iPhone 6 and current software. I am planning on upgrading, but not because of the software.