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  1. Not sure if anyone has used this stuff to touch up the inevitable scratch during DIY or perhaps to infill, but it seems to work pretty well! No before pictures from all the loading port area, but a tough area on the top where there is a matte finish..
  2. Wow, hopefully 10mi is far enough!
  3. I think that is basically a vape cartridge… how does it ping and pong then?
  4. What are your personal thoughts on aspartame, now that the FDA is getting comfortable with the WHO and the EU’s positions?
  5. Very nice! I am playing around with a floor finishing product by Pallmann - for things other than floors. It seems to finish them.
  6. Back surgery might be your next level then… I don’t see what all the hubbub is about fentanyl…
  7. Yeah I have some naval jelly I could use.. I just am a bit surprised to see it I guess.
  8. Is there something I can use to ward off a but of oxidation? I am surprised to see rust here I guess.
  9. I refinished a stock. After removing the finish, used something called timberluxe - it’s birth year linseed oil and pixie dust I guess … it’s reassuringly expensive and doesn’t last long once air gets in the bottle. Then used a few coats of wax. Ta da! My second project was quite the opposite in terms of success. The stock used a stain/filler base with crappy poly top coat - it’s almost like it had hand drawn dark grain streaks to simulate flamed walnut appearance. I am going to have to regroup and figure out how to re-attempt that one.
  10. Used a lot of Penofin - honestly I found it hard to apply to some of the figured / end-grain parts. In the wrong light it looks faded and kinda ashy. For the straight grain pieces (whatever the opposite of end grain is) it worked really well. However, it felt like an hour between the two thin coats was too long - maybe that’s because it was like 150 degrees outside.
  11. Really nice experience ordering some custom chokes from Briley! Quoted 8 weeks and received them the same week I ordered them!
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