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  1. There is still a possibility, but I believe, at least at this time, it appears to be pretty low. There are real concerns about the difficulty/safety in holding a meet that depends on close interaction between participants such as sharing of headphones and other equipment in very close quarters.
  2. Don't be too sure! We may be able to do this later in the year if we can find a convenient date. We would still like to do a headphone meeting if at all possible!
  3. My bad! I should have placed notifications on the headphone groups also! At this point we do not know when we can have another meeting. We are looking at doing a streaming presentation, but it would be limited to information presentation and not listening. Most of our meetings are about listening to music over specific systems or equipment. NO real way to translate one of these to a streaming program.
  4. Hey Dragon! Wish you could be here too... Look for us under AAC nowadays though. We changed our name. It was easier than having to leave town! 😂
  5. Looking forward to it. Glad you will be able to make it again this year! John
  6. We WILL do our annual meet on MAY 3, 2020 at the Dunwoody North Driving Club (DNDC) where we met last year. Same location, same time... 12N to 5PM. As usual we'll provide space, tables, power, and refreshments! You provide the equipment and extension cords/power strips you need. Everyone is welcome, whether you're from the industry or an enthusiast. We'll find room for everyone to show off your "stuff". If you didn't make it last year, here's another chance!! This meet is open to all, from beginners to veterans of the headphone wars! We guarantee there will be something of interest for ev
  7. Due to a scheduling mix-up, the Manley Absolute is not available for the meet. Sorry to have rung everybody's bell unnecessarily! There should still be lots of interesting gear to see and hear though!!
  8. APRIL 26 UPDATE Club members and friends I have an exciting announcement adding to the raffle. In addition to the Vanatoo T1Es currently under review by yours truly, we have added a brand-new pair of Grado SR 80 (Click Here) headphones courtesy of the fine folks at Grado, and a set of new 1More (Brand) Triple Driver BT In-Ear, Batt Operated Headphones (Click Here) donated by the manufacturer and Chuck. But it doesn't end there! We'll also have four jazz vinyl albums donated by our fabulous jazz reviewer Eddie Carter from his personal collection. (And you know he ain’t got no junk albums!!
  9. We have some exciting news to share! Another company that has supported our meets in the past has stepped forward to contribute to this meet. Arthur Power of Matrix Audio and Violectric Audio USA is added to our co-sponsors for the event! Matrix is picking up the costs of the refreshments! Since they have very generously doubled our normal budget, and since the meet starts at noon, this will allow us to provide a light lunch in addition to our usual snacks! Also… there will be a raffle! I am currently reviewing a set of powered speakers that do pretty much everything you can ask for incl
  10. This is our first full year, legally, as the Atlanta Audio Club, and once again we are honoring our commitment to support Southeastern Region headphone enthusiasts. We can’t do another CanLanta type event as it is just too much for our club to produce each year. (NOTE: We own the Canlanta.org URL. If an interested entity with the manpower and money to make another CanLanta event happen here were to step forward, we would make that URL available to them!) We WILL do our annual meet on MAY 5th at the Dunwoody North Driving Club where we met last year. Same location, same time... 12N to 5PM. A
  11. So happy everyone enjoyed themselves! The lady with the Focal Utopias was at her second meet and vows to return next year WITH the Utopias this time so stay tuned!! I had a ball and just wished I had had time to hear more of the systems. BTW, I did get the HifiMan Supermini working perfectly today. Turns out I needed to install a firmware update that fixed all the problems we experienced yesterday. Listening to it right now and it even plays my Sennheiser HD580 and 650 louder than I care to listen!! Listening to it through my HifiMan HE400i's and the sound is amazing for the tiny little player
  12. Remember that this is NOT like our regular meetings. You can come at any time from 12N to 5:00 PM. You can wander the tables and see and hear many of those products you have only heard about on the Head-FI, Head-Case, and Superaudiobestfriends websites. Bring your own headphones and sample the players and headphone dacs & amps! Bring your player and sample the dacs/amps and phones! This is your chance to see/hear the entry level, the high end, and even historic equipment all in one place. New to headphone listening? Get a chance to pick the brains of the professionals and knowledgeable ent
  13. Purk, you should get the chance! BTW, getting kind of concerned! Not hearing from near as many people this year as last. If you are coming, please respond to this thread and let us know! BTW, just got a Hifiman SuperMini in. Got to get some microSD cards to make it work though! Didn't realize all I had were plain old SD cards... Duh!
  14. Hey folks, I promised we'd publish a list of the Schiit Audio Gear that Grover will be bringing. At this time here's what he's telling me!We'll have the new Multibit card Lyr and Jotunheim, a loki/magni 3/modi stack, Valhalla and Bifrost Multibit. I think I've got a Raggy and Yggy lined up, but I'll hold off on promising that until I know for sure. May be one or two other assorted small things. Audeze will be there too. Also heard from Evan Grimm with Audeze, and he will be coming with a whole gaggle of their products; LCD-2 (may be bringing something else in place of this) LCD-3 (m
  15. Schiit Audio will be partnering with us to sponsor the May headphone meet! They will be providing some of the funding and some of their current production equipment as well as several items that will be new to the market. The new equipment will not have been introduced in any venue yet. This will be its “sort-of” introduction! Grover Neville of Schiit Audio will be providing us an equipment list as soon as he is able. I will make sure the equipment listings get on this website as soon as I have them. There will be an initial list, which will be added to once Schiit Audio releases the new equip
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