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  1. I generally fart while I'm grinding.
  2. Oh? Can you elaborate on what that means, or maybe point me in a direction to learn?
  3. Aren't hunters and fishermen called sportsmen? I guess you could say there's a clear winner if you catch something, but its not really competition like you're speaking of. Certainly minimal fitness requirements. btw, why do they call them "sports coats" for a dress jacket? Could there be a less appropriately named item of clothing? Maybe that's what they used to go hunting in the old days?
  4. Has anyone here listened to it? I've read some reviews and it sounds like it would fit my needs fairly well for moveability and convenience. I also like what I read about its sound, but I'd be interested in other opinions.
  5. Thanks. Three kids, eh? Sounds busy. We have two, but they say once the kids outnumber the parents its a whole new ballgame. I can relate to the diapers + money issue. I was talking to EReks in Cincy this weekend. I haven't made any real purchases yet, partly due to money but partly also b/c the one year old is so darn destructive. I cringe at the idea of spending real money on a fun toy only to come home and find it in pieces!
  6. Well, there's some high quality "old school" parenting advice! I assume you don't have kids, GE? Do you just have one kid DBill?
  7. After hearing the 701s over the weekend, I'm interested if anyone has heard the K601s for comparison - anyone run into these?
  8. I know less about speakers than I do about headphones, which ain't much. But I do know something about parenthood and resting with a baby while listening to music while the wife catches up on sleep is among life's most sublime pleasures. Plenty of poop and crying and all the rest too, but you're prepping nicely for the good parts!
  9. Hey all, checking in here. Just had a great time at the Cincy meet, hope to meet more of you in the future.
  10. For the non-parents among you, this will probably seem fairly meaningless, but... When I got home from the Cincy meet on Saturday, my son had made his first poopy in the potty without direction! He turns two in about a month! Doggone smart kid, and freedom from diapers is on the horizon!!!!!
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