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    I'm 21, passionate about quality audio, and a casual headphone reviewer.
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    Sussex, England
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    Audio, RC Cars, Cycling etc...
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    Sales at Polar Audio
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    Inearz IE-P350, German Maestro GMP400/GMP 8.35D, Fischer Audio FA-003Ti and some others
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    iFi Audio iCan, Oppo HA-2
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    iPod Classic, Marantz CD-52 SE, Dual CS-435 1
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    Marantz PM-44 MKII SE, Mission 702e

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  1. It's great for portable use, I still use my iFi iDAC with iTube and iCan at home. The Oppo doesn't have the most powerful headphone amp but with my CIEM's I found the Oppo to bring out a little more detail and top end. I do like the versatility of the device and the build quality is stunning.
  2. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone here uses one of these? I have one as my portable amp/DAC paired with an iPod Classic 7G, and it is pretty awesome. Oppo seem to have taken on the headphone market and made some very impressive first products (like the PM-3) Share your thoughts and opinions
  3. I just want to meet more people in the audio scene, see if anyone is going.
  4. I work for polar audio but am not here to advertise, I run a seperate review site. I am not sponsored by Beyerdynamic, I was just saying where people can find me as I will have extra gear with me.
  5. I'll be at the Beyerdynamic table, if you want to come say hi, might have a few bits of gear in my bag, Oppo PM-3, Oppo HA-2, maybe some German Maestro's.
  6. Yeah it seems to all be head-fiers going, but I'll be there with Polar Audio displaying Beyerdynamic. I run my little review site on the side of work so it'll be good to make more contacts on the side. Would be nice to meet some of you though if you're going. I'll be staying at the hotel on the Friday and Saturday night too.
  7. I understand, I was also a member of head-fi a while ago, but this is a headphone convention, Yes it is organised by the head-fi guys but should be a good one, it is CanJam, they obviously have the permission to use that name
  8. What do you mean banned? I'm sure Canjam will be good fun though
  9. Who's going? List what you'll be bringing along Just a general discussion about the meet!
  10. OStewart

    Oppo PM3

    I have a pair of these in my possession currently, I still cannot make my mind up on them. I use them with the Oppo HA-2 paired with my iPod Classic. As a commuting headphone they are superb, good resolution and also excellent isolation, but they lack a little speed (odd I know) and to me sound a little thick and warm. But to be fair I haven't spent enough time to thoroughly test them, I will try them with the iDAC + iCan see how that work with that system. I have to say they are very well built, comfort for me is good, but I don't have huge ears, and they look good. I passed t
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