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  1. Get your game on!

    The hell you will.
  2. Get your game on!

    I might be in. ^^^ I have a gaming PC and little to do with it. Is it cool that I won't be good?
  3. Happy Birthday Postjack!

    Jack, wonderful to have you around another year.
  4. Hurricanes and Stuff

    Considering what he's been through, I think we could bring ourselves to bare.
  5. Wood Speaker Stands?

    Never were truer words spoken.
  6. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Good, that must be a relief.
  7. Unique Grados

    I'm using one of Doug's amps, an ECP L-2. It is a very good match.
  8. Unique Grados

    I considered the repair idea -- no way of knowing. They came with full paperwork for an SR-80, which they are decidedly not. My impression is that they are a prototype and the gimbals and drivers were just out of the parts bin. Given that they're not blackstar drivers I assume they're John's, but that's a guess. The HP-1000, SR-1/2/300, and even SR-325 were all sold simultaneously, so I assume this is a prototype RS1 before they decided to make the cups deeper As to the RS1, I agree on the flats. It's the only way I listen to them.
  9. WiMP comes to the UK/US as Tidal

    Here is the insanely good video for "Yamborghini High". A$AP Rocky is also the face of Dior Homme. That does not speak to his music, obviously, but the guy is a force.
  10. Unique Grados

    Interestingly, this might be changing. Link is semi-NSFW
  11. Unique Grados

    I've heard and loved most of the classic Grados . I've owned every pink driver model (RS1, SR325, SR100/200/300) and find they represent my favorite John Grado sound, but I always ended up selling them on. Then I found these weird things: These have the smaller red/pink drivers found on John's earliest headphones, and HP1000 gimbals. The cups are very shallow, about the same depth as early SR60s, and as a result they don't fit in the gimbals properly. You have to insert them "backwards" to get the angle right when they're on your head, but it doesn't negatively effect the comfort. They sound phenomenal. Similar to the earliest RS1, but they're designed to be worn with flats. The inscription on the buttons matches that of the prototype RS1s given to dealers, but I've never seen the cup style used anywhere else. All in all, I'm smitten. Loans available on request to SO.
  12. Wood Speaker Stands?

    Absolutely beautiful, Doug, though for $3,950 a pair I'd likely just go with floorstanders.
  13. What are you EATING right now?

    I believe Hawaii's interpretation of castle doctrine includes hotel rooms. I didn't defeat Apple in court, though, so I'll take my "L" and move on.
  14. Speaker Porn

    Holy crap, I've never wanted a speaker more.
  15. What are you EATING right now?

    No wine for you.