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  1. Fuck that thing. They tout "draining" as feature.
  2. I heard a great quote about Trump from a colleague who recently briefed him. "He doesn't really understand these issues with any depth, so he generally just agrees with the last person he spoke with." My colleague was talking about the state of our involvement in Syria, but we might safely expand this to a number of interactions.
  3. Hell you doing in that part of town, Larry? Did you move up north?
  4. That case was designed to sit in an oft-flooded basement.
  5. EDIT: I don't know much about this, and my opinion is not worthwhile.
  6. I wish the forum software allowed a dislike button on only your posts.
  7. My Chinese likely pales in comparison to yours, but it's useful to remember how to swear Fang took me out painting, crashed my car, helped me cook a fish, and was a real gentleman with my pregnant wife. I have a different view of the guy personally and professionally.
  8. I know Fang pretty well, and I like him a lot. He lives and works in China, and is more geared to the Chinese market, where I think a more abrasive personality serves his interests well. That said, he's not going to move as many TOTL headphones as he could with better PR. He has plenty of people he pays for this -- he would do well to make use of them.
  9. "Hi, knerian, please do not use Dr. Da Bian. Da Bian in Mandarin means dirt. Call me Fang please. I will appreciate very much. "
  10. That makes way more sense.
  11. Truly lovely. Is it for a soundbar?
  12. That Roxborough, CO photo above shows the same formation that makes up Red Rocks park and amphitheater.
  13. Great link, MPI. As ever, the best way to increase your enjoyment (positive emotional response) is to get high and/or go to a meet.
  14. You've got it, Kerry. It can be software decoded (by the Tidal app or through Roon) or it can be hardware decoded, mostly by Meridian hardware. It's closed source, and it's largely a marketing ploy. As near as I can tell there's nothing particularly amazing about the format, it's just iterative improvement of a lossy codec. The big draw, if there is one, is the hi-res music catalogue they have on offer. I'd rather stream them than buy individually on HDTracks, to be certain.
  15. The only on-topic posts in this thread are by deplorables, but I think we need to keep it alive. It's serving as a secondary filter. We chlorinate the water with the welcome PM, then use the DAVE thread to filter out whatever detritus survived.