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  1. I doubt anyone not in their employ has made more money for Stax than you have.
  2. Katz has a good track record, good enough to get the benefit of the doubt from me, but this flies in the face of most of what reasonable people have told me. Basically, something is amiss.
  3. Go set yourself on fire in Tunisia.
  4. I'll assume you've got the DAC sorted out already.
  5. HQplayer just put out an update, 3.15. It adds a new non-apodizing filter, poly-sinc-XTR, said to be a close approximation of the filter implemented in the Chord DAVE. It takes some horsepower to run it properly. ROON has also announced some HQPlayer-like upsampling options built into their newest version, which should be coming out shortly. I am positively chuffed to bits.
  6. That's how the head of the forums acts, right there.
  7. Is your room well ventilated? If not, let me recommend three of these:
  8. Then you wormed your way in with regular photos of your daughter. I kid, I kid (I'm married, I'm married.)
  9. That is the exact opposite of what you kept saying.
  10. Unlike most of you, I was actually banned here.
  11. I've got a piggy bank labelled "MOA V". What better use could there be?
  12. I don't know shit about math software, but I do like to talk about color palettes. Have some solarized:
  13. I sure do want those Utopias, though.
  14. Hey hey! Happy Birthday!
  15. You don't need to buy a new car to justify pampering yourself, Jacob. Wear the clear bra now.