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    So much different music genres, netball, volley ball, I love animals and have pet labrador dog who's quite old now and a guinea pig.
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    I'm really into music discovery and just getting into the audiophile thing, I think it's pretty cool
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    play some sports, volley ball, netball but just for fun
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    see above in "interests"
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    philips X1
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    fiio e17
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    iPod Touch
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    I don't have the PM3's but really want maybe as a Christmas gift or something (providing they provide sticky tape to protect the shiny ear cups, lol)

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  1. Just needed straightening up a little, but is good now
  2. Sorry, I'll slow down, you're right
  3. Or buy another cable headphone? Just not Monster or their cables, neither are pet dog proof Doubtful if cats would bother You've proved this to you already We already knew Godzilla only has the Monster cable Everything else is fraud
  4. Watching that video made me realise that wires are serious business!
  5. Erm... OP mentions "surgery".... I think this is maybe heavy spamming? omg - what a rabbit hole...
  6. Oops, sorry! Edit: maybe just because it's an old thread doesn't necessarily mean it's not relevant though...
  7. NOooooo! My X1's only got a D, 6/9, 66.7% pass rating!? But I still think they sound good so what the heck? Maybe author should have included a on ear critical listening grading too? Or maybe that would be subjective and tests were all objective in measuring only. Still very interesting to read all the headphones reviewed by author though But what a rabbit hole!
  8. Orange

    Oppo PM3

    Hi Tyll! I first knew of the PM3 from your CanJam video of these on your site and I'm so glad you made it as I'm so excited about these headphones as they cover so many bases for me personally. I'm in the market for portable headphones, I really want some hi-fidelity sound quality that planar's offer, sealed back makes perfect sense for portables and I can't afford another amplifier than my current one but apparently these hp's don't necessarily require one for sounding good, so I'm really appreciating the release of these and just hope they aren't going to be too expensive to buy out of my Christmas money as I hear these are due for release early 2015? But I wonder what other planar manufacturers are going to be coming out with too as you tease with "portable orthos are coming"! Please tell us more? I know you know new stuff first! Awesome! I never knew this!
  9. http://youtu.be/EdT7M4f2L9A This just Rox so hard
  10. over thinking is so over rated sometimes

    1. blessingx


      It's the other way.

  11. Yeah, and I think it looks interesting but I'm more interested in the portable Oppo PM3 though as it may offer more versatility?
  12. Orange

    Oppo PM3

    I'd love the PM3's gifted to me for Christmas (providing they include sticky tape to protect the glossy cups - lol) Portable planar's look to be a new emerging market so I think that's quite an exciting prospect to see if other manufacturers follow, maybe?
  13. Orange

    Oppo PM3

    HaHa, yeah, why didn't Oppo think of that? What does /s mean? I've not seen that before?
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