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  1. Hi I paid 900 USD for mine and it is a blessing as compaired to the kgss cheers Tom
  2. Rudistor ! Thanks for the warning
  3. I use both stands and he Stax cover fits just fine on the Woo. cheers Tom
  4. Wrong ! The KGSS sucks - no real power, resulting in muddy bass. BIG disappointment. cheers Tom
  5. Birger Are there other than cosmetic differences between the SRM-007t and SRM 007ta/II. Any real change to the design? cheers Tom
  6. The first series of the 007t had 2 pro and 1 normal output. The last series had 3 pro outputs only. ( I have one of those with serial no: 7T-2199 ) cheers Tom
  7. I bought a 007BL from Simplystax in UK. cheers Tom
  8. Yes the did - but they have been out of print for a long time. They often pop up at the German e-bay. cheers Tom
  9. Hi spritzer I would like to try and recable my defunct SR-303. Can you suggest a supplier for a spare cable ? Will I have to install new pads as well after removal. Or can some third party adhesive be used to fasten the old ones ? cheers Tom
  10. My 717 is now running on its 4.rd year without any problems. cheers Tom
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