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    Sennhieser HD-800, Beyerdynamic DT-1350; ATH-ESW10JPN, Senn HD-25-1-ii, Westone 4r
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    SPL Phonitor, Yamamoto HA-02, Fostex HP-P1, RSA SR-71B
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    IEM Silver Dragon cables and connection system, HagUSB-XLR, M-Audio USB Audiophile, vairous cables

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  1. Congratulations, we just had our first grandchild this year, he is right at 6 months now and we have really enjoying him when we can get our hands on him. Steve
  2. Birthdays on Christmas, hoping you have it twice as good....
  3. Everyone have a great Christmas.
  4. Another one, congratulations.
  5. Your the more marketing hype type buying guy than the engineering type, right?
  6. Sorry for my lack of technical understanding but is this to be another Electrostatic amp or an amp that can power any headphone depending on its power supply? Thanks
  7. Thanks guys, I am not around much but I do come a visit some.
  8. This is the setup: Fostex HP-P1 Amp/Dac + iPod Touch 64GB + DT1350 recabled by Moon Audio with their IEM Silver Dragon cable for flexibility split entry. That is also the Moon Audio IEM Silver Dragon iPod Doc to USB connector. http://s274.photobuc...rtable%20setup/
  9. Beautiful work...great patience in doing this effort.
  10. SPL Phonitor Fostex HP-P1 Beyer DT1350 HD800 Apple iPod Touch 64GB I was downgrading/sizing but took a HD800 in as part of a payment for my KGSS and Stax and started enjoying the HD800 so much I thought I needed to get something like the SPL. These changes are all within the past two weeks. It had been over two years since any previous significant changes. Oh well, so much for best intentions.
  11. When it comes in. Just ordered it yesterday.
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