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  1. Sorry @Pars i wasn´t thinking right..What i have is the CFA2... My mistake..
  2. Hi @Pars I think I have some spare boards with the latest version, that has the servo completely out of the audio path, as Kevin said. Tomorrow I let you know. Best Tiago
  3. @kevin gilmore : For when, the version of the SS Dynalo ,with the current mirror in the servo,like you did for the cfa? ? Thanks a lot
  4. Can i use 2sa1930/2sc5171 instead of mjf15030/15031? Thanks
  5. Can i use a 500 mw CMF55 in the 1 ohm position,if i only 4 pin xlr in the output?
  6. Thanks Pars. I could maybe ,put some heatsink in it ,to avoid heat issues. Another question ,if you guys can help. Can i use BC550/560 if i only go up to 22v in the power supply?
  7. Guys could use i use normal mpsw06 and 56 in place of the pzta06 and 56?Maybe soldering the colector leg only to the big pad? I got many of the mpsw and the pzta are always off stock in mouser...
  8. I am using an adapter that Kevin made specially for them ,so it´s ok .
  9. i have been using for the input of my dynalo some 2sa1349/2cs3381,that i bought from Justin at a very good price. Even with no matching,they are working very well
  10. It will be for the ss dynalo and i will be using 22v secondaries transformer. yes, i have some small ones more a less the size of those.It´s just, if i can use those, i wouldn´t need to do more holes...
  11. Guys ,do i need heatsinks for the grlv, for 20v, to use with the dynalo?If yes small ones will do? Thanks
  12. What is semi foo foo in this case Pars? Yes i know i can use anyone but was just wondering what teh guys thought was best both in musical and technical terms. I was thinking in use nichi ukz. Thanks Jose
  13. Guys for the 100uf Electrolytic in the ss dynalo what would be the best capacitor to use in that position?Both in technical and musical terms combined?or doesn´t that matter at all? I saw some of us use nichicon ufg,ukz but i want to know if there are different opinions. Thanks
  14. Oh yes ,of course....Thanks Kevin...But my Dynahi without the opa445 is definitely a no go for me...
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