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  1. Terrible match IMHO. Also the Ether Voce pads. The best pads I came across for the 007 were the 009 pads. Actually they proved to be the best for all my headphones. I love those pads - especially after I removed the white reinforcing layer from the internal foam. Same mod works great for the 007 pads as well. Best generally usable ear pads in the industry IMHO (not counting special ones like Focal or Sony or Phenomenon). I have dozens of obsolete pads from other makers that I collected over time, but the 007 and 009 pads stand out. So if anything, I'd move *for* them, not away from t
  2. I am not an amp expert, but I've been using an overhauled SRM-1 Mk2 as backup (PSU improved and some capacitors/resistors changed) for quite some time. It sounds dynamic, powerful and neutral, but still has a "rough" or "raw" character compared to a finer amp like the BHSE (which costs 10+ times the price, so...). It can drive an SR-007 pretty well though, which smooths out things a bit, it's not a bad pairing. The 009 is definitely not a good pairing (since it takes up and even hyperboles the character of the amp driving it), neither are most of the Lambdas. The amp is not bright per se, it'
  3. The 009 ear pads are assembled so that the flap is between the housing and a metallic ring, using 6 screws. See these steps: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/stax-sr-009-and-sr-007-mk1-earpad-diy-mods.754839/#post-11347708 Copying them here: 1. Remove the inner dust grill through the ear pad opening (by gently bending it inwards and pulling out). This will leave the wire mesh visible, and the upper black metallic ring which is mounted with 6 screws. You will need to loosen the screws next. 2. By pushing the ear cushions aside with a finger to make space and reveal the screw hea
  4. Hifiman e-stats sound a bit too soft to me, but way better than their planars. Surely will have followers, but I can imagine they will upgrade soon. Buy yours then, if it's your type of sound, and if you trust Hifiman reliability.
  5. I must add that please don't overestimate the word "testing" here. The v3 got so much better that was 99.99% attributed to Dima's approach to listen to feedback, then rethink the whole problem and fix it at the root, rather than patching it over and over to please the crowd. In fact I consider myself just an early customer, offered a free upgrade path, asked for feedback.
  6. I've got the Libratum 2 in spring 2017, spent the summer trying to fix the perceived midrange emphasis I heard (in the end I managed doing it and sent back the result). It has been upgraded to the v3 driver in the end of 2017: the whole driver was changed IIUR, also the covering metallic grills, and the ear pads. Basically only the housing + cable stayed the same. A friend got the Canorum 3 and and we have compared them (see my previous post for that). In principle, I won't share the price, especially since it was an agreement for prototype testing and measurements. I am also guinea pig f
  7. Imagine Stax would have an upgrade policy... it would be wonderful. When I assumed the risk for getting Phenomenon I didn't even know upgrades were going to be free. Definitely it was a nice gesture (from a guy who was very open about these being experimental prototypes). Yes, IIUR the v4 driver is imminent, but I am so happy with the v3 + my pads that I might skip one or two (so far it looks like 2 upgrades per year, might slow down to one). The next step for me would be to get the current (or better) sound with stock (thicker) Libratum pads in order to make it more comfortable.
  8. I own a pilot prototype Libratum 2 that has been upgraded with v3 driver and new pads by Dima in the end of last year. Yes, they are kind of heavy, similar to the 009. The design is nice in the way that one can set the pressure of the headbands, but I don't like the esthetic of the headband design and the housing design (with the protruding screw heads). Also, the sliders are not very smooth to move. However, configurability is way better than any other headphone housing. They measure almost exactly like the Stax 009 except in the high mids and treble where the Libratum is more linear and
  9. I'd say it's a pretty good start, perhaps enough for most people. High-end people are just a too loud minority :). Take a bit of time with the new system, listen to a lot of music, and you will get to learn and grow your own preferences in the process. Later you could get in mods (or get them done by someone else, as they do matter), or eventually change the amp and/or the headphones altogether, but you will need to spend multiple times your current expenditure if you want to seriously move up (e.g. Mjolnir Carbon + 007/009). The question is, will you really want to do this, or will you be le
  10. Thanks for sharing all those experiences, I really enjoyed reading about e-stat DIY, but somehow didn't get the courage to get into it (and into making drivers in general). I have some background in speaker design, but using off the shelf drivers. There are a lot of people who can do them much better than I could and I have very little time to spare. It's interesting what you say about sensitivity and makes sense. Taking it forward, I would be willing to sacrifice a bit from the 009 sensitivity if that made easier for Stax to achieve a sound signature closer to the 007 Mk1 and original Om
  11. Looks like e-stats are getting new and new competition. Not bad per se. Of course a lot of sub-optimal designs may come out first, especially long-term durability may be an issue. The question - as always - is not as much how good they are now, but how fast will they improve (well, change). For instance, Phenomenon made a rather big jump in quality between membrane v2 (that AFAIK only Spritzer and I had) and v3 (I don't know who else than me has it). The v3 measures almost exactly as the 009 except in the upper mids/treble where it's smoother and sounds even better. Compared to v2, ther
  12. Nah, you heard an upper harmonic of the 3 Hz tone (probably distorted at that, probably by your source). (arghh... reacted too soon, without reading the rest of the thread; consider this deleted)
  13. Now that would be interesting. I've heard the HE-1 in their booth, but no chance for comparisons. From memory, subjectively not much better than a well driven 007, or any better than a 009 (slightly smaller sound stage on the HE1 and no hint of treble hash) - but as usual, there is a chance memory fails me :). The price definitely doesn't justify performance. Hopefully in the future Sennheiser will make a more regular e-stat with similar driver tech (but without amp part built in the headphones), possible to drive from 3rd party amps. In my short experience the gain from cutting cable length
  14. They are a few (2-3) mm smaller in diameter, and 2-3 mm thicker both in front and back side. You can install them on the 009 by some stretch, but I am not sure they will sound in optimal way. The inner opening of the 009 pads is larger, and the air volume between the ear and driver is slightly larger. But IME the 009 is the most invariant Stax vs pad changes, so there is hope. There are some slight chances one would even prefer the sound with the 007 pads, but IME the 009 sounds best (= most natural and neutral) with the stock 009 pads. With the 007 pads it was more relaxed, but not as neutral
  15. I see... what kind of (foam?) inlay did you spec, density/structure?
  16. I am doing that, but so far haven't found anything good for the Omegas. Speaking about SR Omega pads, I definitely like how the inner opening is done, with one stitching line that goes in a slant plane from front to back, rather than the common two stitching lines. I agree the opening is a bit too large on the originals. In my experience the 009 pads oval opening is quite optimal size and shape, for all Omega series. There are similar bass distortion figures for the 009 sized and smaller openings, but they increase above that opening size. Too bad it's so hard to get 009 pads. Also,
  17. I can relate to that! I've been pondering for a while to take the SR-Gamma Pro drivers and put them in a bigger wooden closed back but Onken front loading enclosure, like Fostex/Sony or such. Should be better than most closed cans today, this side of the R10.
  18. IMHO the Carbon is good enough that instead of matching a DAC, or source to the Carbon, rather match it to the headphones - if you need to match at all. FWIW I like the better TDA1541 and PCM63 DACs of old. Wadia, older Parasound, Theta, vintage Philips etc. With improved PSUs these rock the higher res DACs into the ground :). The Yggy will work with the 007 but might be bright with the 009 - a Gumby is likely a safer buy, used. I just prefer the more relaxed, more dynamic and deeper tone of the older DACs. The Holo Spring looks interesting, but I didn't hear it. I'd also recommend the EC
  19. Those original SR-Omega pads...drool... They are so well designed. I forgot to take measurements when I had access, and now I regret... If you could measure them at each point where they change dimensions, that is, 4 positions for height, 2 for the inner and outer diameter (they look like slightly oval in the opening), and the heights of the bottom sewing, I could try to get them made. One problem though, the internal foam filling may be unavailable today, and if other foam is used, it will alter the sound, so it will need manual tuning vs the originals. The closest stock pads seem t
  20. Mk1 is more open and smoother IMHO. But rumour says there might be a Mk3 coming this year... so you might want to wait :).
  21. I fully agree with the observation, but what do you mean by conventional? There is quite much research and a couple of approaches on how nonlinear distortions correlate with differences audible by humans, some of them quite old, others quite recent. I'd be interested to know how to tell the conventional from the non-conventional. I know it's a bit off-topic, a private message would suffice. Thank you.
  22. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if the Cree C2M1000170D has lateral structure? (previously posted to the Stax thread which was likely the wrong place for it).
  23. As an outsider, if the Carbon is using the Cree SiC transistor from the link 3 posts above, or similar, then probably it is the best SS amp for any Stax, including the 009 and the 007 too. The technical characteristics of that device are amazing, except perhaps for input capacitance, but it's transistor and not a tube, and it's nevertheless perfectly capable of driving any Stax stat to the owners' deafness with very high fidelity, more so than any other amp (this side of the T2).
  24. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if the Cree C2M1000170D has lateral structure?
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