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  1. I have heard the DT1770 and to me, it was so bright that it was actively painful and I could not listen for longer than ~10 seconds. Just so there's a not that i'm not extremely treble sensitive, I don't have much of a problem with other bright/peaky headphones (such as DT770/880/990, HD700, HD800, etc)
  2. I'm curious and i'm no expert on amp design by any means... Will a 4-pin male XLR Balanced -> 1/4" female TRS jack adapter work with a balanced Dynalo Mk2? I know a bunch of balanced amps get very unhappy when you "convert" their output to single-ended and i'm wondering if Dynalo Mk2 has that issue as well. I want to have one amp that can drive both my headphones I have balanced cables for and the headphones that I don't or can only be single-ended. Thanks!
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