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  1. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Now I know who the hoarders are -- and why they're so expensive from reputable vendors -- GRRRR
  2. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Thanks. I'm planning to after my experience with the counterfeit CREE parts from alibaba during my Carbon build. I've purchased the DY294 transistor tester that was recommended a few years back in this thread. Is there are better/more accurate equivalent that you're using? My DY294 sometimes gives me a bad reading for a known good part from mouser. I would purchase a curve tracer for this project, but they all seem to be prohibitively expensive compared to all other lab equipment. -Vinh
  3. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Awe, Nuts! :-D Thank you, JoaMat & Spritzer. I’ll look them up on mouser. This is the very last sand I need to source from the T2 BOM... assuming none of the older items are not fake (knock on wood).
  4. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    JoaMat, would either of these two part be suitable as a substitute for stn9360 on your shrunken board? (Stn9360 is currently out of stock at all the major components vendors until 2019.) PBHV9560ZX can handle up to 500mA but has higher capacitance; PBHV3160ZX has input/output capacitance closer to that of STN9360 but can only handle up to 100mA. Both are 600V devices like the STN9360. Datasheets attached. Even the more recent sands are starting to be difficult to source. PBHV9560Z-465958.pdf PBHV3160Z-466472.pdf
  5. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Thanks, Kevin. Was hoping I had stumbled on a cheap drop-in replacement. :-(
  6. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Would Sanyo 2SK2160 be a suitable substitute for the 2SK216? It looks more readily available. (Data sheet is attached.) 2SK2160.pdf
  7. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Found it!!—(The missing trace in the original shrunk board). Thank you, George. Looks like Kevin fixed it in shrunkedv2. Problem with reading this thread all the way thru at once is that everything is running together. Either that or I’m just getting old.
  8. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Thanks for the warning. I'll stay away from those boards. I've been looking at the gerber files for the shrunkv2 board and the shrinkedv10 board with the thought of either making my own from the gerbers or sending it off for a small batch run. Thanks, George -- 1/2" doesn't seem like much, but it's a big savings in case work that I'd rather just put toward the electronics, which is why I was looking at the shrunk version and JoaMat's shrinked10 version of the boards. Do you happen to know if the board errors were just in the particular run of boards that Lil Knight did back then or if they were inherent in the gerber files? I was planning to either etch my own board (ala JoaMat style) or do a small batch run with some pcb prototyping service.
  9. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Awesome! Thanks so much for the clarification on the smd transistor and the advice re. the ksa1229a/ksc2690c. (I had kind of guessed it was your name along with Kevin's on the shrunkedv10 board, but wasn't sure -- sorry, I'm a bit dense on these things. )
  10. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Thanks, JoaMat. The stn9360’s are what still puzzles me—when i searched for STN9360, this part (data sheet below) is the only one that shows up... Is this the same transistor that you used just in a vertical form factor back then?
  11. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    George, do you know if t2shrunkv2 is also in the same state (of incompleteness)? From the early days of the thread, I thought Kevin had laid out that particular board for Lil’knight back then.
  12. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Kerry, I know it’s been a while ago since you posted this, but would you mind posting the Ferber files and BOM for the compact T2 boards you made and referenced back in 2015? Or pm me a link to them? I’n Determined to build a DIY T2, and am trying to go compact if possible-preferably with parts that are still in production.
  13. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    (1) One of Kevin’s later boards (t2shrinkedv10) has stn9360’s shown in the layout as TO220 parts, but when I did a search for stn9360 on mouser (and digikey), the part shows up as an smd component... does the stn9360 still come in non-SMD format? If so where is a reliable source? If not, what is a suitable replacement? Can I mount the smd version on a smd-to-TO220 adapter board and use the smd parts, or are they not equivalent components? I can’t find any data sheet for a non-smd version of the stn9360, so I do not know what the specs are. (2) the board has a number of parts with leads rather close together with no outlines and with just a simple number by each pair of pads. Are those resistors to be mounted vertically? thanks for any helpful guidance.
  14. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    And we have music! After a 5-month saga of locating discontinued parts, melted SiCs, and counterfeit parts from questionable vendors, my Carbon boards with GRHV power supply is up and running!!! Big THANKS and shout-out to the other members here, especially Sorenb and Blueman2 for identifying the cause of my original disaster (not properly heatsinking the SiCs and 10M90s) and the cause of the follow-up failures (counterfeit SiCs and 10M90s from China). I wouldn't have known where to begin to troubleshoot let alone recognize the counterfeit parts. Special thanks to Chinsettawong for lending me authentic replacement parts to complete my boards. 🙏 In summary, two lessons I learned and am passing on for future builders: 1. Proper heatsinking is absolutely necessary for the Carbon and GRHV -- not just for long-term use, but even just for powering up to adjust the current. 2. Buy electronics parts only from reputable vendors -- and Yes, they do sell counterfeit MOSFETs in China that will blow up when powered up. I'm so happy!!! Now I just have to complete the front case and wiring.
  15. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    Thank you, Wachara. Good to talk to you over the phone this afternoon.