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  1. Thank you very much sir, thats one big treasure of schematics
  2. Could anyone repost the schematics? Have never been able to visit gilmore's website...
  3. Hi Pars, it's okay Now the casing was changed to an extruded aluminium product from taobao, the soundstage become somewhat more stable and background is also darker than before... Sorry for the typo, it's actually KSC1845 and KSA992... Only the same polarity pairs are matched for beta. I also tried to match pnp with pnp, but quite ironically, the beta deviation within the same batch was too small so that a match between different batches (eg. PNP with NPN) was made impossible...Even if I buy 1845 and 992 in same beta-grade, their beta grouping just avoided each other perfectly....
  4. Using Resistors as passive I/V stage? Rumors are that it measures really bad, but sounds somewhat clearer and more natural than an active IV stage. Of course the resistor has to be of low noise, high precision type.
  5. Perhaps not a good idea, say the extra stray inductance could have an effect on the compensation.
  6. Can someone post a link to the liquid gold mini board? Tried some keyword searching but just couldn't find it. Cavalli really sold a LOT of these amps to China, but seldom are they mentioned this year. Perhaps all blown up lol.
  7. lol, indeed the "casing" was dug up from the basement. A water-resistant version... And the amp sounds a little bit too bright, so the compensation cap was added upto 15pF, much better now
  8. Hi everyone! I also finished my build of Susy Dynalo! Still doing run-in of the amp but it already sounds really great even driving a HD800! Since the layout from Mr.Gilmore is a little bit too large and cannot fit into a 10cmx10cm pcb, I have to redraw the layout. But good thing is that an extra inductor was added to the power rail of input stage as well as the VAS to prevent distortion from output stage. Also the rails are surrounded by "guard rings", aimed to avoid EMI problems..... Sorry for the crude casing... just carved it out from kinda plastic flowerpot... S
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