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  1. First off, why is it you told me to try just shutting up? Do you have reason for this? Did I do something personal to you that you should reply to me like this? Second, I didn't beg to be banned, I mentioned it if there was an issue with my reply, which at the time was a misunderstanding due to others thinking I was trolling as another member, did you know this? And third, my post to @powertoold wasn't harming or hurtful in any way, and if he had an issue with my post (which obviously he didn't) he could have said so himself. I'm sure he doesn't need you to defend him. Cunty? I'm sticking around to read, not to put up with anyones shit. You have no clue who you're replying to, or what one is capable of doing, and furthermore what one is going through in their lives at any given time, so be smart and don't run your mouth behind a keyboard because it only speaks in volumes as to how weak you are. It's like flipping someone off while doing 60mph in your car because you feel safe. Would you do this outside of your car face to face? Be wise, and use your head when replying. And remember, if you can't take what you dish out, then don't. And also, treat people how you want to be treated because you're definitely not special or better than anyone else, and one day it just may come back to you. Lighten up and enjoy the rest of your day instead of treating people the way you do...you'll feel better about yourself.
  2. I think this whole subject is being blown way out of proportion and is totally due to your deafening listening levels and pushing your gear way beyond its limits, as well as your hearing.
  3. My apologies. I mis-directed this post. I thought you were the one selling your Phenomenon headphones (but it was @rico.) I had thought it was you, and th reason for selling was because you suspected a (v4) was right around the corner, which is why I posted about their free driver upgrade. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. When I inquired about their headphones, I was told by Phenomenon, anytime there is a driver upgrade (v4?) Phenomenon does the upgrade free of charge, but the buyer is responsible for the shipping costs. So why would you sell them and buy new headphones when the driver upgrade is free of charge? I'd think you'd be much better off paying the shipping costs for the upgrade rather than buying the new (v4?) headphones, no?
  5. Yes, I know this. In their ad they spell energize with an (s) instead of a (z) that's what I was getting at with my post, nothing to do with their stupid anology (which was wrong as well) about the Porsche engine.
  6. No, no, no...you've got it all wrong. This amp is for estats which need to be energised so it's a completely different animal. "Imagine that your electrostatic headphones are like the top of the range Porsche. A Porsche engine requires a lot more power than your standard car. So do electrostatic headphones! They need to be ‘charged’ or more accurately, ‘energised’."
  7. I purchased my 007Mk2 from HeadAmp +/- a year ago and the serial# is SZ3. As mentioned, these #'s seem to be all over the place, and all I know is mine sound fine. They're black in color for the U.S. compared to silver models from Japan, though.
  8. Oh, I had no clue, but I'm 100% not him nor a troll. I've been reading the Stax thread for a while now, and also know members here from the other place, which is why I decided to join. I also knew there was some talk of different R2R DACs over here, so I wanter to read which was of interest and read some comparisons as well.
  9. My sincere apologies. Seems I misunderstood. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Thank you both, I appreciate it.
  10. Wink, funny how you're a really nice guy to me over at the other place and we get along, but here you're a totally different person. Lets put this to rest. All I did was question a DAC and got a positive reply from a very respectable member. I then added a "like" to his reply because I very much appreciated it. When grawk replied to my post along with all his followers, I got penalized for saying "maybe you should do just that" to him. These weren't harsh words I used in any way. Maybe I took it the wrong way? Maybe grawk took my reply the wrong way? Apologies if I did.
  11. I guess you didn't get my message saying don't bother lifting my ban? It seems you know how to dish it out but can't take it. That tells me you're the type that hides behind their authoritative position. I 100% don't give shit who or what you are. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Don't be a bitch. Be a man and take what you dish out. Don't hide behind your "administrative authority" by banning people who stand up to you. Same goes for all you asshole brown nose buddies with their "likes".
  12. Then maybe you should do just that? Don't kid yourself thinking I'm a newbie to this hobby just because it's my first reply. No, he's not fooling.
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