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  1. According to this, they might have K812 up soon

    "AKG K712: This is 100% viable and we'll be glad to launch it... as soon as it's back in stock. Right now there isn't enough stock to make for a meaningful Massdrop and as such we're going to have to wait until the next batch comes in (shouldn't be too long).

    AKG K612: Highly viable. There's stock available and the price is consistent and close to MSRP which means that we can offer a meaningful price drop.

    Alright, and now for the AKG K812. For some quick background information, the K812 is AKG's newest $1500 MSRP reference headphone, and the first headphone AKG has produced in this price range since the legendary K1000. As of now, we've got 15 units of the K812 reserved with AKG . We'll launch the buy as soon as we receive final confirmation form AKG.

    Massdrop is, for a long time, going to be the only place AKG is willing to offer the K812 below their $1500 MSRP because of the privacy and niche enthusiasm of our community. Pat yourselves on the back. Through your polls, votes, and purchases you've been able to impress the top execs at AKG and now they're willing to work with you."

  2. If AKG takes it out on you because of your honest review of their bad product, I would throw my 702 outta the window from 9th floor and record it and post it on YouTube.

    I'm a AKG fans but they can't do that to you, Tyll.

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