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  1. I was about to declare my package lost but to my surprise it arrived at my doorstep today (Netherlands). thx for the GB Steef
  2. Hi, I did not receive (yet) a payment request. (The Netherlands). Still busy? i do not want to look impatient but would hate to things go wrong 😬 and thanks for putting this thing up! stay healty and take care, Steef
  3. Hi, please add to my outstanding list: 2x GRLV78 2x GRLV79 thanks for all the work!
  4. I think I would opt for the partly assembled boards, with or without the hard to get components. If bare would be all there is I would take those too.
  5. I use this one, fed from the 12v lv to delay hv output. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.nl%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F122078937183 I use a drop resistor to feed the cpc1117n
  6. Two Methods for adjusting ccs. Got the link from here somewhere I think. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sDp_QkRTnDHR2WO59ioGUoK2RewwoEbZaYuJX8QAXk8/mobilebasic
  7. OK I think I will bite for one miniT2 set, so 2x GRHVxxx1x GRLV79xx1x GRLV78xx1x Main Board1x miniT2 Thanks!
  8. I use The v tap guide From big gator tools with success. Use their drill hole guide for the drilling. I have no drill press. https://biggatortools.com/v-tapguide-faqs
  9. Hi @mwl168 will do but first I try to get the 300v line closer to 300v and lower the lv heatsink temp.
  10. I thought I did that already but seems not the case. I deliberately avoided vague eBay sellers and went for a seemingly reputable seller (not through eBay) in Germany. And maybe the tubes *are* okay and something else is wrong with my build. That is why I seek for alternative measurements on the tube side as well as on the amp board side. Will ponder about buying extra tubes though. Any suggestions for sellers in Europe? Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  11. Pity, local tube seller is not that helpful. Pondering about another DIY project to help myself out: http://www.dos4ever.com/uTracer3/uTracer3_pag0.html Is it up to the task? Is it helpful to power up the amp without tubes to measure voltages at the pins to verify that all tubes (output vs CSS of course) get the same input?
  12. I already have the NJM7[89]12FA which have the 1,5A current rating. Outputs are +-12.06 vDC so I am good. Will buy a 50VA 2x12V trafo and try again. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  13. Question: Is it a good or a bad idea to take the 7812 off board to a bottom-of-case-mounted 532-529802B25G (at 3.7c/w) for example? (assuming the 7812 produces the most heat of the 7812/7912 pair). The 7912 stays onboard on the 588-EA-T220-64E in this setup. Question: should I overshoot or undershoot the 300vDC? If I calculate correctly I get 292vDC with 18k drop resistor (too low according to Jose 's findings) and 310vDC with 16k drop resistor. Or should I parallel the current 21k resistor with about 100k to get 17k36 drop resulting in about 298vDC? [edit] combining a 40k+30k gives me 17k14 resulting in 300vDC so I think I should go for that option. Update: I consulted with a local tube seller for testing/matching my tubes to create a box of 12 good-matched tubes.
  14. Thanks for all the info and pointers. Will investigate further and make some changes. I'll be back ?
  15. Thanks Jose, I learn a lot by reading a lot but it takes time to sink in ? DC offset one channel -23vDC (shifted to -40 after a while) and +1vDC, other channel -52vDC (also drifting to -35) and -13 vDC, this results in balances of 23-40vDC for both channels. I read here that too low 300v line can cause things to oscillate. So maybe I should lower the drop resistor to about 18K first before measuring again? I did not measure my tubes myself but did buy matched stuff from banzai-music in Germany. So I really want to rule out improper matched tubes ? About the LV I did see that mw used a 12v secondary supply for his recent build so I think I should go that route. A bigger heatsink on the LV will not fit on the board. Yes I use the LV for the 12Ax7 tubes (x as in X and U ? ) Thanks for the help Steef
  16. I used 588-EA-T220-64E. At 8c/w vs your 10c/w but should I worry about the 60 deg celcius? I guess I should use a lower sec winding voltage transformer then. Maybe 12-13vac or so? To be sure what I am supposed to measure on outputs. As far as I understand the outputs are balanced outputs. So a β€œ+” and a β€œ-β€œ pin per channel - no gnd output. I measured dc between these pins. If I measure pins to gnd I get 2 measures per channel. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  17. Thanks for the quick response. I guess I should lower the resistor to about 17k5 then if I calculate correctly. I measured the DC on the output pins per channel. Should I measure each pin against gnd? The LV heatsink stands tall on the PCB so can’t bolt on chassis. Steef Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  18. Hi all, After a l.o.n.g time first start of my Megatron, fully bare version for now. Scary as hell but no cracks, fumes, funny smells etc. Pfew. I did check PSUs with variac first. Did measure filament AC on trafos first and DC out on the PSUs unloaded. Did them loaded with some load resistors a long time ago also. Amp board full power on first launch with all tubes in (after triple checking the wire mess, that is ? ) Some operational parameters Balanced & matched 12AU7EH and 12AX7EH tubes Matched octet 6CA7EH tubes Bias +570VDC (on testpoint) HV +-457VDC after delay of about a minute after filament power on 300V line is about 265-270VDC all 4 leds are glowing all filaments too ? LV +-12VDC Shorted inputs gives a steady 19VDC on one output and a jumping 20-25VDC on the other output HV regulator heatsink L-bar not warm at all (about 15 minutes uptime) Bias regulator heatsink also not warm at all LV regulator heatsink about 60 degrees Celsius (seems a bit hot to me) AC input on LV section 2x15VAC Questions Is bias voltage OK (a bit lower than 580) Is 300V line OK (or should I lower the 21K resistor value to get closer to 300VDC) Is +-457VDC OK (is a bit higher than 450) are the output DC offsets OK (especially the jumping one) should I do something about the LV section (maybe a larger heatsink although I have a high 60mm version, or get me a lower secondary transformer)? should I check some other parameters... ... or should I just plug in a Stax and listen ? Thanks so far, Steef
  19. Hi Steve, Checking in confirming receipt of the boards and pots. All nicely packaged and in good shape. Thanks! Steef
  20. NICE! Thanks fir all the work and the updates.
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