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  1. Maybe the guy though it would be a headphone equivalent of loudspeaker bi-wiring? Shotgun cables is the term used I believe?
  2. He makes a big deal how this Stax energiser needs to complete with 3rd party energisers but then he goes on to completely ignore this and not compare it to any 3rd party energisers. He doesn't even compare it to other Stax energisers and hence not informing the reader of its virtues arising from the referenced topology changes and transformer updates. All very odd
  3. Truly weird "review" of the Stax SRM-T8000 energiser. See here... Stax SRM-T8000 Review He states. "the T8000 features a pair of 6922 double-triodes in the input stage and a solid-state output stage. This form of hybrid amplifier circuit is commonplace in traditional two-channel amplifiers, but has been harder to utilise in Stax energisers because of the high impedance of an electrostatic transducer." Huh? There are lots of energisers with solid state output stages.
  4. Litzig is German for strand not litz
  5. Hi Justin, The jpg doesn't show for me Sorry, damn company firewalls
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