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  1. Sounds like a ChatGPT session
  2. What is this? I wonder what's made everyone try their hand at making electrostatic stuff, not that I mind it but it feels like it's everyone rushing all at once
  3. I remember looking at this years ago and wanting to build it, then I read some comment about how the 6c33c's have short lifespan? ...am I reading that correctly, 7A filaments?
  4. might be worth making the cap spaces bigger if you can, I'm sure people are going to try and shove boutiques there (I know I did for the EL34 version)
  5. Is this similar to what you had in mind for the original Megatron with EML tubes? (If it wasn't already made that is)
  6. It's an no-feedback I/V stage, which was his main thing for these vintage R2R implementations: Drifts a bit but nothing major once you zero it, 20-ish mV
  7. I think there are some DSD people here, including @kevin gilmore but Andrea Mori just announced his new DSD-only design that accepts external oscillators: https://www.thewellaudio.com/twsdac-dsd/ Only drawback is that you gotta use his FIFO to interface with his products, which adds a pretty hefty chunk to the buy-in. Not really meant to be a shill post, but I put his AD1862 DAC together and it checked off a lot of boxes for me in terms of flexibility in tweaking both the digital and analog parts. I'm pretty happy with the sound- I was gonna post it earlier but kind of slipped my mind.
  8. Can anyone remind me what the difference between the all-black 007MK2 and the 007A are- build-wise or sonically? I remember reading that some of the parts aren't swappable but I'm not really sure what there could be that would be incompatible. Is there an S/N range that guarantees you're getting a specific revision of the headphones?
  9. I run mine at 20ma/400V and I think it gets a little strident in the highs- more noticeable on the non-007 models. Simmconn did some measurements that may or may not back this up: Depends on what power supply you're using, iirc 450V required either taller or stacked caps which is why I didn't go that route I've been meaning to turn down the output current but I need to root around for the adjustment documentation/tips
  10. I have a balanced tkd 4cp2511 with some low-level balance issues, is there an easy way to fix this or did I just get a lemon?
  11. Sorry I wasn't clear- that page is from the diyaudio store, when you add a few pieces to the cart they tack on like 50 dollars shipping. I'll just grab a few extras when I buy the next case from them.
  12. I spent a bit of time with the O2mk1 fitted with 009 pads because I read a few posts here and there, seems like it evens out the bass impact a bit (general sense of balance between high/mids/lows) but at the expense of making vocals a little too shouty for my tastes. Essentially you get a bit of the artificial hi-fi flavor, not terrible but it starts to grate if you listen for too long. Eventually ended up switching back. I'm curious about the old brown pads, I've forgotten how they sound...
  13. You guys know any other places that sell baseplates similar to what hifi2000 has? I've used a few smaller ones and I'm pretty hooked, but shipping from Italy for the larger plates is a bit of a pain.
  14. is it just the pinout that's different? do the passives need any swaps?
  15. For the Lambdas you can use the SRX Plus or KGSS/KGSSHV/KGST, whichever fits your budget
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