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  1. i think he did a google search and just ran through the different forums in order to create a case
  2. damn he even addressed the measurements lol, come on man
  3. if you have any extras i'd love to take a pair off your hands. i feel like the nos pair i found is a priceless antique at this point. how does it change the presentation?
  4. shouldn't be horridly expensive to get a run made for the cfa, considering you need 4 an amplifier
  5. are you still using the amplifier alongside your other units? still like it? my only concern is the rolloff near the top but at this price point i'm not sure it's a huge deal.
  6. far too many projects to keep up, but it's always so tempting once you see the artwork... i remember reading that kevin was championing the el34 ccs in the megatron, should wire that in instead so everyone gets the tube complement they want even if it's not the grounded grid output. kidding of course, even if it does sound monstrous.
  7. did you figure out a way around the inherent noise?
  8. What about dcs? I've heard about them a few times but I'm pretty in the dark as to what they do differently, if anything at all. Anyone heard their stuff? I like their casework!
  9. I guess the switchers were a cost/space consideration? I'd expect that to show up in the spectrum, but you'd just need to listen. I'm interested enough to see how it stacks up against the yggdrasil, I imagine the in-house filter is the only thing it's got over the soekris.
  10. if you want a marked improvement try to dig up a fancy-schmancy usb power supply like that ifi stuff
  11. cheaper than what I paid for that stuff, damn
  12. I think the AQ series uses Gordon Rankin's Streamlength coding, it doesn't seem to be specified for HRT's products if the async portion of things was a concern. I only bring it up because I use Rankin's stuff for my home system's USB > spdif conversion, and I also own the original AQ Dragonfly.
  13. i used ac filaments everywhere without any hum issues, might help cut down on what you have to route
  14. i've used amplifiers with 30v offset, not a huge deal
  15. are you using the same case you were using for the grounded grid dht and so forth? looks familiar, not that i'm complaining