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  1. Schiit Yggdrasil

    what does the gen 5 offer over whatever they included at launch? i've barely used the usb input myself
  2. The State of DACSES

    maybe not the best suggestion based on the aesthetic bar weiss is setting, but the ayre codex seems to be pretty good, just a bit skimpy on the features Apparently they're also coming out with a QX-8 with a bunch of bells and whistles including streaming functionality if that's your thing http://www.theaudiobeat.com/highend2017/highend2017_ayre.htm
  3. Soekris DAC1541

    i got mine directly from them as well, pretty painless
  4. Soekris DAC1541

  5. The Headcase Stax thread

    i paid a lot more than that for my 009 pads from hi end workshop
  6. The State of DACSES

    nah lots of space around it, but the ambient of my room may have been a factor as well
  7. The State of DACSES

    I first tried it out with the Focal Elears, only have an AQ Dragonfly Red to compare. Less fatiguing to listen to than the dragonfly, and the headphone out seems to coax a lot of bass out of the Elears - overall very enjoyable, though I don't really use dynamic headphones for critical listening anymore. I think the headphone out combined with the size makes it a good alternative to the Yggdrasil based on the features. I'll definitely use the headphone out more though, electrostatics and summer weather don't get along. I haven't messed with the crossfeed too much, but I can say it works. Overall I'm not the biggest fan of the selectable filters and crossfeed, makes me feel like they were trying to please too many people at once. I left it running for like 8h (accidentally), the case got to around 110 F but it was still chugging along fine. Probably a fair bit hotter inside. Maybe worth noting that the 1541's enclosure is vented, while the Yggdrasil seems to be sealed as far as I can tell. Just set it up with the T2 > 007 mkii chain, feeding it with a Wavelink HS so I can try out some of my Hi-Res PCM stuff. This is the same setup I use for the Yggdrasil, no direct USB connection. I'll hold off on more detailed impressions, but in comparison to the Yggdrasil the soundstage is a lot smaller - definitely don't get that same impression of spacing & air between voices/instruments/etc. In general vocals seem to be up close and personal, that's the first thing that caught my attention while listening on the electrostatic setup. The treble is also a bit harsher on the 1541, which you can tune a bit with the filter selections. There's also a bit more bass impact. Maybe it's from the differences in filtering? Or maybe I just bought into Schiit's filter marketing pitch haha. Overall it seems like the 1541 is a bit livelier and intimate in its presentation, but more fatiguing to listen to. Of course things like fatigue have to be assessed over a longer listening period, so grain of salt etc. To-do (vs. Yggdrasil) Compare USB inputs Hook up a Legato II, compare redbook performance Get a picture for size comparison, it's pretty amusing Find a balanced input selector - any suggestions?
  8. grounded grid

    i think i have a pair lying around somewhere, along with some older psu boards
  9. The State of DACSES

    my soekris 1541 arrived, the knob is a bit wonky - it's misaligned, scrapes against the faceplate for a portion of its rotation. luckily it only matters for the headphone connection. need to listen more but it's not bad so far. one advantage it has over the yggdrasil is that it's like 1/10 the size
  10. this thread was lost way before the cables
  11. Schiit Yggdrasil

    i wonder why they only included an rca spdif termination
  12. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    you can always use a courier service yourself and order them
  13. received mine as well, thank you!
  14. stax t8000 clone (well sorta)

    i like it a lot, reminds me of the audio note stuff, wanted to do something similar for the t2 maybe i'll try it out for the t8000 tube ccs version