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  1. Nice build, did you get the angle-brackets done by the same shop?
  2. You guys see any issue powering the attenuator with switchers? Was thinking the meanwell stuff used in the smd ss dynalo, irm series
  3. I powered on my Carbon without any headphones and I heard music...coming from the amplifier- specifically the potentiometer (4CP-2508S). It also wasn't attenuating at all- turns out I forgot to connect L-/+ and R-/+ common pins together and that fixed everything, but I swear I can still hear something (albeit attenuated compared to before) when nothing's plugged in. Have any of you guys encountered this? FWIW I'm using the version with the divider shields
  4. I didn't think it was an issue I was more wondering what Stax does on their side, then don't even try to regulate the bias afaik right? It's been a while so I've forgotten most of this stuff
  5. Had to replace a bad lt1021 but I got my psu boards up and running without much issue - the bias TP seems to be ~567 though - is this within spec for Stax? (Does Stax even have a spec ?)
  6. How do you guys orient the terminal blocks on the amplifier boards? I have Version 0.5, pretty crowded and I read a little about how people have had issues with the terminal blocks shorting with the tracks near the outputs/rails. I figured you guys with finished builds would have some pointers- it seems like the least headache is to mount them opposite the component side at a glance.
  7. I'd like to add 1 78xx 1 79xx 1 mainboard to my order (effectively 3 psu sets total) Thanks!
  8. I'd like to upgrade my quantities if possible: 2x preassembled GRHV's 2x bare GRHV's 2x GRLV78xx 2x GRLV79xx 2x T2 PSU board 2x T2 board (Didn't realize the prices would be so good) We don't need GRHV's for the T2 mainboard right?
  9. partially assembled Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  10. looks like Kerry's build Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  11. XF2s and EH's. Was only one tube socket but I panicked pretty hard haha
  12. Yeah I started doing that, but I got spooked when I saw one of the tubes start red plating and flashing. I switched to a cheaper tube and the heater/cathode was still flashing similarly in the same spot. I'll tackle it when I have some more free time this week. Thanks for the help guys
  13. neither channel works atm Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  14. I guess it's easier to recount the trail of events: Swirling/Static in left channel, left channel goes out mid-use (happened before in a channel years ago, ended up having to replace a k216 somewhere after checking some of the behavior near the power rails). At this point I was able to power up both channels and only the left one wasn't functioning properly. Right channel was fine throughout this time - rails weren't acting up etc. While powering on (only) the faulty left channel afterward I saw something spark near the output CCS and take out the stacked LED's
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