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  1. Hi mwl168, How the payment is done? Do you have a PayPal account? Regards
  2. Hi, Sorry, to be more precise: 2x GRHVxxx (assembled) 2x GRHVxxx. Bare 2x GRLV78xx 2x GRLV79xx 2x main board 2x mini t2 board Thanks
  3. I would like partially assembled boards for one set Thank you
  4. If is not to late, I would like to add 1 set (2, 1, 1, ,1, 1) Thanks
  5. Hi JoaMat, You gave the power of the HV transformer (135VA or 143VA) what will be the power of the LV transformer? Thanks
  6. Hi, It's not to late to order a set for a T2 ? 2x GRHVxxx 1x GRLV78xx 1x GRLV79xx 1x main board 1x mini t2 board Thanks!
  7. Hi, I have just discovered this thread and I'm very interested to build this project but I'm not able to download any of the links provided here. Where I can get the PCB ? Thanks
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