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Found 3 results

  1. I am starting this thread for all that are or will be building JoaMat's mini T2 to share information, ideas, thoughts and experiences. The attached schematic is an updated one .The resistors in the BOM are thick film ones and can be replaced with thin film ones for likely better outcome. The power supply requirements for this amp are +400VDC, -460VDC (EL34 output stage), +220VDC (6922/6DJ8 front end), +15VDC, -15VDC (servo, cathode current source) and 6.3V filament supplies for the 6922/6DJ8 and EL34 tubes that can either be AC or DC. I also plan to use the +15VDC for the CPC1117N high tension delay. EDIT (Feb. 2020): updated schematic and BOM (Thanks JoaMat!) Note: PCBs pictured below are of older version. miniT2 v22 schematic.PDF miniT2 v22 BOM -Date_2020-02-16.xlsx
  2. In 2011 I bought everything needed for a D.I.Y. T2 ( except the chassis and the 4-gang attenuator or pot for level control) and had every intention of building the thing... but then I became disabled and unable to build it.... though I still fantasized that I would build it- somehow. Well, that clearly is never going to happen, and due to the situation I find myself in, I need to get the money back that I spent on these parts. I offered them to Birgir (Spritzer) but he doesn't need them; he suggested I offer them here. I have attached my T2 Bill of Materials with part numbers, prices and etc. Have a look and if you are interested, make an offer. FYI I will only sell this as a lot. All transistors obtained from sources other than Mouser/Digikey/Allied have been characterised ( breakdown voltage and curves measured ) to make sure there are no fakes. t2parts-milosz.xls
  3. Thought it might make sense to make a new thread on this so as not to pollute the T2 thread. So this would be limited to the chassis, any potential board run, and any other potential group buys for traffos or transistors (if numbers warrant). I am hoping to move forward by the end of the week. Please keep in mind, if you are in and make your deposit, you are committed and will not back out unless you find someone to take your spot (so if you are not well established, then paypal gift only). Please express interest here or by PM. I have also included a link to the results of the first group buy:
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