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  1. I like these headphones but I think the bass would sound better with deeper earpads plus they would keep my ears from bottoming out in the earcups. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot! Gene
  2. I have one and use it all the time with my Schiit Magni amp and Hifiman HE 4XX headphones. It really helps when a record is not mixed to my preference.
  3. It would be great to have a local record store that allows you to listen to the records before you buy them. I have never lived anywhere where they had a record store like that. The closest record store to me is about 35 miles away and they aren't really set up for customers to try out the records. I buy a lot of used albums on Discogs and it seems like I have better luck buying used records graded vg+ there than new records on Amazon.
  4. I am a big fan of vinyl. I still have my first records that I purchased as a little kid in the early '70s and they are still in decent shape. I still buy a lot of used albums and several new ones. Here lately, my luck with new albums has been pretty bad. I bought John Prine's last record and it sounds good. I pre-ordered the reissue of John Prine's first album and it sounds awful. I have the cd and it sounds good. I recently bought Charlie Crockett's latest album. I knew that it should sound great because on the radio and on tital it sounds like it was recorded at Sun Records 60 years ago. The
  5. sbelyo I really appreciate your help. Your link was just the information that I was looking for. I am knowledgeable about a few things but electronics is an area where I struggle. Thank you for your help! If you are ever in NE Oklahoma I will have chips and beer waiting. Thanks again! Gene
  6. I was just hoping to get some advice from people who are experts in this sort of thing. I am not but I generally try to ask questions to the most qualified people I can find. Apparently I should not have bothered anyone here with my question. Feel free to delete my post as I could not figure out how to delete it myself. Sorry for wasting your time.
  7. I wasn't meaning to offend anyone. I just posted the same question in three different forums that I am in. I pretty much asked the question in all three at the same time or as close as I could. I didn't realize that if I asked a question in one forum that I couldn't ask it in another.
  8. I was just wondering how this amp would work as a headphone amp. It doesn't have a headphone jack but the speakers are connected with rca plugs into rca jacks on the back of the amp. It is rated at 1.2 watts at 1000 Hz with 10% distortion. I read that it puts out .75 watts per channel with very low distortion into 8 ohm speakers. My question is how would it work to connect headphones directly to the speaker jacks with an adapter? Would any modifications need to be made? These little amps actually sound really good with small bookshelf speakers and are dirt cheap. Thanks a lot, Gene
  9. I see that they were sold in the 1983 catalog. Do you know if they were comfortable?
  10. I am putting together a vintage Realistic bookshelf stereo system with a SA-150 integrated amp, Minimus 7 speakers, and a Lab-290 turntable. It dawned on me that my headphones are the only component that doesn't fit into the early 80's Radio Shack theme. I need some suggestions for headphones that Radio Shack sold in that same time period. I would guess that there were some decent headphones made for Radio Shack in the early 80's. I thought that this would be the best place to get expert advise so what would you recommend? Thanks a lot, Gene
  11. One of my favorite recent acquisitions!
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