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  1. Maybe you shouldn't call this a headphone forum if that isn't what it is. You might want to make sure and not accept new members who don't already know everything that you know too. A lot of us don't have a lot of experience with high end headphones but would like to learn. You do realize that if you run off everyone that is interested in your hobby but doesn't know as much as you do, your hobby will die. You all were beginners at this at one time, and if you have any ambition in life, you will always be a beginner at something. I usually try to encourage beginners in areas where I happen to have the most expertise. There is no advantage in driving away like minded enthusiasts. You can do whatever you want though.
  2. I am beginning to think that I should never have tried to start an intelligent conversation about headphones here. The memories of being picked on by the cool kids are still fresh in your minds. I was never a football player and I never stuffed a nerd in a locker but you don't know that. Online, you have all graduated to the "cool kid" table in the cafeteria. From here on I will try to refrain from irritating you with my views and questions about audio equipment and let you get back to your anime pornography. I apologize for the interruption. Sincerely, Gene
  3. I guess no one else has any opinions about these headphones?
  4. I was lucky enough to get some new K240's for Christmas this year. I have owned a pair of Hifiman HE 4xx's for a couple of years now and recently bought a set of Sennheiser HD569 closed back headphones for when the wife is watching movies a little too loud. I also have a pair of Samson SR850's which seem to be modeled after the K240's so I really wanted to try the real thing. I will have to admit that I wasn't real impressed by the 240's at first. The first amplifier that I hooked them to was my old Realistic SA-150 integrated amp. They really highlighted the deficiencies of that amp with the highs rolled off and a muffled sound like cheap bass heavy headphones. I then tried them out on my Schiit Magni headphone amp and it was a vast improvement but they still seemed somewhat muffled. They only cost $49.00 right now and that's representative of the sound I was getting. Yesterday, I received a set of Brainwaves perforated, memory foam, xl large earpads. I went with the xl because I hate for my ears to be cramped up. When I took the stock earpads off I realized that there was a piece of foam over the drivers probably about 1/8" thick . The new earpads went on pretty easy and I left the foam out. The new pads made a world of difference. Last night I listened to records for about 4 hours and was very happy with my modifications. On some records that weren't mastered or pressed well, you could tell it but they could still be enjoyed. I used my Schiit Loki to eq an old Charlie Daniels Band record and it helped but everything else was just through the Magni alone. Ray Wylie Hubbard's newest album "Costarring" was great! I couldn't help but crank it up for that one. The 1964 Brenda Lee album "Emotions" also sounded good as well as " The Best of Ray Price" from the mid 1970's. I love the way it sounds like you are in the studio with the artists on these old albums. Although these are very particular about the source you are driving them with they seem to be exceptional sounding headphones with the new earpads. With the headphones costing only $49.00, the new earpads seem kind of extravagant at $26.50. You still end up with a very nice sounding and extremely comfortable set of headphones for just under $80.00. I haven't compared them back to back with the Hifiman 4xx's yet but I suspect that the Hifiman headphones will probably win on sound quality but I don't know if there will be enough of a difference win out overall when you take into account the light weight and comfort of the AKG's. I can't wait to listen to some of my blues cd's later today! Happy Holidays! Gene
  5. I like these headphones but I think the bass would sound better with deeper earpads plus they would keep my ears from bottoming out in the earcups. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot! Gene
  6. I have one and use it all the time with my Schiit Magni amp and Hifiman HE 4XX headphones. It really helps when a record is not mixed to my preference.
  7. It would be great to have a local record store that allows you to listen to the records before you buy them. I have never lived anywhere where they had a record store like that. The closest record store to me is about 35 miles away and they aren't really set up for customers to try out the records. I buy a lot of used albums on Discogs and it seems like I have better luck buying used records graded vg+ there than new records on Amazon.
  8. I am a big fan of vinyl. I still have my first records that I purchased as a little kid in the early '70s and they are still in decent shape. I still buy a lot of used albums and several new ones. Here lately, my luck with new albums has been pretty bad. I bought John Prine's last record and it sounds good. I pre-ordered the reissue of John Prine's first album and it sounds awful. I have the cd and it sounds good. I recently bought Charlie Crockett's latest album. I knew that it should sound great because on the radio and on tital it sounds like it was recorded at Sun Records 60 years ago. The vinyl version sounds like it's being played on an old transistor radio in the next room. I intend to return it and buy the cd for half the price as the record. I do have several new records that sound awesome like the newest Ray Wylie Hubbard record and Chris Stapleton's "Traveler". I am about ready to quit taking my chances on new vinyl. I intend to keep buying old records, but from here on out, it's going to be hard to get me to spend $20.00 and up on new vinyl records that sound worse than the same cd at 1/2 the cost. I like good sounding records but I feel like a sucker when I pay that much for a record only to stream it off tital because it sounds better there. Thanks for letting me rant! Gene
  9. sbelyo I really appreciate your help. Your link was just the information that I was looking for. I am knowledgeable about a few things but electronics is an area where I struggle. Thank you for your help! If you are ever in NE Oklahoma I will have chips and beer waiting. Thanks again! Gene
  10. I was just hoping to get some advice from people who are experts in this sort of thing. I am not but I generally try to ask questions to the most qualified people I can find. Apparently I should not have bothered anyone here with my question. Feel free to delete my post as I could not figure out how to delete it myself. Sorry for wasting your time.
  11. I wasn't meaning to offend anyone. I just posted the same question in three different forums that I am in. I pretty much asked the question in all three at the same time or as close as I could. I didn't realize that if I asked a question in one forum that I couldn't ask it in another.
  12. I was just wondering how this amp would work as a headphone amp. It doesn't have a headphone jack but the speakers are connected with rca plugs into rca jacks on the back of the amp. It is rated at 1.2 watts at 1000 Hz with 10% distortion. I read that it puts out .75 watts per channel with very low distortion into 8 ohm speakers. My question is how would it work to connect headphones directly to the speaker jacks with an adapter? Would any modifications need to be made? These little amps actually sound really good with small bookshelf speakers and are dirt cheap. Thanks a lot, Gene PS I have asked this same question on several forums this morning. Sorry if that is frowned upon. Thanks again!
  13. I see that they were sold in the 1983 catalog. Do you know if they were comfortable?
  14. I am putting together a vintage Realistic bookshelf stereo system with a SA-150 integrated amp, Minimus 7 speakers, and a Lab-290 turntable. It dawned on me that my headphones are the only component that doesn't fit into the early 80's Radio Shack theme. I need some suggestions for headphones that Radio Shack sold in that same time period. I would guess that there were some decent headphones made for Radio Shack in the early 80's. I thought that this would be the best place to get expert advise so what would you recommend? Thanks a lot, Gene
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