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  1. Been loving and adoring my BHSE but got an itch to try vintage tubes. Right now I'm using Groove Tubes EL34. Have been thinking of going full glory Phillips metal base EL34. Any feedback on how do they perform in BHSE? Cheers
  2. Thanks for the reply guys. I'm quite happy with my Sigma/404 but in the future might try. bwck2000, how do you get a dust free environment? You have an access to a clean room or simply a thorough cleaning of the working area is enough?
  3. A-ha! So it is possible to fit newer drivers than 404 into Sigmas? I was recently redoing my Sigmas and was told 404 is the last driver that fits.
  4. I second Zolkis findings. Have followed his instructions, first modded original 007 pads then 009 pads and no way back. In 2 words - increased immediacy.
  5. I played a bit with my BHSE. The amp is a-m-a-z-i-n-g with my O2mkI after 717! Explosive dynamics, detail, realistic complicated rendering. I must say my listening education is missing in some areas to fully understand and digest what this amp is doing. Did some small changes: 1) Changed the Furutech Alpha power cord it originally came with to a DIY solid core Found the right polarity Lifted the amp ground (I know I know, I put myself at risk but the amp is grounded via the preamp and I want to avoid gnd loops) All above in one go, I'm not particularly keen on doing al
  6. Awright, so seems there is no issue and my amp behaves like it should. Thank you gentlemen for your help. PS Damn gooood amp!
  7. You mean no servo on early ones or no servo at all?
  8. My BHSE is an early one with serial #34. Does this duggest it’s without servo? The +/- balance shows much smaller variation of just a few volts between power on.
  9. This was the R+ and L+ voltage to ground. It was the same in both channels.
  10. For the time being I rebiased again (5min aftr warmup then after 1,5h then a small correction aftr 2h) and decided to ignore and just listen. The amp is amazing!
  11. Yes, they re within a volt the same. I put the blame on fresh tubes still stabilizing.
  12. Yes, Russian Mullards. I followed Justins video: 1) Set balance and gain 5mins after power up 2) Corrected after 1h to below 1V 3) Monitored for the next 3h, all was stable 4) Powering after few days I find again -27V + to gnd after 45 mins of warmup. So I corrected again to below 1V but after 10-15mins it drifted to -11V Perhaps the tubes are still setting?
  13. The tubes are Justins standard Mullards. They have only 5h on them so still very fresh. The measurings were same -27V
  14. Wink, i checked bias after some 45mins of warmup and it was 27V off. Fuses-yes I know,mine will be inserted by a virgin at full moon More seriously, I had a positive effect changing to ussr silver military fuses at less resolving 717, so i expect some change here too.
  15. Hi guys, Sorry if this has been asked already: I rebiased a set of new tubes as per Justins instructions in a 4h session. Then after powering the amp again after few days the gain drifted away again to -27V and stays there unless I rebias again. Is that normal? I guess I dont need to rebias everytime I power it up? Another Q: Are the 2A and 0,2A fuses fast or slow blow? I wanted to try some nice silver ones. Thanks in advance!
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