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  1. Hi, I've a few questions regarding the mini GRHV/LV, if this is the right thread to ask in. 1. Since the base board only has a single cap per unregulated voltage, I suppose the highest voltage secondaries for the HV section that can be used is 350VAC? Around 90% of a 550VDC cap's rating? Assuming that is the highest voltage rating I can get on a 680uF board, which it should. 2. Is there a BOM for the base board? Have been comparing the diagram with the GRHV and LV and figured out most of it, but not quite sure if I got it right, especially the delay circuit. Found another diagram here on it, but it was on 12V rather than 5V, and I'm not sure if the relays would even open on 5V with the same values. 3. And, lastly, what's the trimmer R21 for? Bias adjustment, I assume? It's not on the GRHV boards, or I'm blind and/or looking at the wrong ones. It's a lot to ask for so, thanks for reading!
  2. A full set, if not too late: 2 * GRHVxxx 1 * ´╗┐GRLV78xx 1 * GRLV79xx 1 * main ´╗┐board 1 * Mini T2 board Thank you!
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