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  1. So with the whole SBF trial coming up, why do we only hear crickets about SAM TRABUCCO ? The guy bailed a couple months before the collapse and is suspected to be hiding in international waters off South America on his boat. You'd think at least the press would of gotten a snapshot of him lounging on the deck by now.
  2. There's a lot more people in congress that are walking corpses. Finestein is completely out of it. Maybe a mental competency test needs to be standard? A couple more sure seem to be Close behind.
  3. Not to worry. I'm not a fan. But a lot of current policies aren't working. 30-50% higher prices are tough to handle,especially when retired. I guess me and the cat will be splitting the cat food.
  4. 1. Honest gun control. Not everybody should own a gun. 2. Congress to pass abortion laws. Spell out limits and exceptions. 3. Term limits 4. Limit the ability of government employees becoming lobbyists. Also some limits on who they go to work for. Example- former Head of cybersecurity now working for Chinese telecom firm known For hacking. 5. Roll back many of the extreme government powers created under the patriot act. 6 Set nationwide standards for education. Dumbing down requirements helps no one. 7. Roll back someone the extreme mandatory sentencing guidelines of the 90's. 8. Decriminalize pot. But regulate it. Not good for minors. Good for PTSD and some mental issues like extreme stress,etc. 9. Reign in some district attorneys on catch and release. Prosecute, but allow the convicted to get help to change their behaviors. If they don't, off to prison they go. 10. We aren't the leaders of the free world. Put away the soap box and deal with the reality of things. 99% of everything we try to improve we F up. If you can't fix Memphis, (example) you can fix a country thousands of miles away. 11. Stop drugging school kids. All those ADA kids of the 90's turned into the addicts of today. I saw too many of my son's friends go down this path. 12. Control spending. A broke government can help no one. Yes, debt matters. That's some big issues for me. I'm sure at least a couple will piss off someone here. I'm old and miserable. Sorry for the rant. I'll go back to yelling at the TV set.
  5. I have big issues with both parties. Reasonable abortion rules are fine. Banning it Or allowing full term abortions are both the wrong answer. I don't see democrats in big cities fixing problems. And jailing people isn't productive. Neither is letting them go after committing crimes. It feeds the cycle. How about using the courts to force people into changing their behavior? The police are neither the solution or the problem. Is Russia bad? Yes. But what about us? Look at the 14 trillion dollar path of destruction we carved across the middle east and Africa. We even sponsored a coup d atat of a democraticly elected government in Egypt. The 1950's are over. It time we look inward and fix problems. Not react to symptoms .
  6. I wasn't aware Washington politicians had a moral code. Not since Carter, anyway. They are all about spending too much money. Either funding war and death, or spreading it out like a drunken sailor on shore leave. I have been waiting for someone to show up who would change priorities. Homeless people need help, Not tents. I was forced into treatment 42 years ago and have been clean and sober since. Letting them slowly kill themselves is heartbreaking.
  7. He can however find his way on and off stage! Seriously though, maybe they should dump all the candidates and start over. Another Trump vs Biden sounds way too much like that Southpark episode Giant douche vs turd sandwich.
  8. There is a backyard battle at the wife's hummingbird feeder. A pair of hummingbirds have been hanging around on a nearby branch and drive off other (larger) hummingbirds. Last year It was a all out war for the birdseed by cardinals.
  9. Went to the retina specialist Got shots in both eyes. Too much Fun for one day.
  10. I went to see a Branson show called the million dollar quartet last night. Great show! Most people have forgotten who Carl Perkins was. His music influenced many artists of the 60 's.
  11. Clearly I'm not keeping up on fashion. As seen at the mall
  12. Never was. Don't argue nonsense in a technical discussion.
  13. I guess a square wave test using a srd7 and a decent amp Is in order. Add a srm1 mkIi just for reference. These two Setups are pretty much the rivals for this amp.
  14. Here in SW Tennessee the metro Memphis area is a real Shooting gallery. Youngsters stealing cars are common. And they use those cars in robberies and drive by shootings. Morning newscasts are depressing.
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