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  1. Chord Dave Any Good?

    Apparently, everything so far. Tubes work ok for some things. A DAC is a horrid place for a tube. You want the tube sound, do it somewhere that doesn't cause issues. And DAC electronics are pretty sensitive to HV.
  2. Watches

    My lightly used (if at all) Luminox Scott Cassel
  3. The Headcase Stax thread

    Ok, I've played with vintage stuff for years, so I should of done this 1st. Clean 30+ years of crud out of the switch, clean out the socket connections, I also cut back the wires to fresh copper and crimped on copper pins. Bass is there now. But the srd-4 still has the warmer sound. I didn't have 27 ohm wirewounds, so I doubled-up 68 ohm 3 watt for 34 ohms. Now both boxes pretty much sound the same. That was the only real difference, and with them in place on the srd-6 it changed the sound. The 4 is still just a bit warmer, but I prefer it this way. If I change my mind, I'll go find the proper 27 Ohm ones. In a pinch I could use the 6 with the 202's as well.
  4. The Headcase Stax thread

    I really am going to have to build a decent energizer. I built an exstata hybrid, which is ok, but with all the great designs out there it's about time to move up a couple of levels. The sr-80 and srd-4 should hold me over for a while. I think I'll gut out parts from the exstata and drop in some new boards.
  5. The Headcase Stax thread

    I don't see anything obvious. Thermistors appear ok, but that's pretty hard to really check. I'm going to have to unsolder them There's two on each channel in parallel. The rest of it looks ok. There are some differences in how they are built. The srd4 has larger, single thermistors on the input. it also has 5 watt 27 ohm resistors in parallel with the transformers. The srd6 has a spot on the board for them, but doesn't have them installed. This is the big difference (other than bias tapped off one channel). I could see where this might change the sound signature. Guess I just need to accept the fact they have a different sound.
  6. The Headcase Stax thread

    I'll have to pop the top on the srd-6 I'm sure there's not too much in there to go bad. The sr-80 is a bit lighter in bass than the sr-40. But the lack of side to side movement on the wire arc of the sr-40 makes it hard for me to wear. The sr-80 fits much better. At some point I'm going to have to build a new amp for the sr-202's.
  7. The Headcase Stax thread

    I just bought a sr-80 and srd-6 to use with my second system. It sounded pretty good, no balance issues. But some bass stuff was not up to par.. I thought it was just the nature of the sr-80's. On a whim I hooked it up through a srd-4 I had sitting around. There's the missing bass. The cutoff point was lower. The overall sound was warmer as well. Are the two boxes that much different, or is there an issue I need to check for?
  8. Watches

    New Seiko daily driver.
  9. KEF LS50s or ?

    Same here. 3.1 gets it done. More speakers don't seem to make the movies any better.
  10. Are HifiMan HE-400's overkill for my needs?

    Looks like Razordog's trick of holding list price but offering $100 off at checkout pissed off Sennheiser, they no longer carry Senn's. I guess I haven't been paying much attention to the market.
  11. Are HifiMan HE-400's overkill for my needs?

    Interesting. For a while Sennheiser had everyone holding the line on 600's and 650's for price. Looks like that's changed.
  12. Gee just what we need. Apple killing off standard audio interfaces and replacing them with their own. Bad enough they are messing with the studio recording process.
  13. Windows background processes take over and cause 100% cpu or disk usage. Then the playback gets flakey. Tuning things is harder in 8/8.1. There most likely is a fix, I just haven't found it yet. And Metro sucks. But from a baseline perspective, foobar runs just fine . I tried to do a downgrade to 7 (which is supposed to be supported and free). But support told me I had to buy a support contract in order for them to give me a downgrade keycode, which cost more than a copy of win 7. I've got a Lenovo laptop on Vista that runs with no issues at all. Normal round of tweaks worked great on it.
  14. Sound design vs amp design?

    It's a combo of design, experience, trial and error. And more often than not, $$$ comes into play. You have to cut some corners to keep the cost down. Bean counting has killed good audio more than anything else I can think of. And no, I don't think all amps sound the same. That whole chain of thought drives me crazy (not that I'm not crazy).