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  1. ktm

    RIP Sennheiser?

    Given that Stax came and went a couple of times before becoming a Chinese owned company, this might turn out ok. Only time will tell. Hopefully it won't turn into Fiat owned Chrysler.
  2. ktm

    RIP Sennheiser?

    I think anyone who has been around audio for a while has owned a hd series headphone. 580,600,650, and 800 were all big milestones. We can hope they don't screw this up. A look through the other site's for sale stuff is a massive cluster of WTF headphone names nobody has ever heard of. I'm sure this hit their bottom line pretty hard.
  3. ktm

    RIP Sennheiser?

    So they focus on pro audio, and most likely roll all the liabilities into the consumer market side before the sale. And the new outfit can't meet debt obligations and goes belly up. Seems to be a standard business trick of the modern world. That's what the fortune 500 company I used to work for did. Not a good sign for consumer products.
  4. ktm

    Kitty Talk

    Sleep. Eat (only if it meets your standards). Sleep some more. Someone rubs your happy places. Knock around a toy for show. Repeat.
  5. If it is working fine, why mess with it?
  6. ktm

    Kitty Talk

    old pics of the 20 year old in her youth
  7. So far, so good. As expected, thinner profile means more bass, a bit less soundstage. The material is more comfy than normal pads. I have them on a ps500. Please note: the old set was shot, so a side by side isn't possible. Overall I'm pretty pleased with the sound.The pads do take a bit more work to push on. They do include a tool, which looks to be completely useless. I haven't been able to do a long listen. I hurt my foot, and the Mrs feels a need hang around close by and yell at me about it.
  8. I just went a whole other direction. Geekria https://www.amazon.com/Geekria-Replacement-Headphones-Cushion-Earpads/dp/B0155XZJ4I/ref=pd_vtp_5?pd_rd_w=62Llr&pf_rd_p=55cbb45e-2534-4809-9135-12f41eecb852&pf_rd_r=E0HPYACKSKQG6Z9EQM6Y&pd_rd_r=559c451c-a963-4406-ba1a-16cd3f9d0ed2&pd_rd_wg=yWvLh&pd_rd_i=B0155XZJ4I&psc=1 They are still bowls, but very shallow bowls. And softer foam . For the price, if they don't last I won't be too upset.
  9. ktm

    Kitty Talk

    For some reason, the text didn't save.The cat on the bed is Jack, the wild one. He's seems comfortable enough to snooze with his feet in the air. He's the top cat on the sofa, the other is Ebony, my 20 year old. A long time ago she was just a sad sickly little kitten in the animal shelter.
  10. I'm binge watching my way through the Mandalorian right now. I'll just cancel my month to month in a couple of days. Stuff like this is what tablets are made for. Screw Comcast.
  11. ktm

    Kitty Talk

    I've got a black cat that came with the house. He came wandering up after we moved in. It took months to transition him to the indoors. He was king of the backyard, doing battle with anything that moved. He would kill it and drop it on the back patio. After three years, we don't let him out at all. We do let him out in the screen porch. He likes lap sitting, but quite often extends his claws when he's purring and getting a rub. so affectionate and blood letting go hand in hand around here.
  12. That's a lot of money for a unit without much of a track record. It's a reworked integrated tube amp. until someone trustworthy checks them out, it's just another FOTM. And yes, even stereophile is a bit suspect any more. What do they know about headphones, and stax.
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