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  1. SO ebay is completely off the rails on all things stax. I see what looked to be a standard bias SRD-7 for $259. Seller claimed it supported pro bias cans. I messaged him to see if it was modified. Answer:no. So another BS claim by a seller. You can plug it in and use it, but it certainly isn't pro bias. It will sit on the bay for the next month like hundreds of other overpriced stax crap, most of it "untested". No wonder multiple miracle stax energizers are popping up from shady start up companies.
  2. The whole shaving off the top of the main transformer scares me. Insulation is there for a reason. 1st order of business, try NOT to kill the user.
  3. Looking like that it's either real cheap or real expensive. Stick to a wall and it's worth $100k
  4. That was my thought, either crap or they slipped a digit in the ad.
  5. Anyone here have experience with one of these? Price is right, but likely too good to be true? https://volumio.org/product/allo-stepped-attenuator/
  6. ktm

    Speaker Porn

    I had JBL L100's around for decades. Not the last word in sound. But back in the 70's they were a must have.
  7. The scary part is it will be 40 years next year. I'm getting old.......
  8. After decades of being on the wagon--THIS
  9. If the plug isn't polarized, try flipping the plug.
  10. I reserve that energy for toilet paper purchasing.
  11. I guess it's a good thing I didn't jump in. 😊 Hopefully the bias upgrade was done properly.
  12. Was that the one on EBAY for $150?
  13. This one made my wife laugh. We have a black kitty just like him. Same bit of mischief as well.
  14. Fringe binge about half way through season 2. I saw some scattered episodes back in the day. I joined amazon prime just to watch this. I hope I can finish during the free 30 days. I don't want to give amazon any money I don't have to.
  15. We would prefer both parties to run candidates that are good. Not "ours aren't as bad as theirs". Time for a new party.
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