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  1. May get interesting, still am not purchasing them though
  2. Thanks but really hate in ear unitsq
  3. My query re alternatives to Stax amps is on the amplifier section if you can enlighten me please, I have on that question listed 3 Stax amps am considering but am aware that there are alternatives just dont know what they are
  4. When I am looking at ,to me, a reasonably large amount of outlay, headphones being my best option due to apartment living ,I am quite thorough in my assessments and my choices are made after reading everything I can get my hands on, so, when a brand keeps screaming cheap and tacky that's when I am not too impressed when told I really need to consider it over a proven competitor
  5. You are not a fan of Head fi .org then
  6. Am aware that he's in the business of making sales,but please be open to the fact that 'JUST MAYBE" the stock being sold does have issues and to push a brand needs complete confidence in that brand when talking about $4000 sales, so, am going elsewhere to buy my headphones now. I am looking for a dealer who carries Stax AND Cyrus Cdi players , preferably in Brisbane.
  7. Ok, am wanting the SR-L700 model and am TOTALLY confused as to which damn amp to get, we have the SRM 006ts, 353x and 727 mk 2 . Are tbere any other brands that can be better suited up to this price ceiling?
  8. I hold a view that any manufacturer that constantly turns out new models rapidly is after a quick dollar, and Spritzers autopsy was illuminating
  9. My name is same as 2,000 + others in Aust so wasnt concerned am not in same state as supplier mentioned, removed my email details by cropping,was not impressed with trying to sell Jade 2 over Stax though
  10. Addicted to Audio, emails attached
  11. I have been an addict of Headphones for 55 yrs, am 72 this year and wanted Stax since time began.
  12. Yes,I have decided to use another supplier
  13. Makes me wonder as to his profit margin,, Chinese products tend to die at end of warranty. Am going to purchase Cyrus Cdi as a disc player to accompany tbe h/phones Quoted your article to him as fully understood your perspective and he dismissed it totally, am wary now of this very well.respected dealer
  14. Hi, I am new here, live in Australia, past owner of Audeze Lcd2.2 and am now going electrostatic having always wanted to. After enquiring with my friendly supply outlet about Stax SR-L700,s and SRM006ts was informed that a much better idea that would convince me to go HIFIMAN Jade 2 and amp as it was in all ways superior sound, upon reading your review I responded to my ever friendly supplier that your article pointed out serious issues with build quality. His answer was interesting , he said that the build quality was simplistic but was not relevant to its astounding performance. This coming from a well respected audio supplier specialising in head gear
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