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  1. Well spotted. Went back and checked what I ordered, and yes, RN65's - RN60's were not available for those 3 items . It does say on the spec for each item that they are physically larger, I just missed it at the time, I looked at resistance and wattage and figured same same at the time. I think I was swimming in BOM's with GRLV, CFA and 2 versions of DA to build a list for that I was getting a bit cross-eyed late in the night and missed it.
  2. There is an issue with the 10k, 500R, and 2k resistors. They are all too big for the hole spacing. Interestingly, I just rechecked the BOM you posted on the gold reference thread back in April and it lists all 1/4w resistors, so not sure what has happened here. Looking a bit deeper, for the values where I could not get a direct hit on part number, I moved to 25ppm (default was 100ppm), same series (RN) same resistance and same wattage (1/4w) but guess the lower ppm results in a larger body which I had not paid attention to. Live and learn . . .
  3. The main issue was that the resistors were longer than the hole spacing so the leads need to tuck back in to fit - I could have placed the resistors vertical and had the leads hook back over. I still need to order parts for the 2nd GRLV so may order some different resistors as part of that order and swap them out.
  4. A little more progress - have the first or 2 GRLV's 98% done (at least until I figure out casing and heatsinks) Mouser were out of a couple of the default resistors so I had to change a couple to higher power (1/4w) which has resulted in a cramped fit for a couple of them but nothing too bad.
  5. I had some parts left over and thought what the heck, I might as well do what I can on the v2 board. I was short a few of the resistors I had so need to get a few extras as well as a few other bits and pieces that differ between the v1 and v2 boards, then need to decide which one I will use - I like the form factor of the v2 board. After my first couple of hours with the heat gun I have to say I dont mind doing SMD work this way. Once you get some heat into the board the process goes pretty smoothly and the components just latch in to place which is nice. Now I need to start getting
  6. Thanks to a few people on here, I managed to dodge getting boards made and managed to buy existing boards for all the bits I need. I am still waiting on a delivery tom come in over the next week or so with the CFA boards and a few other bits and bobs but have received some GRLV boards and a set of v1 attenuator boards and a v2 board. I have done some SMD work in the past with the soldering iron but thought I would up my game this time round and give a hot air rework gun a go. Kerry sent me 2 v1 attennuator boards - 1 already populated and one bare, as well as all the parts to build it, so
  7. Going through the various files and looking at them in a gerber viewer, .47 is goldenreference6drflipto220.zip. .48 seems to be the latest Kevin version which is the goldenreferencelargecap.zip and then v2(?) seems to be the Kevin + Kerry version.
  8. Hi All, I have been going cross-eyed of late poring through the various threads for the projects required to get a complete amp together and hoping to get a few pointers. I was originally looking at building a Dynalo based amp but after some feedback from Pars and others I had a look at the CFA2/3 boards and think I have decided to go with a CFA3 based build. I am going to build a balanced in / balanced out setup in dual mono so for the amp boards, it will be 2 x CFA3 (based on 89753654_cfp3rssfixedssw-CADCAM.zip) - I am pretty comfortable that this seems to be the most recent v
  9. Thanks for the pointers Pars - I had overlooked the LED's on the Schematics (too many hours staring at the screen!) I will take a look at the CFA projects and see which way I go. I was going to use either the GRLV of a sigma22 power supply, the sigma 22 is easy as there are kits available "off the shelf" but kinda makes sense to go with the GRLV to keep everything the "same"
  10. Hi All, I am looking at building a dynalo SMT/SMD system, balanced in / balanced out. I have been through this thread back to front as well as the staxmafia thread etc. I think I have got the most recent gerber files (dynalobal17) as well as the schematic (kgdynalobalssproduction.PDF) and I have started building a BOM but have stumbled on a few things that I was hoping some may be able to assist with? Looking at a few comments, all resistors are 0805 size but I am not really sure of current size etc (have shot for 200mw .1% 25ppm at the moment). The schematic does not line up
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