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  1. I have officially reached the point where I have to move if I want anymore toys.
  2. Nice work Steve. Just looking at it I can see all the things I would have screwed up due to half-assedness. I broke down all the Sapele and Oak for the chairs in preparation for jointing once I get the jointer dialed in.
  3. Pretty fancy work there. I am admiring the huge flat spot melted into the tire of this heavy equipment cart I am putting together.
  4. I think I might have been losing some suction with these “closed” blast gates. Got the major parts of the iVac Pro installed though I still have to tackle bypassing the magnetic switch on the dust collector so the system will actually turn it on when the tools come on. Naaman, they do actually provide AC power supplies with the blast gates now.
  5. Took Dr. Woods advice and made a Frankenstein’s Monster out of 3/4 aromatic cedar. Cannot decide I keep it inside and not seal it for the nice smell or seal it for the patio.
  6. I will let you know if they ever show up. The fucks at Amazon gave the whole kit to someone else and are trying to find me a new setup that I can have by next week.
  7. Finally got around to ordering a bunch of this yellow stuff to make me more lazierer.
  8. So, is there a HC approved Scroll Saw? I saw some interesting projects using a scroll saw and found mint Hegners and Excaliburs all around the place here. Both seem decent but the Hegners are twice the price due to rigidity or name brand. Not sure which.
  9. You should look more into Shop Fox. They are typically the more expensive versions of all the Grizzly stuff. That is why I have 4 things from them in the shop now.
  10. According to YouTube, everyone with a wood shop should be making these now so, why not. I call this one “Brent, after they used the jaws of life to get that go-cart helmet off”
  11. I like it as is but for any additional interest I would go Mitre across the front and some finish that won’t see the wood non-uniformly darken with smoke for my vote. I found a woodworker neighbor that used to have a cabinet shop. He is offering my choice of these for a set of chairs. Both older models but fairly heavy duty and appear to be in good shape. I typically have about $450 invested in a pair of chairs at this point so either would be worthwhile, just not sure if I want anything that I have to try to track down helical heads for. https://www.grizzly.com/products/grizzly-8-x-65-super-heavy-duty-jointer/g1018 https://www.woodstockint.com/products/w1741w
  12. Bonus question. I have now 6 orders for chairs from locals. Is anyone here using Section 179 to write off their equipment and setting up official businesses for tax purposes? I could use a Naaman level CNC and Hammer Jointer.
  13. Going to build an outdoor version of this. Found some 8/4 Sapele for most of the build but trying to come up with an outdoor wood for the accent slats. White Oak? Any other ideas?
  14. That is what I am thinking. Looking for scraps to nail into a bench for the new front seating area.
  15. Any wood guys that can guess the type of wood? I have over 100 1.5x1.5x8’ strips of this wood. Really heavy, almost looks like Mahogany on the edges but I am not sure.
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