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  1. Seems like the old IT trick worked.
  2. I am going to turn it off and turn it back on again. It was a full 7.5 inches too Y but the X seemed close. Had it return it it's X,Y Zero and it went right where it was supposed to.
  3. Bottom left, just like it was on the lake and everything else as I think it is set once for the whole project.
  4. Nope. Never started, I stopped it when I saw it go way past the part of the sign it was supposed to be doing and was about to put my street number right in the top part of the lake. Half the sign away from where it was supposed to start.
  5. If I end up getting the sign built without a disaster, any stand will be acceptable. Finished the biggest pocket and moved to the second largest, which is on the opposite side of the sign from the other and the CNC just screamed back to the middle of the big one and was going to try to cut it there. Everything runs right in simulation so I have no idea what I have screwed up.
  6. Yeah, my concern was the 4x4s shrinking/twisting while glued to a non-stretching hardwood in the middle. I think an inset domino job will be the best way to go…if I can remember how to do one of those. Or maybe a welded steel holder for it.
  7. Yeah, I was thinking dominos but worried the treated 4x4s would shrink down and cause issues with solid connections to hardwood.
  8. Have some woodworking advice needs. I am building an address sign of sorts for the driveway and I am trying to come up with a way to hang the sign between two 4x4 cedar posts, so that doesn’t swing in the wind and has minimal visible hardware. Any ideas?
  9. I did manage to finish the first “project” on the magic side table. Did the key tray with 1/4” downcut windmill followed by the bowl bit to round the bottom. The large one was done with the 3/4” bowl bit and came out much better.
  10. No issues. 1/2” and noise but it fought through until I could press one of the 70 emergency stop buttons. The funniest thing is I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out why Walnit was falling to the bottom shelf of the CNC cart before realizing my dust collector bag had split and was blowing chips onto the adjacent stand.
  11. Would you like to know the sound of a 3/4 bowl bit digging in without ramp .5 inch into Walnut? I know.
  12. I have discovered that CNCering is a whole lot of standing around hoping nothing blows up.
  13. Managed one test before blowing the fuse, which I cannot get locally, with the giant 2 inch spoil board flattening disc. Will probably just plug the spindle into its own circuit and love with plugging it in each time instead of running off the controller power supply. Finding the spoil board design to be lacking as I have too few t tracks. Might just use the base layer and screw/glue wood to the MDF, once the midget fuses finally arrive.
  14. Finally got the whole magic side table together and did a test cut for an upcoming personalized drawer front project. I guess with the new 3HP spindle it needs to be set almost all the way at the top of the clamp to allow the dust boot to actually enclose the bit and suck better. IMG_1923.MOV
  15. Got the replacement cooling unit. Missing one piece of tubing and the case has an issue some may spot. Quality QC here for sure.
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