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  1. Actually made something with wood today, though it is about the simplest project ever.
  2. Going to have the new Thunder laser paid off by the time it gets here selling coasters.
  3. Playing with focus to get some decent cards for the IG channel. Will probably also generate a QR code for contact details on the back. a6f67cb38d454f1386652e293bf60e48.mp4
  4. Some glamour shots of the bench candy I brought home from Handworks. 2bb8974d1f15495f937605c710a91930.mp4
  5. He has been hanging around all day. I got a signed poster from him for the shop. Also got Schwarz to sign an Anarchist’s Toolbox hardcover for me. Some pics.
  6. I know it is a long shot, but is anyone else going to the Handworks show https://handworks.co this weekend in Iowa? Think I will drive out and check out all the toys and try to see the keynote.
  7. Some day I will actually get back to some woodworking, but tonight playing with Stainless Steel.
  8. $.11 cent 4.25x4.25 wall tiles from HD, sprayed with white paint for the Titanium Dioxide and engrave and then clean off the paint in a bowl of thinner. Sold 136 of these yesterday to neighbors at $32/set of four or $10 each. $15 in tiles, $6 in paint and then the design work.
  9. Moved to HD white tiles tonight. Much cheaper than slate and pretty damn nice when finished. Need to build a jig to make sure I can center images.
  10. All doggie beer coasters, all day.
  11. Laserguns are fun. 3e7236b1012f41508e40585029ef3fc5.mp4
  12. All that’s left is hanging the son of a bitch and seeing if it brings the wall down on top of me.
  13. Used the laser and started no forest fires. The fume extraction system I ordered comes from Canadia for some reason, so the dog sleds should have it here in 8 weeks. c28c7dcecc0243b89db8031ea145f13a.mp4
  14. It will not really be seen, unless someone really tall stops by. I will probably just make a cherry hat for it.
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