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  1. I threw away around 20 packs of Sweetwater candy yesterday. I am finding that shit everywhere. Watched a couple of hours of some great recording details from UA today. Think they are doing another one tomorrow.
  2. They also seem to have a problem with putting you on hold for extended times and then just randomly hanging up on you. Been trying for almost 30 mins and have yet to get to a person. Maybe they have grown too big for their mom and pop shop format?
  3. They are only open for support about 3 Hours a day.
  4. I think there was a Bit O Honey in this one but the Earthworks instrument mics I got yesterday had some weird banana one instead.
  5. Evidently Sweetwater sends you a free Thunderbolt cable with a $900 interface but you are on your own for the $3,300 dollar model. 😞
  6. Dorothy Hoover, my Grandmother, passed from COVID complications yesterday. I guess she had a good 92 year run.
  7. More difficult than I imagined. Three very different acoustic amps, only one of which had a line out, so I ended up recording with my contraption mic around 8 feet back and one line out feed from the lead guitarist. All outside on the island, while major construction was taking place on a rock wall behind the beach. Vocals suck but I think the guitars are okay.
  8. The bizarre option I came up with since I do not have enough small mic stands for all the mics.
  9. Yeah, I will be using the 10 II in Music Mode. As this will be outside on the island, I am leaning towards line out and amp mics and not bothering with the Neumann.
  10. Got the rest of the information for the recording this weekend. Three guys, all with mic and acoustic connected to their own amp. I can record line out from each amp for the easiest setup. Orrrr, I could record line out plus throw mics on the amps annndd a Neumann U87 in Omni at my recording position in front of the band. Probably just too many things for me to screw up.
  11. Happy Birthday Andrew.
  12. Finally remembered to donate. Hopefully my tardiness did not impact your performance.
  13. VPI

    Podcast Thread

    I am pleased to announce that the life changing podcast you have all been waiting for is slowly going public. Only the trailer is up so far and only on Spotify, but they are coming. Prepare for enlightenment
  14. Yeah, I think I will pass on that monster. Think my setup will now be SM57s on the amps and Lauten LA120s on a stereo bar out front in ORTF config. Just to play with both types of recording and mixing a nice soundstage. Got the textbook. I like that it starts from the very basic. He seems to like small condenser more than large condenser mics.
  15. No I mean I do not know how they would add their vocal mic to a guitar amp.
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