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  1. Worked all morning on a new pocket knife project to throw up on Instagram, only to find out the sensors think I did not have enough 12 year old girls in their underwear dancing on my video so it is not appropriate for sharing. 1c67f6f77a8d4e2793ff3f504a630748.mp4
  2. Did some nearly wood work this weekend. Had to build a closet organizer out of melamine. Found that the builders of my house did not have a square. As I needed to shave .5 inches from front to back to get it to slide onto the shelf between the ceiling and closet rod. Also working on getting good anneal on stainless steel so I made some knives and bar keys, more customyish.
  3. 8ee62c73fcb047f08052dd89e44b02b4.mp4
  4. I guess I need to get myself an Al, as I imagine that cut being done here at Half-Assed Woodworks would result in a squiggly line at the ridge at least once or twice.
  5. So how did you do the tops of the rails some kind of Moulder, huge router bit or a crazy cut on a table saw?
  6. https://youtu.be/u66TRn2LPRY?si=M0aSin86zDco1Xp_ I mostly watch for the music, but this is a compilation of making templates on a number of things to fill with scrolling.
  7. d3ecec8c170a41d49ed3aa7815465ff7.mp4
  8. Yes. It is possible in a number of ways. Lightburn does it pretty well and Illustrator does it even more exacterer.
  9. Loving the Fragout Firearms designs for practice on cheap shit before moving to expensive shit. 8b866ad307504ad4864f4429e4303b83.mp4
  10. Working on some deeper engraving on an Amazon Package Opener.
  11. Emergency engrave before Kasia left for the hair salon, where many beers are drank. I am digging these credit card beer openers.
  12. I am strictly engraving. Do not have the equipment or insurance coverage to make substantial cuts in a support frame. Today, making Grogu business cards and beer openers. 0c7042b342874a329cb95d4ba5cbec22.mp4
  13. Transferred my FFL so that I can start engraving pew-pews and got the Fiber laser set up for testing. 292e16a70a0f46cc91f3f1f0b770ff27.mp4
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