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  1. Almost feels like I spent all this time, to build a pallet.
  2. Pretty much done with everything but staining, as it is too cold. Kasia did not like the box brace on the back so I have shorter corner braces on each corner. Hoping the 13 1.5x1.5 cross bars and the 4 14”ish 1.5x1.5 corner brace boards will be enough to keep it square.
  3. VPI

    Podcast Thread

    My discussion with Boston Beer about beer and COVID-19 is out today. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/security-concepts/id1532932465?i=1000499956346
  4. I will say, while it is definitely well built, the function of the Latch Lake is a lot clunkier than the Triad-Orbits they are replacing.
  5. Was able to put together one of the Mic Kings with the boxes FedEx managed to deliver today. Holy fuck, I am not sure if ramming these with my SUV would knock them over.
  6. After getting all the frame and horizontal pieces chopped up, I decided the circular saw was not the right tool for this job when I need fancy cuts for the back, so I got a cheap other wood cutty thing.
  7. Going to figure out how to set the wood cutter thingee to 45 degree angle and make corner braces like shown with leftover 1x1 boards. I think that will look better than a single cross piece.
  8. So, each of the 1x1 boards is going to be inset into the outer frame once I use the wood cutty thing. Will it stay square with 16 inset braces?
  9. There is no gate at the moment. Going to have the 1x1 cedar posts horizontal with narrow slits on the frame made by the 1x4 frame I think. Just trying to figure out how to frame it out for the cleanest look. Will be replacing the baby gate to keep my dogs from eating the neighbors.
  10. Okay wood nerds, I got a pile of sticks and a wood cutty thing. How do I make all this into a gate for my deck?
  11. Bacon Sandwich with some hippie balsa wood utensils
  12. Happy B-day Mikey
  13. Got the new stands setup and the Barefoots off of the wobbly desktop stands. Still have none of the treatment in, or any notification of when it might come as GIK seems to not like answering the phone/e-mails. Even in the bad room, with a glass wall behind them they sound pretty fantastic. Then I used Sonarworks Reference 4 to treat the room and the sound is pretty great when playing back Qobuz using Sonarworks Systemwide.
  14. VPI

    Podcast Thread

    https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/security-concepts/id1532932465#episodeGuid=Buzzsprout-6033397 Episode Three is out and spreading fears of the collapse of the vaccine supply chain and changes to the global order based upon vaccine distribution partnerships/debts.
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