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  1. Trying to work out a deal on this, that will actually get me to Texas for mom’s B-Day just in time for it to arrive at the dealer which is about an hour from their house.
  2. Went and test drove a back-up option if I cannot find a nicer F-150.
  3. Cannot even find anything in Texas now. The ones around here that have anything not low end in stock have started adding a $5k market adjustment price to everything.
  4. Officially updated the build. Truck was built on the 27th of April and will now sit in a parking lot until August waiting for fucking chips for delivery in September. Time to cancel and fly to Texas to buy a truck.
  5. Not sure which news you are referring to, but why would I want one of those hooptys?
  6. Probably spoke too soon. The Ford tracking site is now updating for people and those with trucks built in March that have been sitting in a parking lot ever since are getting delivery dates of August. Looks like might need to go choose something else new to buy as the chips are catching up. My delivery will probably be pushed to 2022 at this rate.
  7. Building the world’s least efficient hardwood cutoff storage cabinet. Really needed the drawers above it so instead of doing the typical, proper, vertical cabinet, I went half-assed and threw all the sticks in a big drawer with sheets goods held behind the cabinet against the wall. Oh Yeah, the reason for the uneven overhang is I am going to mount the Wilton Woodworking vice on the one side and needed all the clearance. Oh Yeah Part Two, I also FINALLY got around to hanging the small French cleat panel I made way back. The craftsmanship in these holders in embarrassing.
  8. Happy Belated Shelly, looks like it was pretty damned happy. 🙂
  9. Looks like the chips did not impact my order. Mine will be here in two weeks, about a month and a half earlier than I expected.
  10. All of my research led to liquid nails as the thing to do for attaching this. Silicone is what is preferred but since these will be moved around, etc. everything said not to use silicone as it is best for static cabinets, etc.
  11. Attempt #1 in gluing quartz to wood. Definitely should have worked with the handplane before attempting this glue up. Not sure how well it is going to work. Also hung up the clampseses.
  12. The amount of lumber I would waste trying to figure out how to properly do those joints in unfathomable. That thing is awesome.
  13. Sorry it is going back to Grizzly. I decided they needed to eat the cost for shipping out such shit. Shipped out with a thin styrofoam packing that was broken into a thousand pieces when I got it. Going back in the same fucking packaging.
  14. Put the jointer together. It is garbage. I am not even willing to turn it on while I am the same room with it as everything about it is so cheap and poorly designed. Going to just put it out with recycling next week, I would rather not have a jointer than use this thing.
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