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  1. Since I know of nowhere else to post this, I am going to put it here, after singing a song into it and auto tuning the fuck out of it. #MusicMaking.
  2. You said budget but you did not mention whose, so I would lean towards Neve.
  3. VPI

    Amplifier porn

    Makes perfect sense once I see the picture, makes fuck all sense seeing it posted in new posts.
  4. VPI

    Amplifier porn

    I never really venture into these threads, but I had to come in here to see what the fuck Al was talking about.
  5. I bid $10 for the Utopias. That is some really good speaker money.
  6. VPI

    Get your game on!

    It would be interesting to play Killing Floors with someone that has actually shot a gun before.
  7. VPI

    Get your game on!

    I deleted Steam or whatever a long time ago from my computer
  8. VPI

    Speaker Porn

    That stand does look like the one sitting next to my computer desk now. The speaker stands looks like black versions of the silver ones I have in storage.
  9. I have been watching Manny's new series. Maybe I am biased as I know everyone in the videos as clients or friends, but I am super impressed with the concept.
  10. I have Roon on the workstation now, the music is on the NAS. Works fine. Turns out you have to pick the right Mytek to get either DSD or MQA to play from Roon. Listening to Young Americans in 24/192 MQA at the moment on the bass monster Spirit Torinos.
  11. I saw you reference that previously. I have it running on the desktop now, streaming music from the NAS, as Roon was not stable running on the actual NAS. Building something that is less likely to fight with Windows may be a good idea. Roon sees 3-4 versions of the Mytek as potential devices (Mytek Wasapi/Asio, Brookly (sp) Bridge and one other). Each version has different capabilities when it comes to HiRes, just need to pick the right one.
  12. I have no problem with playing HiRes via USB, just trying to stream DSD from the NAS I get a weird message. I am sure it is just a setting I have wrong. Very good information on the MQA. Never bother with Tidal these days so I will definitely turn that off.
  13. Roon gives me some error warning about initializing a device or something. I will have to play with it.
  14. I must have a settings issue. Every time I try to play DSD I get a device cannot be initiated or some shit.
  15. Am I correct that you cannot play real HiRes over either wired or WiFi connection? Or am I just doing something wrong? I probably have 1.5TB of music above 24/96.
  16. I have the software on the computer. Need to check the firmware version. Also need to figure out how to use it as a streamer besides using Roon, which is the same damn thing as using USB since they are on the same computer.
  17. Got the Brooklyn Bridge this afternoon. Still have a ton to figure out, but just listening to HiRes via Qobuz on old Emotiva power monitors I would say it is a hell of a DAC. Shilling will begin soon with an unboxing video. Stay tuned.
  18. And no Phono Pre I assume?
  19. I will listen to all shills before settling on my DAC. Lumin Shills, is it your opinion that I would need to add a preamp between the T2 and Powered Monitors?
  20. Can the Lumin Shills tell me if it has HP out? I think you guys are all using HP amps, correct? Also, have the shills connected it to a speaker system? Good enough volume control to act as a preamp for a basic system I presume?
  21. I don't know, Mike is a Tom Bihn kind of guy, so I think I may need to buy a Mytek (RedOxx) from Justin, as it seems it may suit me better than a soft bag with pink lace interior.
  22. VPI

    Happy Birthday Pars!

    Happy Birthday
  23. I have the Pro Angler 14 from Hobie. Probably bigger than you want to mess with unless you want to fish and take people out on the boat with you as it hold 600lbs. Outback or even the less aggressive models would be awesome as a do everything kayak. I can cruise at over 7mph into the wind with ease and the pedals do not get clogged up with weeds like 99% of the other pedal kayaks on the market. If you want a real boat then Boston Whaler for midsize or Christensen for big ones I can recommend as I used them down in the Bahamas.
  24. Happy Birthday
  25. Going to smoke a pork shoulder tomorrow. 8 hours at 250 maybe. Any advice from the experts? Not sure I have ever tried one of these.
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