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    Head Case Motorsports

    I think it is time to have a thread for everyone to discuss their cars, what they are doing to them and where we are going to have our first HC Road Trip Meet. Brent seems to think a trip to the Tail of the Dragon in NC/Tennessee would be in order. Maybe a road trip to a track for a track day? Of course a primary reason for this for me is to follow all of Nate's functional updates and Rex's rocket booster upgrades to see what works and doesn't. Not that I do not think your rockets will work Rex.
  2. VPI

    What are you Grilling now?

    A little searing action for the Costco ribeye caps.
  3. VPI

    What are you Grilling now?

    Not much as the grills were wrapped up just as it started pouring rain. Fucking Al Gore and his ManBearPig.
  4. VPI

    What are you EATING right now?

    Candy bar
  5. VPI


    I did a ton of research and a big consensus for first bike is one that has some tech, anti-lock breaks, maybe even traction control that is not expensive. The Suzuki SV-650 used is typically highly recommended for a largish starter bike. I see no reason to buy a mini bike, can’t see anything or be seen. While even Schott has gone more designer than motorcycle leather, I am not sure that Japanese designer fake motorcycle leather jackets are really all that useful on a bike. They are all just knock-offs of the Schott anyway. Certain Schott’s are great motorcycle jackets as are the Belstaff Pure Motorcycle line. Both designer but actually functional. Look at Saint jeans out of Australia, comfortable with much better protection than the blend of Kevlar some jeans are using these days. MSF is awesome training.
  6. VPI

    House Build Pics

    Not sure if anyone would have any interest, outside of maybe Steve and his apprentice, but the new neighbors brought over a blueberry pie and full photo documentation of the build of the house. What was sold as and listed for taxes as a 1972 home with renovations, would appear to be a near complete tear down and new build. Note the sweet green fridge in many of the pictures and the worker riding the chimney like a bull before it collapsed through the floor into the basement. They tell us the chimney was going to be the only thing kept, until that. House Build
  7. VPI

    House Build Pics

    Yes, the neighbors are kind of weird. He is an older guy in some kind of sales position that seems to have a lot of free time. I guess he either took a picture from his deck or went over to bug the workers daily for the whole build.
  8. VPI

    House Build Pics

    Anything is possible
  9. VPI

    Happy Birthday Brent!

    Happy Birthday dickhead.
  10. VPI

    Happy Birthday raffy!

    Happy Birthday Raffy
  11. VPI

    What are you Grilling now?

    Looks great.
  12. VPI

    What are you Grilling now?

    It was 10,800 new and the clearance price was 8500 and they offered me another 20% off. It is last years model that does not have the full pull out in the cabinet, it just has the pull down door on the top. It was really over the top and felt like I could park my SUV on top of it.
  13. VPI

    What are you Grilling now?

    Mostly came to mattress shop as I must upgrade to a King as Sady and Kasia are bed hogs. Ended up with a new Aireloom Adjustable, a 77” OLED, 2 65” OLEDs, the Lynx Sequoia Grill and I still haven’t left the store.
  14. VPI

    What are you Grilling now?

    The bottom one is a beast and the deal is awesome. But it is extreme overkill for even Head Case based on the minimal times I would use a grill over the smoker. Evidently it is so well insulated that you can get 1200 degree sear temp.
  15. VPI

    What are you Grilling now?

    Trying to decide between going cheaper Medium Or Head Case
  16. VPI

    Happy Birthday Shelly!

    Happy Birthday Shelly. I am sure it will be great, hopefully the weather is not too bad around there today.
  17. VPI


    I decided not to necro-bump Bryan's 2009 thread as it was kind of specific and not in my budget. I played through high-school but have not played in 20 years. I am looking to get back into playing and I am looking for a great acoustic and a decent electric setup to start with. I am thinking about looking into a full custom for the acoustic but it is pretty hard to figure out how they handle from websites. A few decent shops around my parents place in Dallas that I intend to check out when I get back there this weekend. First on the list is http://www.theguitarsanctuary.com. Has a decent selection of factory and small shop guitars to try out. I know there are several players here at HC. Anyone have any favorite acoustic makers that I should look in to?
  18. Got to try the GS-X Mini and the Gilmore Lite MKII with my Laylas at Axpona. Very impressed with both with the little CIEMs, not sure I have any headphones to use with the big one anymore, but when Justin decides to make me a Lite in the blue color above, I will definitely add it to the desktop. 🙂
  19. VPI

    What are you EATING right now?

    I do too, but this is in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.
  20. VPI

    What are you EATING right now?

    Gator Po’boy, Fried Okra Spears and Crawfish hush puppies. Gator Po’boy, Fried Okra Spears and Crawfish hush puppies.
  21. VPI

    What are you Grilling now?

    Thanks for the inputs gents. I am trying to configure a deck with a wood burning pizza oven, and the grill or grill and smoker. Was hoping I might get an elite and handle them all.
  22. VPI

    Happy Birthday Doug!

    Happy Birthday Doug.
  23. VPI

    What are you Grilling now?

    Starting to shop for the grill for the new house. The deck has a built in Natural Gas Feed for heaters, grills that can burn it etc. but I am thinking I might try to go with an all in one unit like a Memphis Elite and just fire heaters on the Natural Gas as I do not think it will be great for grilling. Anyone here have experience with Memphis or a recommended alternate, or experience using natural gas for grilling?
  24. VPI

    Happy Birthday Voltron!

    Happy Birthday Al.