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  1. Who doesn’t need a box??? What kind of joints did you use?
  2. Pretty much done with Frisco’s Fancy as Fuck Dog Bowl Stand.
  3. Had to go refill the beer fridge. Closeups
  4. Especially since I have 12 other boards just like it. No idea if it is Koa, but does not match my Jatoba so not sure what else it could be. I keep it in the stack of the Wenge and Teak for my retirement plan.
  5. Looks similar in the pics I can find. I have an entire shop full of hard wood, and all of it is too fucking fancy for the dog food bowl stand I wanted to make this weekend. At least I got the legs and stretchers milled from some boring Walnut and Madrone sticks. Going to do custom dog bone through tenons on the legs, if I ever find any sticks to make the top with.
  6. Any guesses on this wood type? Fairly dense, not cedar.
  7. Got it installed. Do not like it. Think I am going to make it a shop cabinet.
  8. Would prefer it in Walnut, but the shitty maple will have to do. Also tried, and fucked up some dog bone (bow ties) for the rainbow poplar shoe display go the closet.
  9. Last stage of the dresser build happening this weekend. Hated Waterlox finish so scrapped that and going with Tried and True again.
  10. Decided all birds eye maple for the drawer fronts was going to bore me so I am going to do some accents with a glue-up of leopard wood incorporated into some or all of the drawers.
  11. It is the Hardwood version. Do not think there is any coloring.
  12. Mine cut fairly smooth but looks similar. Looks completely different with finish. Just a pain in the ass to deal with so gave it all away.
  13. Based upon my calculatorations, this one ended up being 573/800 of an inch off, but luckily it still seems to work. Need to pull some of the levers built it to the slides to get the setback perfect for the yet to be processed birds eye maple drawer front.
  14. So much fun cutting hardwood drawers for Blum undermount slides only to come up short because i did not carry the 39/64 of an inch in my calculations. Appears I need to mill all new fronts and backs to get to my 31 29/32 drawer box for these silly fucking slides.
  15. I bought some Seneca tool for that but have never taken it out of the box to try it. The scrap wood/HD Plywood built in is coming along. Need to decide now if i go full CanaryWood drawer fronts or all maple fronts with canarywood pulls or inlays. Going to put some big bevels on the bottom and little ones on the top of the “scrap” top and then throw drawers in and hope my measurements were actually correct. 🙂
  16. Milling up all the left over Maple from the bench to make a benchtop for the new Maple built in for my closet. Cannot figure out how to incorporate the bench dogs/vice in the dresser, but I think I can at least make some Jotoba drawer pulls.
  17. Wrapped up the tea box. Used the Shaper for joints/hinge/mortises/tea cup. Quartersawn Oak, Sapele and Bubinga.
  18. Well, it is an Irish name.
  19. I am YouTube minimally-famous.
  20. Threw together a little quartersawn tea box today with box joints and dado for the bottom all done with the Shaper.
  21. Templates is my primary plan, as my small CNC is designed to only accepts boards slightly shorter than anything anyone would ever want to template, ever. If i had a Naaman level CNC i would probably just hook it to AI and let the internet spit out templates for me all day. AI seems to be a better designer than me.
  22. I think it largely has benefits where it can work on large finished projects that cannot fit on a CNC (6x6 cedar post, hardwood floors, completed workbenches that were really to thick to fit under rhe gantry of most/any small CNC machines anyway) and it can do the joinery that the majority of small CNC machines could never manage due to the lack of vertical tables.
  23. I would think it would make more sense for a pro in the field like yourself than it does to someone like me. I will probably use it to put the logo on the bench vice and then do some carvings on the 6x6 cedar posts for my new mailbox and never use it again. I guess I need to try dovetails to see if it is better at those than the leigh.
  24. Thanks guys. Played some video games tonight in the shop to come up with a small 2x2 brand to go on the boring maple chop.
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