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  1. Yeah, I left the grooves as it is a fairly boring and blocky bench without it. Not really a pretty piece, but at least it burnt through a lot of this annoying wood pile on my driveway.
  2. Mostly wrapped up the 95lb tiny bench.
  3. Mock-up of the bench as I try to decide how high to raise the seat slats above the legs before doing a thumbnail roundover on all the slats. Thinking I might take off an extra quarter inch before the roundover to blend the slats and legs better. Also trying to decide if I want it to be a bit deeper.
  4. Looks gorgeous. The wood is a bitch to work with. Processed 36 linear feet today and it was not enjoyable. My table and coasters have been outside for about a month with the Penofin and I cannot tell the difference from when I put them out. I wish I had a hardware store selling Penofin locally; I have to drive an hour each way.
  5. I have found any untreated ends will crack like crazy, but if you apply the sealant after cuts to stored sticks, they do not develop the cracks. Simply gluing everything together with hardened Epoxy (Thixo) has worked well so far and the Penofin Hardwood penetrating oil makes a fantastic finish with minimal effort. Remains to be seen if any of it holds up over time though. I just want to go through this giant stack of Ipe in my driveway/under my deck.
  6. Mocking up the heaviest bench in the world with the rough cut pieces to determine if it is even feasible and how to go about nailing unnailable sticks together.
  7. https://taytools.com/products/3m-xtract-electric-random-orbital-sander-ergonomic-and-lightweight-central-vacuum-3-16-orbit-110v-350w-motor-metal-fabrication-woodworking-auto-body-finishing?variant=39786410639447 Taylor has the best deals on the 3M and the new dust extractor that is supposed to be great.
  8. Anyone used the 3M sand paper everyone on YouTube is so enamored with? Got a box of 80 grit and it does seem to be better than the Festool and Mirka stuff I have.
  9. VPI


  10. I think I am more interested in learning to hand cut as the Leigh has issues staying locked in across cuts. The key bar keeps sliding which leads to super loose or tight fits periodically. The little brass thumb turn cannot tighten it enough to battle the vibration/router movement. Built a tray to go on the entry cabinet for all of Kasia’s mail that she never opens.
  11. At least I used Festool and clamped the system to a Festool MFT.
  12. Got everything put together and the VRS system running. My only issue was chip out on the edges and I forgot to lower the speed of the router so probably shortened its life a bit.
  13. Decided this is the week I break out the Leigh D4r Pro and figure out how to use this son of a bitch. Only had it for a year and a half now. Hoping to use the Festool 1400 router with it, another thing I thing might have taken out of the box once. Have some tea bag organizers to nail together with this crazy thing.
  14. Happy Birthday Bryan.
  15. This one is a favorite so far. Super handy in my tiny shop to know where the hearing protection is hanging.
  16. Did not quite match the Festool green, but good enough.
  17. More decorations. Tea Light Trees.
  18. Battery holder printed well clips in right. Going to mount them to the wings of the drill cabinet to allow for my fat fingers to access the buttons.
  19. The new P1 series goes on sale for Black Friday and has many of the features of the carbon, without the two big ones, enclosure and LiDAR. Should be a perfect hobbyist unit really as it can accept much of the accessories from the big guy.
  20. Are you running the Bambu Labs Carbon now. L? I put a deposit down for one as I got to play with one here locally and I hope it keeps the tiny, tiny smell out of the air that Kasia claims is giving her cancer. Even with a massive BlueAir unit running at full speed.
  21. Just got the Sunlu that has high temp capabilities today. I also highly recommend the Solidsteel 3D Printer stand and the Creality Sonic pad.
  22. I have to open up some PETG and set up the dryer to start printing the shop stuff. After that there are many, many options for tool and battery holders on Thingiverse. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3983547
  23. Time to decide if learning, and lying for Fusion 360 is worthwhile as once I print all the battery holders for Milwaukee and Dewalt and all the Festool accessories, I am going to run out of things to print as I really do not need any trolls or rainbow dragons. Maybe time lapse of flat prints are not that interesting
  24. Batching out cheese boards for all of Kasia’s Family’s gifts. Super easy, but they will think I put in massive amounts of work.
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