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  1. I should have just left everything to rust, every project I tried to finish today was either thwarted by wrong parts or lack of skills so nothing accomplished. I tend to get drawer sides from OWL hardwoods with the bottom 1/4 dado already done and I just add the locking rabbets. I went to build some tonight and I found the whole set had bottom slots of .338 inches. Not sure if they screwed up or it is intended for some weird plywood of which I am not aware. Built the larger drawers for the lower half of the drill press cart and did not have the spacing right on the Saw Stop so ended up with tight fit that I still tried to jam in, breaking one of my dados. I really wish the Saw Stop fence on my shitty model would just lock down where you want it, but instead it shifts quite a bit as part of the locking process leaving spacing a bit off. Did manage to get a drill press table built, but only have my cheap Jet to mount it on as the Nova seems to be back ordered, even though Grizzly showed it in stock.
  2. It is funny that the Forrest blade on the Mitre Saw is perfect.
  3. My poor woodworking shop has been neglected for a few months and really shows it. The Jessem Router Table has rusty screws everywhere, several hand tools had a nice surface rust and even the Forrest is all rusted up from staying on the saw without proper service. Might need to try some dehumidifier in the garage or finally put in a proper HVAC in there.
  4. It the temperatures ever drop below 90 degrees I am going to start on a dog kennel for the basement as a Frisco does better in the kennel than roaming when we are gone. Probably walnut with some kind of bars. Really want to either add a large drawer on top or smaller drawers down one edge. Working on design options.
  5. Installed Hellwig front and rear sway bars on the Ram to make it suck a bit less and a Bedrug to protect all the gear I am moving around for shows as I have 8 more concerts and a talent show to fit in before it gets cold.
  6. I played Christopher Cross Sailing on the lake today for the new neighbors that bought a little sail boat and got stuck out in the middle for what seemed to be hours. I thought it was pretty funny, not sure they agreed.
  7. I like the look of those corner clamps. I have tried several varieties and have not liked the results from any. How are those?
  8. I was just looking at a Feedback Destroyer/Monitor Manager. Seems like pretty cheap insurance. The feedback came with only one main connected that was 20 feet in front of the two mics (vocal and guitar cab).
  9. This looks worthy of a road trip.
  10. Did one of the sound setup sessions with one of the groups for the 4th of July. The guitarist insists that both vocals and the acoustic guitar come through his crappy guitar amp because he likes the reverb and tone from the amp. I then have to mic the amp for the PA. No matter where I put the main speakers and mics, I am getting feedback when bringing the volume up much. He insists the feedback is not originating at his amp, so I cannot figure out how to address this.
  11. I like the weird net sand paper from Mirka, but everything I keep seeing says they are not reliable.
  12. Question for Naaman, how has the Surfprep been? Thinking about the 3x4 model instead of the Mirka 3x4 which seems to have some reliability issues.
  13. Found a decent sawmill/woodworking shop not too far from the house. Prices seem decent, selection is good and they stock Mirka products which I have been thinking about trying. https://bullvalleyhardwood.com
  14. I am thinking they are hurting, as it was clockwork all last year, order, have it the next morning as they are only 4 hours away. They have even skipped the throw away candy bags a few times in the last few orders.
  15. Not sure if anyone else is still shopping for stuff these days, but I have to say Sweetwater service has dropped off significantly the last couple of months. Stuff never gets shipped the day of purchase like it used to and now they will randomly ignore the shipping you chose, and the delivery date stated, and just mail it USPS for arrival days to weeks after they quoted your delivery date. Has happened with each of my last 8-10 orders. FedEx was bad, but fucking USPS for expensive shit is the worst. About to drop them altogether.
  16. Service is done on the truck. Replicated all the problems and confirmed Chrysler knows about them and has no idea how to fix them so just “turn those features off”. Car wash is also broken so they are not even washing it before giving me this piece of shit back. Top notch auto brand for sure.
  17. I think I am safe with the dynamics as they are all workhorses and should survive. My next big lift is figuring out live band karaoke. I have the band setup and I can obviously throw YouTube up for lyrics, but not sure how to sync band and YouTube close enough that we do not have page turn issues. The band is all kids, talented kids, but kids with a fantastic drummer so I think I can get by having the drummer count us in and doing the push play thing, I just figured there would be some kind of service to make this easier. Also need to buy individual monitors as some of the larger bands require them but investing in another 3-5k worth of monitors seems stupid to me. Trying to find something good enough to get by with.
  18. It is super light, but wide so I would guess better than most kayaks.
  19. This looks like fun. Picking up Kasia’s new Hobie Lynx.
  20. I have a stupid question. Going to do live sound this weekend on the Soundcraft. It only has systemwide Phantom Power. If I want to use phantom power for mics and DI while using dynamic mics, can the typical SM7bs, EV120s manage phantom power without exploding? I know I cannot connect standard ribbon mics but I am seeing mixed messages on whether dynamics care about getting 48v.
  21. You should be aware, I think most things are shit. 🙂 Because they are of course. I think people think the flashy screen makes a nice interior for the Ram, but said screen shuts itself off regularly and then freezes up. Then the Heads Up display is designed for the typical big truck driver 5’4” with self esteem issues. Sitting with the seat in its lowest position I can only see the bottom of the speed so I need to dig through the billions of poorly laid out menus to see if it can be adjusted. The ridiculous fake wood inlay in the most useful part of the steering wheel is also a stupid as fuck design as you will have zero grip if you actually need to try to aggressively maneuver the truck. Now my side mirror decides to not return to the home position after being in reverse so I have to adjust it every time I put the truck into drive from reverse. Add that to the underpowered rattle trap motor and I have no idea how they had the money to pay off mags to get truck of the year multiple times.
  22. The new F-150 interior and tech is light years ahead of the Ram garbage. I feel the interior is a big step back in getting stuck with this thing over the Platinum F-150.
  23. I am having trouble calling it a Tonneau cover, when compared to the garbage one that comes from Ram. Probably should have a better name than those poorly engineered tissue paper models. I will call this a bed defender.
  24. The lady with the Diamondback actually had the tool box sitting in back as well so got that installed as well to hold straps, hitches, etc.
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