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  1. Spent the afternoon hanging LED lights in the garage to hopefully get decent light without sapping all the tiny bits of electricity I get.
  2. Bourbon Moth can be over the top but decent work. I like the whiskey table design. I also like King’s Fine Woodworking for actual learning and also Fisher’s Shop, Stumpy Nubs, Rob Cosman and Tamar. Put some Odie’s Oil on the 3D board so it is about as finished as it is going to get.
  3. Yep. Too lazy to switch but I do have the Forrest cross cut on there now to finish the edges a bit. So much tear out that I am hoping to clear out with a quick trim. Maybe I need another Sawstop so I can keep one loaded for cross cut and one for ripping.
  4. Very nice. My work is way too sloppy to get clean lines so I have to cheat with adjustable Blum hinges. The magic ping pong table does the dados? I need a mini one of those, but I think I need a jointer more at this point.
  5. Dominos or pocket screws? I decided to test the drum sander I finally got set up in the garage and all the new sanders by building an edge grain cutting board for the kitchen today. Only 30 more hours of sanding and some finishing left
  6. Any of you guys using automated/remote blast gates? Looking to try some but most of the ones I am seeing look to be poorly made.
  7. I think you have better things to do than making drawers. I am looking at basic magic side tables for my shop so I can make some cool stuff. Just cannot fit your ping pong table.
  8. I cannot find where to order drawer boxes on your website Naaman, can you give me the link? I would like two 21x14 for the entry cabinet and I am sick of having to build drawers without a magic ping pong table.
  9. Spent too much of my day installing the bizarrely engineered 1250 cfm Dust Right wall mount dust extraction only to have the cheap ass bag that hangs below the filter tear in half while trying to stretch it over the canister.
  10. No doubt. I have more massive sticks that I cannot identify than ones I can. I really only know if the type of wood was written on the stick, or it is walnut.
  11. I had it in the oak pile but the guy buying all the oak for his cabinets did not think it was oak. I guess he missed out. Thanks.
  12. Any guesses on what wood this is? Pretty heavy, linear grain. I have a ton and I would like to use it or sell it but not sure exactly what it is.
  13. Bumbled my way through mounting some Blum BluMotion hinges. Not sure the hammer was the best tool to get them in there, but it worked.
  14. Everything I have seen says the dominoes add zero strength to the joint, they are just for alignment. I really throw these together in a matter of minutes and I have to spend 10 minutes to remember how to use the domino every time I pull it out so not really worth it to me.
  15. 6” is required for 120v or I have to add $4k plus the inevitable cost of upgrading the SawStop to 3.0 HP to the cost.
  16. Do you guys have any opinions on the Powermatic 54HH Helical long bed jointer? Thinking about trying to shoe horn one into my garage.
  17. A bit of over exaggeration I think. The Purple Heart on the dog toy box was in the garage for 3 months, built into the box and now over a year and a half later it is still purple, both that on the box and the board in the garage. This purple will not be this bright very long, it will be a darker purple for probably longer than the shitty work will hold up as I am sure the boards will split in half before too long due to faulty glue up.
  18. Murder Boards are THE Christmas gift this year. Better get your ping pong table warmed up.
  19. Finished a couple more Murder Boards/Christmas Presents.
  20. You guys are really missing out. One of the better remote videos I have seen.
  21. I assume with all these retirements you must be in charge of everything by now Nate. I would like to chat with you about surplus nuclear subs that might be available for a plan I am working out. Put the Walrus Wax on the board and threw it in the kitchen as Kasia decided to keep this one.
  22. Ended up throwing the scrap together for glue up last night and then ran it through the planer this morning. Going to be a 30lb cheese tray I think.
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