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  1. Any of you guys build one of the myriad of flip top tool stands? Trying to decide between the Fisher, Kings Fine Woodworking and the Fix this Build that for the two sanders.
  2. Decided to organize some drawers, walls and calibrate some seldom used Festool tools; router and jigsaw, as I thought I was going to build a new Paulk workbench so I can dump the MFT/3. That was until I priced the Baltic birch to build even the smaller workbench and decided to just flip the fucked up MFT/3 top and keep using this tiny thing for everything.
  3. Grumpy British Guy wood shop tour. I love how much he hates everything.
  4. Tried to mount a slide out tray with simple drawer slide on one side but not really stable enough.
  5. Cleaned out about 20lbs of dust from the filter on the DC for the CNC. I guess I need to spin around the filter basher handle a lot more.
  6. Breakfast courtesy of the the city folks that came out to see us yesterday. Such wonderous things they have in the big city.
  7. Finished, with minutes to spare a set of these. Kasia asked, of course, why there are two openers on each and the answer, of course, was because this is fucking Head Case. and not that I gave fuck all thought to where screws were coming through the front when laying out the keyholes in the back
  8. Working on party favors for a little headphone/craft beer nerd get together this weekend. Took forever to cut the 3D rendering of the logo but all done and used the new keyhole bit to cut keyholes for mounting on the back. Putting sealer on tonight so I can finish with boat varnish tomorrow. Then just add the bottle openers and done.
  9. I pay other people with their own chain saws to deal with all that shit.
  10. The middle one shines 1800 meters, the big one does a flood of 12k Lumens and the little one is too cute not to buy. Obviously.
  11. I obviously have too much free time and too little design imagination.
  12. Going to try to carve in some HDU this weekend for our beach sign.
  13. Trying to design a tray for CNC bits. Can fit many more if I stand them up, but then I need a deeper drawer.
  14. Finished the new drill station, which meant I get to trash one of my earliest builds, back when I just got the Track Saw and had nothing else. Just need to add some kind of finish, cut out a power cable hole or two and put a cleat on it.
  15. Finished the spoilboard. Not exactly what I wanted, but the only way I could maximize real estate on the small CNC.
  16. Managed to make the clamps for the CNC, but have not figured out how to make the spoilboard. Having a 16x36 table with only a 13x25 cutting area makes shrinking the Tools Today spoilboard to work and actually line up kind of difficult.
  17. Is Fred one of those YouTube woodworkers I keep hearing about. The light switch seems so much easier than turning on my bandsaw. Would be nice to be able to cut wheels to fit any bandsaw blade I find while dumpster diving around Chicago.
  18. New VFD should be here today. Hopefully this one will last longer than three months. In other news, found this sweet bandsaw on marketplace and I am thinking about upgrading.
  19. CNC decided to quit communicating with the VFD for the spindle so dead in the water while I was hoping to do the new ToolsToday spoilboard today.
  20. VPI

    Podcast Thread

    My podcast with the Chief of Police in Austin on police reform is out on all your favorite podcast providers. He wouldn’t stop playing with his key ring the whole show, but it is an interesting look at how they are changing police training to train police that fit better in today’s world. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/security-concepts/id1532932465?i=1000569008541
  21. Wrapping up the sign for the Tomato Wagon I built for the deck earlier this year.
  22. Ours arrived after 7.5 months of waiting.
  23. Finished a charcuterie board and beer opener for the neighborhood 4th of July auction.
  24. Our deck furniture has been over a year wait, but is supposedly going to be here in July.
  25. Found out on the plane on the way back from the COVID mixer in Boston that my Aunt Sharon Keltner died of a heart attack Thursday night. She was probably the nicest person I have ever spent time with in my life and did nothing but give as a life long RN and in retirement feeding the majority of her small town that is primarily comprised of very old farmers with little money. Family was planning a joint celebration of her 70th birthday and 50th wedding anniversary for August. Time for me start living a healthier lifestyle.
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