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  1. Spent yesterday installing a bit over 26 feet of Rubbermaid FastTrack in the garage. Then hanging shit so we can actually park two vehicles in the garage. The tracks were an easy install. It actually took longer to hang, rearrange, rehang, etc. than to put up the tracks. Recommended.
  2. BAI = Brent's Annual Income
  3. Just for the record, I do not have a dog in this race but imo the initial posts after Jacob's lukewarm impression were the axe grinders. And I still love my MS-Pros and use both the Beyer 880s and AKG K340 at work. New isn't always better.
  4. Happy Birthday, Jeffry!
  5. I have always had a problem with fast zombies, from a neurophysiological point-of-view.
  6. I use Sophos anti-virus on my Macs that I need to have full privileges on the university network. It works well for me since it pretty much stays the fuck out of my way. That is my definition of both a good antivirus program and a good administrator.
  7. I just ordered my new office iMac so the iMac pro should be released any time now.
  8. Shit! Now tomorrow I have to find some Pho and Banh Mi.
  9. RIP Paul and Don. And Don, "You win a cookie".
  10. Happy Birthday, Tyler!
  11. Condolences HS and RIP GG.
  12. And This again. No let up in 2017.
  13. Happy Birthday, Doug!
  14. So I will need to buy a receiver mounted bike carrier for one or two (max) bikes. I am too lazy to search so what are the best options in terms of quality and ease of use based upon actual use?
  15. Can a statement be an oxymoron?