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    Main: Metric Halo ULN-2, SlimDevices Duet _ Desk (Home): SlimDevices SB3 with Wellborne PSU, Musiland SRC10 Upsampler, Cambridge Audio DACMagic_ Desk (Work): Mac Mini, optical output, Cambridge Audio Azur 840c _ HT: Denon 3910, Rotel RT-1080, Dish VPI-722, Dual CS721 (Parasound pph-100), Slimdevices Duet, Apple TV _ Bedroom: SlimDevices SB3, Headroom Overture, Philips DVD963A, Dish VPI-622 _ Lab: Dell Dimension 9150, Sony DVP-NS500V _ Workshop: SlimDevices Boom _ Transportable: EeePC 1000Ha, Headamp Pico _ Portable: iPod Touch
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    Main: PS Audio UPC-200 (x2) _ Desk (Home): APC UPS, PS Audio UO _ Desk (Work): Audioengine A5, BPT Custom, APC UPS _ HT: Outlaw M200 (5), Energy Veritas 2.3i, Wharfedale Anniversary 7.2 (2), Polk CC-300, Monster HTS-5100 MkII, HTS-3000 _ Bedroom: Dell SmartUPS 750, 350 _ Lab: Denon DRA-395, Wharfedale 7.2 (2), Monster HTS-2500 _ Home: 5 TB NAS, 2 TB Distributed

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  1. morphsci

    RIP someone or another

    RIP Kobe and Gianna. So sad.
  2. morphsci

    Happy Birthday Adam (TMoney)

    Happy Birthday, Adam!
  3. morphsci

    Happy Birthday Mike!

    Happy Birthday, Mike!
  4. morphsci

    Happy Birthday Dr. John!

    Happy Birthday, John!
  5. morphsci

    Hippy B-day, Knucks!

    Happy Birthday, Dan!
  6. morphsci

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    Dusty has that one exactly right. Thanks both of you for that, going to listen to some ELP.
  7. morphsci

    HDTV Suggestions

    We just bought a 65” LG (SM8600PUA) at BestBuy to replace the 50” Vizio in our bedroom and we both like it a lot. My strategy is to buy a (not super expensive) TV that has a good interface (We have a Samsung downstairs and the LG Upstairs and I like both of the interfaces with a slight nod to the LG) and hope it lasts for about 3 years. At that point technology has run way past it and if it still works that’s gravy but I will probably replace it. The Samsung is due next Christmas. As a bonus, this was the easiest SmartTV I have ever set up.
  8. morphsci

    Ye Macce Threade

    We had to add Karen's moms phone to our plan, so we checked out all of the deals and decided to brave going to the local Verizon store Monday. A couple of hours later we had her mom added to our plan and we both had new iPhone XS Maxs (a nice upgrade from our 7+). Total cost was a little over $100 and the monthly payment will actually be a few dollars cheaper. Overall a good investment for a couple of hours. Today we went to BestBuy and each picked up a pair of AirPod Pros. I think I am going to like them.
  9. morphsci

    Happy Birthday Ric

    Happy Christmas and Merry Birthday, Ric!
  10. morphsci

    What are you EATING right now?

    Too late now. It will definitely be on the menu soon. Definitely will do a double batch next time (only did 1.5x today) and there will be pics.
  11. morphsci

    What are you EATING right now?

    Inspired by Yumi via Shelly, Peter and I made Red Posole for Dinner. Red Posole Recipe with Pork (Pozole Rojo) - A Spicy Perspective.pdf
  12. morphsci

    Happy Birthday, Ken!

    A Happy Christmas-Eve Birthday, Ken!
  13. morphsci

    Post what you're watching

    Almost there.
  14. morphsci

    Happy Birthday Skullguise!!

    A belated Happy Birthday, Todd!
  15. morphsci

    Happy Birthday Bryan!

    A belated, but heartfelt Happy Birthday, Bryan!