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  1. You know I have to ask what the drinks were and how they tasted.
  2. I guess the question is, did you think I would lie about that?
  3. Helped a friend make it home safely: Remember kids, don’t try this at home, my first graduate student at EIU studied the atrazine and glyphosate dynamics in snapping turtles.
  4. I agree with both of these. Some headphones do better than others but speakers do better and unless you have a shitload of money to throw at your system, live concerts are always better.
  5. A Belated Happy Birthday to The Defender of The Universe!
  6. What does the KGSSHV have to do with your actual Shilly statement about the ES1A? I guess you’re simply a dense shill. Perhaps you need to be blockaded.
  7. Oh look another shill spouting bullshit with no evidence. Next time please try Facebook or Twitter.
  8. I’d go for Australian Buloke myself.
  9. Happy Birthday, Fitz!
  10. Both the 220+ and 420+ support link aggregation and failover support on their two Ethernet ports. As long as any switches and cables you have support gigabit speeds they will both work well. When I got my first Synology unit I experimented with different RAID setups, but I eventually settled upon their hybrid raid system (SHR). My newer unit has the Cache M.2 drives which has been a game changer for speed and I have not felt the need to switch the main drives from HD to SSD. I also agree with HiWire that you will want to max out the RAM sooner versus later because it can be a bottleneck in the
  11. I cannot answer the question about rtorrent or qbittorrent since I do not use them. For the small price difference the 4 bay drives give you either more space or more expandability or more redundancy depending on how you decide to set things up. As an aside this is my second Synology drive because I am a big fan of their OS software (DSM). To be fair I have never used Qnap so I cannot talk about the two software platforms in comparison.
  12. Happy Birthday, Nate!
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