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    Simply does not deserve the perfect headphone
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    Ecological Geneticist
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    Making fun of people who make fun of people on the internet
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    AKG: K340 (Headphile Balanced x2; APS Balanced), K701 (ALO Balanced) _ Denon: AH-D2000 (aPureSound Balanced+) _ Grado/Alessandro: MS1, MSPro, HF-2, HF-1 _ Sennheiser: PX-200, HD-205, HD-25-1-II, HD-650, HE-60 _ Stax: SR-001, SR-404LE, Omega I, Omega II _ Westone: 3
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    Main: Singlepower ES-1, Eddie Current Balancing Act (307A) _ Desk (Home): AA HPA v. 1.0 w σ22 PSU _ Desk (Work): HeadAmp GSX, Stax SRM-001 (modded) _ Bedroom: Headroom Coda _ Transportable: Headamp Pico _ Portable: Headamp Pico Slim (incoming)
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    Main: Metric Halo ULN-2, SlimDevices Duet _ Desk (Home): SlimDevices SB3 with Wellborne PSU, Musiland SRC10 Upsampler, Cambridge Audio DACMagic_ Desk (Work): Mac Mini, optical output, Cambridge Audio Azur 840c _ HT: Denon 3910, Rotel RT-1080, Dish VPI-722, Dual CS721 (Parasound pph-100), Slimdevices Duet, Apple TV _ Bedroom: SlimDevices SB3, Headroom Overture, Philips DVD963A, Dish VPI-622 _ Lab: Dell Dimension 9150, Sony DVP-NS500V _ Workshop: SlimDevices Boom _ Transportable: EeePC 1000Ha, Headamp Pico _ Portable: iPod Touch
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    Main: PS Audio UPC-200 (x2) _ Desk (Home): APC UPS, PS Audio UO _ Desk (Work): Audioengine A5, BPT Custom, APC UPS _ HT: Outlaw M200 (5), Energy Veritas 2.3i, Wharfedale Anniversary 7.2 (2), Polk CC-300, Monster HTS-5100 MkII, HTS-3000 _ Bedroom: Dell SmartUPS 750, 350 _ Lab: Denon DRA-395, Wharfedale 7.2 (2), Monster HTS-2500 _ Home: 5 TB NAS, 2 TB Distributed

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  1. morphsci

    Happy Birthday Al!

    Happy Birthday, Al!
  2. morphsci

    Colin is old now

    Happy Birthday, Toole Man.
  3. morphsci

    Happy Birthday, Steve!!

    Happy Birthday Dr. Wood.
  4. morphsci

    RIP some fuck or another

    He was absolutely perfect as Hercule Poirot in the best screen adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express. A truly great actor.
  5. morphsci

    RIP some fuck or another

    More of both of the above. My sincere condolences
  6. morphsci

    Happy Birthday Absorbine_Sr!

    A Belated Happy Birthday Wish, Mike!
  7. morphsci


    That’s the main reason I replaced my Gen 2 because otherwise it was working great.
  8. morphsci

    Mr. Speakers Voce

    The answer is always, collusion.
  9. morphsci

    Happy Birthday, Grahame!

    Happy Birthday, Graim!
  10. morphsci

    The Headcase Stax thread

    I think there is this HeadAmp guy who sells Stax headphones and a pretty good Stax Amp (Not made by Stax).
  11. morphsci

    The (Round) Football Thread

    I wonder why Pogba couldn't do this for Mourinho ...... oh that's right, Mourinho had him benched.
  12. morphsci

    Happy Birthday looser101!

    Happy Birthday, Renato!
  13. morphsci

    Happy Birthday, Knuckledragger!

    Happy Birthday, Dan!
  14. morphsci

    Merry Birthday Blessingx!

    Happy Birthday, Ric!