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  1. Belated Happy Birthday, Dan!
  2. I initially went with WD Red drives in my original Synology NAS. They worked OK. But over the course of 5 years I had three drive failures. No data loss and they were all replaced free under warranty. When I bought my new Synology NAS I decided to switch to Seagate Ironwolf drives. No failures or even bad sector reports in over 3 years of use. I have started replacing the drives in my older NAS (the backup for the backups) with Seagate drives.
  3. Happy Birthday, Steve!
  4. A “What’s Playin Now” unit
  5. I think Elusive Disc is above board. It did say backordered so I am not sure what that will actually mean tomorrow.
  6. Happy Birthday, Jeff!
  7. Use spades for the Moths and for the amp side of the REL. I have never been a huge fan of banana connectors, though I have used them at times.
  8. Yes, that is how I have it connected. That is their high-level input. It connects to the Parasound power amp speaker outputs so the the Moths and the REL see exactly the same acoustic signal. Seems to work as the integration sounds good and the set-up was quick and easy.
  9. I am using the REL T/7i, which is in the middle range of their T series. It is a nice small sub that produces very controlled bass. It also integrates very well with the Moths using the high level REL input. IMO REL is the top of the heap with the technology of their subs for integration into stereo audio systems. That being said, I would not use it in an HT setup as it does not have enough "punchiness" for that. That is probably why REL makes separate lines for HT use.
  10. I love my REL, though mine is definitely for stereo playback in my small room. I believe Al has a REL HT subwoofer.
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