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  1. Happy Birthday, Justin!
  2. Just finished the third season of Fargo. I do not know how they get better every season. I especially like
  3. You still can't have my Bud Lite. ..... But only because I really like you and wouldn't let you do that to yourself.
  4. All that proves is that the airfoil does not significantly change the overall drag of the vehicle. You are then assuming that also means it is not providing any negative lift. I am not assuming magic, I am assuming good engineering by people with degrees in fluid dynamics, but not magic. By the way, I also think that the airfoil is pretty ugly and it is definitely not my style. Nevertheless, I do have confidence that Honda can design a great vehicle because my CRX was a great vehicle in its time.
  5. Unless you have the measured Cd with and without wing, I do not to see how you can conclude that the airfoil does nothing. Does not appear to be a conclusion based upon science and analysis but on perception of ugliness. Oh, and birds do not live in an ideal world either but their Cl to Cd ratio is pretty amazing especially for the long distance gliders.
  6. Downforce depends on the Cl (Coefficient of Lift) and drag depends on Cd (Coefficient of Drag), which are not the same thing. The Cd and Cl for an automobile depends upon the entire automobile, not just the airfoil, which is what your formula is looking at. What you really want is for the airfoil to provide significant lift (negative in this case) while increasing drag as little as possible. You may be wondering how I know this and it is because birds fly and people (i.e. grad students) study that shit.
  7. Happy Birthday, David!
  8. Happy Birthday, Kerry!
  9. If you have to ask, you can't afford them.
  10. Yep. Duet Display Rocks.
  11. I would not want to have to run my 13" MacBook Pro with Touchbar with less than the 16Gb of RAM it has. YMMV but unless there is serious financial constraints it just does not make sense to me. According to Apple, no. According to me, in my usage I have been unaware of any real usage difference, but my usage is mainly flash drives. I do plug my docking station(s) into a left side port.
  12. For some reason I never took much umbrage when someone called me a philistine.
  13. Unless you think your going to need the absolute best unplugged run time I would definitely go with max ram because you cannot upgrade it later. I would probably go middle I5 because for most programs the I7 does not bring any huge advantage. But it also does not bring a huge disadvantage. The only time I felt I had too much laptop was when it weighed too much.