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  1. BJ's made everything so annoying and difficult we slowly stopped going. In reality, they really did not have that much we wanted to purchase there and for the things we did purchase, the prices were not particularly awesome. I'm probably ready to give Costco a try but I don't think Karen is ready.
  2. The only reason we have not bought anything from Costco in the past was because we have never lived anywhere where we had even relatively easy access to Costco. Now we have reasonable access but we decided not too become store members after we were disillusioned by our membership at BJs Wholesale Club.
  3. It makes things a bit easier on my aged eyes and it really doesn't make it much harder to conceal (at least for me, but I am not a twig). Pretty simple, reliable and quality construction. Some people criticize it for not being metal (steel) but I like the reduced weight of it in its current incarnation. @GrahameThat is a really old towel that has been relegated to shop/garage duty. But I can say with certainty that it was not bought at Costco since I cannot recollect buying anything at Costco, ever. NTTIAWWT.
  4. RIP RBG Nothing to add except FUCK 2020 and FUCK McConnell
  5. Finished getting the headphone system reorganized. Pretty sure I am not adding anything new for a while.
  6. Those must be really small drivers.
  7. Happy Birthday, Stretch!
  8. Yes, especially in Florida, as it is not significantly cooler.
  9. Excellent! And congratulations on your color matching prowess.
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