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  1. Can a statement be an oxymoron?
  2. RIP Chuck
  3. This! Yugely!
  4. Happy Birthday, Al!
  5. RIP Chuck. A life well lived.
  6. I really liked that the technology was pretty relatable to today without some quantum leap in how items were engineered.
  7. If you read the AV club review that is so filled with errors I am not convinced they actually watched it. I would say the first episode is on par with Luke Cage, which started out slow. All of the Netflix Marvel series spend a lot of time filling you in if you are a virgin to the series. I am going to keep watching because every one improved over time, including the acting. Not everyone can get into character as quickly as De Niro.
  8. What do you use for your test?
  9. Not up to the Head-Case level but did a test drive of a maxed out 2017 Subaru Impreza 5-door limited. Will probably be the replacement for our Outback in a few months.
  10. First two episodes of Iron Fist. The usual slow start but episode two was better than episode one. So far it is a mixture of Daredevil and Luke Cage. It has potential but so far the action scenes are not Daredevil quality and the cast is not Jessica Jones quality.
  11. The first season was pretty great.
  12. Don't have many CDs left laying around but it does seem interesting. Drop me a PM when you get a chance and let me know how much you want. Thanks.
  13. Which model is it? I may be interested.
  14. Yep, have one at home that replaced my HA-1. I like it a lot, but I also liked the HA-1. I have always liked the Sabre DACs so keep that in mind. I have not done a side by side comparison but I will be keeping the Sonica. It is feeding the BHSE with Omega, 007-1 or 009.
  15. Happy Birthday, Laura!