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    Making fun of people who make fun of people on the internet
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  1. Pretty nice birthday weekend. Started out Friday giving my “famous” dinosaur lecture for Norwich’s Dino Day, then Saturday we went for a late lunch at J. Morgans Steakhouse. Sunday we went for a four hour hike that ended up taking 6 hours because we went the wrong way to the trailhead and ended up having to park the car 1+ miles from the trailhead 🤦‍♂️. Anyway, a very enjoyable birthday in Vermont.
  2. Last night baching it for dinner: A nice salad with great Bleu Cheese dressing Bruschetta Polenta Veal Marsala with Risotto Tiramisu
  3. Happy Birthday, Andrew!
  4. All Administration and tenured or tenure track faculty have to wear a uniform during the school year. That includes the Provost but not non-tenured associate professors, i.e. me. Karen during the Dog River Run a couple of weeks ago.
  5. Going to be hanging in the president’s box at our football home opener.
  6. Good Luck Nate. Sorry I couldn’t be there to help cheer you and your team on.
  7. Put Florida in the rearview mirror
  8. Karen dragged my ass (part way) up and down a local mountain
  9. That’s one of the things my pocket knife is used for.
  10. Got a picture of Peter with a few of his Class of 2026 friends. He’s in the middle bottom of the C.
  11. It is a bit big to lug around but the screen is definitely fine to work on without an external monitor, unlike my 13” M1. I think this is the best MacBook I have ever used.
  12. Got a new buddy for my Mac Studio from work
  13. Happy Birthday, Ian!
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