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  1. thanks all for the help! which one? i'm afraid i've little experience with caps; the big brown ones seem like they're doming a little bit. looks like they're all hooked up to the voltage selector, and the ones with fuses in them - 1 and 3 - are wired to brown and green, so i guess i just need to change the fuses? that'll be a good deal easier to work with 😅 are there any recommendations for cap replacements? i've done through hole soldering before but never done any sort of replacement for electronics like this; looks like i've got 400v/220uf big brown caps and a ha
  2. Hi all, I was advised by some head-fi members to inquire about the technical aspects of this amplifier here. Do let me know if I'm failing to follow any rules; just trying to avoid any catastrophes! Here are the photos of my amp: https://imgur.com/a/sshHA7B The amp is an 8FQ7 SRM-007t rated for 100v 50/60hz outlets. I have a step down transformer (PowerBright) rated for 120v to 100v, and my outlets are, I believe, 120v at 60hz (American). The transformer works fine with my Japanese SRM-252S, but the fuse has blown 3 times now when turning on the 007t (always the 2nd time it turns on;
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