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  1. Ah Awesome! @Kerry @kevin gilmore - what would you gents consider to be the ultimate overkill build for this CFP/A? 4x CFA2 boards or 2x CFA3 boards in 2 separate chassis, with 2 separately enclosed GRLV psu? Or is this new SMD animal you have designed the way to go, assuming the same multiple separate chassis & PSU overkill plan? Separately, I've read the entire thread and can't seem to get my head around the difference between using 4x CFA2 boards or 2x CFA3 boards - are there additional PCBs that need to be printed if I go the 4xCFA2 route (scheming going down this road and 2
  2. Thanks, @jamesmking - very helpful. I've read this entire thread and there are 3 updates to the version .45 board (see file names including the version on the silkscreen, in the snip below): For context, the descriptions Kevin uploaded with each: version 0.46 "rflip" because soren is running the grlv supply at 4.5 amperes, here is a new version with the feedback resistor locations flipped so that the sense is not one inch away from the output connector. sense is now tied directly to the inner power supply connector. So the 20mv change in voltage due to current sh
  3. Hi Gents, 1.) Please could someone point me in the direction of the version .47 of the GRLV board? I can't see it on the share drive 😕 Separately, I have 2 additional questions if anyone could please help me: 2.) What is the latest / greatest / preferred GRLV version for each of the Dynalo and CFA2 x 4 (dual / balanced craziness; or 2 x CFA3 boards) ? 3.) I noticed there is another little PCB called "GR78xx" - would I need to get a few these printed as well? Or is it optional? If optional, what's the benefit? Thanks in advance for the guidance!!
  4. Thank you, Kevin! Indeed that's exactly what I'm after
  5. Can anyone advise on removing the little PCB at the bottom of the kgdynalobal_v9 Gerber file? jlcpcb.com asked me to remove it to avoid errors and I haven't a clue... Is there a version without the little PCB at the bottom?
  6. @Pars you are a champion. Thanks a ton!
  7. Cheers, Pars - will go swim through the Dynalobal gerbers until I find it
  8. Thanks everybody - super helpful! @Pars - how did you hook up the LSK489 / LSJ689's to the THAT340 dip socket? Bending like crazy?
  9. Noob question but do you have to match across N and P channels for the input stage? Or just within N and within P if you go the single JFET route? I.e. if I go for, say, 2 x LSJ74 and 2x LSK170 - do they ALL have to be matched or only the 74s with each other and the 170s with each other? If the latter, then no need to buy plenty LSK489 / LSJ689 and match them? Thanks!
  10. thanks all! Does anyone have gerbers for the little adapter board to make the LS 170/74 JFETs work? And gerber for adapter board for LSK489 / LSJ689 please
  11. Thanks, @starcat 🤘 Does anyone have any leads on LSJ109? (Side question, the LSJ109 doesn't look like a dual JFET so would I need a matched pair of these to replace a single 2SJ109?)
  12. Thanks, Pars! Very much appreciated! 😬 Was quietly hoping you would respond as you have clearly tinkered more than anyone else on the thread when it comes to transistors used for the input stage
  13. Hi All, After reading this entire thread, it seems there are a number of options for transistors to use in place of THAT340 on the input stage (if you can source them). Please could someone help rank the below in order of preference? - 2SJ109 / 2SK389 appear impossible to source - LSJ109 / LSK389 (LSJ109 also looks hopeless unless you roll the dice on ebay / aliexpress) - 2x Matched pairs of LSJ74 and LSK170 - 2SC3381 / 2SA1349 - LSK489 / LSJ689 - Anything else? Or just go with THAT340 and live with the low input impedance that seems t
  14. Hi Youwin0125 I'm also new to the forum and with KG's help I found the share drive below with all the gerber files: ** LINK REMOVED ** GILMORE CAN POST IT IF HE WANTS ** There are a ton of Dynalo zips in there... no clue which is the latest and greatest! 😕
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