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    Acoustic/ Loudspeaker engineer for 30 years, now retired (taking some time out until something interesting comes along/enjoying life)
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    Acoustic Engineer - Retired
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    Hi-Fi, Motorcycles, electronic projects
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    Stax SR-404, Audeze LCD-X
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    Chord Hugo2
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    BlueSound Node2, Oracle Delphi3/SME5/ Koetsu Black K turntable, Roksan Xerxes 20Plus/ Artemis/ Shiraz
  • Other Audio Gear
    Roksan VCT/VST, Mark Levinson No523/No536

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  1. Hi, Newbie here. I bought a pair of Stax SR-404 Signature and want to build an energizer/amp myself. I'm not a big tube fan, although I can see the value in using them. Instead, I'd like to build a fairly compact solid-state version. Does anyone have any links or references to interesting designs? Thx D.
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