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  1. A head hocho at Abyss mentioned in an interview that electrostats didnt have the same developmental potential. Having reached their zenith. I would guess the possibilities for technical improvement seemed better w magnets and planar elements and all the possible bio-waste and bacteria-puke and magnesium and wtf dynamics can be made from, but the CRBN is made using new technology. I dont have the technical competence to pretend to know how, and if nanotubes might up the game, but (let's say) atom-thick diaphragms sounds like the sound might sound like sound Sound does it not?
  2. Not a troll, just a goblin of sorts. Just swapped pads between L300 and L700mk2 and I find the lowered bass charming on the 700s. Juts have a modded SRD7 here now, but enjoy myself immensely. Been disappointed with SoCas padmod-adapters for this series, and also Brainwavz's similar adapters for the Senn HD6series, so I am growing suspicious of second editions, and flashy fixes for finance.
  3. Jumping in here, (just registered, so HI-)...) I also have a SRM717 w Japanese 100v and I blew it on a cheap Chinese transformer smartypants me. I was planning to run it on US currency stepped down from European, but that isnt a good idea, or? It did work with another stepdown transformer, but that one made noise so..... I am anyways broke and my KGSSHV by Spritzer's Hephaestian Hammer Services arrives tomorrow (hopefully), but I'd like to fix that dear old thing dont I? Either to have or to sell. Any suggestion would be welcome
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